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Hey all! Well, I guess I should start with the basics...

-My name is Alex (don't call me Alexandra, I'll smack you...).

-At the moment I'm 14. Freshman baby!

-My birthday is May 18.

-I have hazel-y eyes...they change depending on what I wear. (yes, if you were wondering, though you probably weren't, Behind These Hazel Eyes is a favorite song of mine).

-I'm 5'6". Pretty tall for my school.

-At the moment I have redish-brownish hair... before that i was a brunette...before that brunette with really blonde highlites...and before that dirty blonde, my natural color. I get bored, go to my aunt (a stylist) and get my hair color changed. I do this A LOT.

-Umm...I go to Blue Valley High, yeah tigers! I hate West, they're all jag fags.

-Ugg... I am in marching fun...cept Hawaii '06! Woot woot! Oh yeah, I play saxophone, I teach sax ed. and I got sax appeal! Lol, don't ask, it's a sax thing.

-I also play piano, been playing since I was in second grade (you do the math). (And just to let you know, Vanessa Carlton is an idol of mine).

-Um, I have MAD skills in soccer and basketball. But soccer is my main thing right now.

-My favorite movie is Pirates of the Caribbean (Orlando Bloom...soooooo hot!) or The Notebook.

-My favorite book actually isn't Harry Potter, though it is an amazing book. My favorite book is Blood and Chocolate. Such an amazing book! READ IT!

-My favorite songs are Behind These Hazel Eyes by Kelly Clarkson, White Houses by Vanessa Carlton, Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard, Boys of Summer by The Ataris, Jerk It Out byThe Caesers, Just The Girl by The Click Five, Save A Horse Ride A Cowboy by Big n Rich, Don't Phunk With My Heart by Black Eyed Peas,and Mud On The Tires by Brad Paisly. (There are many more but I thought you might be bored by now).

-The best bands/singers (or rappers or whatever) are The Killers, The Click Five, The Ataris, Big n Rich, Vanessa Carlton, Gwen Stefani, Miranda Lambert, Kelly Clarkson, Dierks Bently, Maroon 5, Michelle Branch, Rascal Flatts,Mariah Carey, Simple Plan, Linkin Park, Eminem, 50 cent, Ludacris,Skye Sweetnam, and My Chemical Romance. (Once again, there are more, but I think that's enough)

-Ummmmm, oh yeah, I live in Kansas. Not in the hick part...well, kinda. I live by a farm, BUT I live in johnson county, which is where all the rich biznatchy stuck up snobs live. We got a reputation with the rest of the state and part of Missouri. Lol.

-Oh, and if you were wondering, you know American cowgirl, yeah, I do ride. I personally prefer Western to English, but ya know, whatever I get told to ride, I ride. I have yet to be in a show, I don't own a horse, but I ride Firesilk, and my friend owns Acubra. And I suck real bad at riding. Lol.

-Well, uh, I'm Catholic. I go to Queen of the Holy Rosary WEA...out in bucyrus (or buck-y-rus as some say)...

-I have a lil doggy, her name is Daisy. Mixed beagle, corgy (spelling..?) and coyote. Yeah, seriously.

-I have one little sister, Jenna. Pain in the BUTT.

-Big fears are clowns, tornadoes, and spiders. Oh, and my sister's Charlie McCarthy ventrilliquist doll (which she put in my bed one night while I was ASLEEP!)

-I am in the gifted class. Haha.

-Lets see, guys are hot hot hot. I've had about...5 boyfriends, 3 of which were the hair! I almost went out with another guy (yup, a skater) but he moved. But really, the first boyfriend I had didn't count 'cause I only went out with him 'cause I felt sorry for the kid.

-I am not a skater. I went kinda alternative-ish last year, but, I'm just kinda normal-ish now. I mostly wear jeans, I love my vintige tee's, I own my uncle's dad's (not my grandpa) old bowling shirt. It says Italian Delight (the name of his restaurant) and Frank (his name). Hah, I love it. I do own skater shoes, converse skater shoes, lol. I love converse. You'd have topay big money to see me in a skirt. Sometimes...

-Weird talent of mine, I can gleek.

-I'm 1/4 Itlaian (love it too), 1/4 German, and other bits of things, like English (you know, from Brittain), Polish, Native American Indian, South American Indian and much more.

-I LOVE musicals! I've seen Mama Mia,Footloose, Fame, Wizard of Ozand Hairspray. I'mgoing to see Wicked soon (great book by the way). I've seen the movie of Phantom of the Opera (wanna see that) and I really really wanna see Les Miserables.

-HP couplesI hate (I just totally forgot that other word...for couples) Draco/Ginny, Harry/Ginny (sorry, but bleck!), Harry/Pansy, Ron/Pansy. I prefer Draco/Hermione, Harry/Hermoine, Fred or George/Hermoine (lol). Ron/Hermione is ok. And if it's a gay story, no HP/RW! Better be HP/DM.

-Hot celebs...Orlando Bloom, Ashton Kutcher, Tom Welling, Chad Michael Murray, the drummer from school of rock, dang, and just totally forgot his name, Draco. Oh geeze, someone tell me his name! Also, Usher has an amazing body. Sorry Johnny fans, I just don't get what you see in him. And he freaks me out in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. And Brad Pitt is ok. Yeah, but it's nice to see him and Orlie in Troy...mmm...yummy.

-If my friends ever read Confessions of Pansy Parkinson, they'd think I'm a total slut and really preverted and such. But I'm not. I just enjoy a little romance sometimes.

Well, I do beleive that's enough information about myself...I hope no one will come stalk me now...I get enough of that at the movies. Lol, well read and review por favor. It's greatly appreciated. Hope you didn't get too bored reading all that.


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