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Guten Tag und hello all,

I'm Riche Butler

that's all I will tell of my private info, other than that I am a Full German male, age 18.

I am about as far from a introvert as you can come. I am one of few full Germans in America. I am a chicken farmer, skeet and trap shooter, CB and short wave radio operator, mechanic, and a professional Electrical Technician. I do play some video games, like World of Tanks Blitz (blackhores4 if you want to find me), and I play minecraft every now and then, call of duty, halo.

I'm also a certified Private Pilot, and I fly a Cessna 172 (1976)

If you ever want to just chat, PM me, and we can email back and forth, I don't like the PM system on here.

I got my nickname "Ghost" from my friends, cause I could "melt from the walls", and "hide in the shadows" so well, that I always scare the shit out of them whenever I start talking. Its quite funny.

Go check out BlitzzHDizzle's page and read some of his stories. They are amazing.

Thanks all.

Riche "Ghost" Butler out~

All the other AaO writers have it so... My "OC"s


Personality: Strict, Harsh, But fun loving on the inside, adventure seeker, Very mature

Fur color: Black

Gender: Male


Personality: Fun, Ex-ranger (I will be writing a story about that later), Mature

Fur color: Grey

Gender: Male


Personality: Strict but forgiving, Mature

Fur color: Black

Gender: Male


Personality: Harsh, Blunt, Right to the point, Dating Sarah

Fur color: Black w/ red stripes

Gender: Male


Personality: UNKNOWN

Fur color: UNKNOWN

Gender: Female


Personality: Harsh, Loving, Fast-paced, Mature, Dating Riche but is secretly in love with Humphrey

Fur color: Black w/ red stripes

Gender: Female

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