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It's time to turn a new leaf. It's just that simple. I haven't died, I just changed. New interests, new skills, new leaf. Simple, no? My interests have gone from YYH to Kingdom Hearts, and I will be mainly writing for my OT3, RikuxKairixSora. So I stick my tongue out at you Kairi bashers and anit-yaoi KH fans, because if that's not canon romance, then nothing is. Of course, RikuxSora really doesn't turn up all that much until KH2, so if you haven't played that, you really wouldn't know, I guess. And now, Naruto can be added to that as my main fandom, since

--That was from like... a year ago...--


A little about me:

Name: Audrey (not as in the man-eating plant from the musical Little Shop of Horrors, thankyouverymuch)

Age: 19

Location: USA

Writing style: Introspective, character profiling. Use of lots of metapors and superfluous words like superfluous.

Manga/Anime In Alphabetaical Order (favorites bolded and/or underlined):

Cowboy Bebop
Hunter x Hunter
Tennis no Oujisama
Tsubasa Chronicle
Wild Adapter/ Executive Comittee
Yami no Matsuei

Huh... I could've sworn it was a longer list.

RANTS (because boy oh boy, do I have a whole mess of misplaced anger right now):

ANGST: IS NOT A GENRE! Oh. My. God. What is wrong with fangirls? Why is there so much of this crap? Get it through your heads, people. Angst is an emotion, or at times a verb. It ain't. A bloody. GENRE. It's like saying, "Oh, did you see that new movie? It's a fabulous romance/happy film," or "I think Stephen King writes the best afraid books." You see? It doesn't work. You have horror, drama, and tragedy to choose from, don't use angst!

And even if you do decide to write an angsty story, why? What is the obsession with rape and cutting and suicide on this site? Jesus Christ people, it's not pretend. First of all, most characters who are displayed in fanfiction as cutters/rape victims/suicidal would never actually be that way in the canon. DO NOT SCREW WITH MY FAVORITE STORIES JUST TO ACHIEVE YOUR EMO FANGIRL DREAM. IF YOU DO, I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN WITH A SPORK AND BLEACH AND KILL YOU DEAD. It's old, people. All these stories are the same. Get a new angle, for Christ's sake (and if that new angle happens to be anorexia/bulimia, I swear I will make your life miserable). The other problem with these stories is that most of the wirters have no idea what they're talking about. How many people do you think really cut themselve, hm? Do you know how much that fucking hurts? Do you really understand the pain that goes with it? Cutters don't just one day decide, "Ho-hum, I'm bored and my life sucks, I think I'll stab with a razor blade and watch it bleed until I pass out." Rape victims can have serious psychological instability, of a variety of symptoms, one of the most common being denial. NOBODY FALLS IN LOVE WITH THEIR RAPIST. DON'T BE STUPID. Or, even if they weren't raped, but just beaten and so on so forth. Same deal, people. Your screwing with serious mental disorders, and you're offending people who really have them.

CHARACTER BASHING: IS COMPLETELY INAPPROPRIATE AND DISPRESPECTFUL. Don't like a character? Fine, that's your choice. Nobody is going to like everyone all the time. It's perfectly human. However, this does not mean that everyone else agrees with you, and it certainly does not mean that you suddenly have the right to completely canon!rape a character so only their bad sides show!

You cannot possibly understand how disrespectful it is to the author, either. Anyone who has created an original story should know. Authors don't put real time and effort into creating a character, molding it from the bottom up and giving it a name, for no good reason.;

Also, I forgot to mention before, please, anyone, feel free to contact me! I love it when it happens, though it's happened to me once so far, and chance are, if you want to be, I would like to be your friend. My AIM is SabakunoDiae (shut up) and my email/MSN account is

Thanks again to everyone who reads, reviews, adds to favorites, or C2s. It means the world to me, mwah!

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Empty Bottles reviews
/'You look good in red.'/ Even China had his limits, and Russia pushed too much. Eventually, someone was going to break, and China wasn't going to let it be him. RussiaChina. Oneshot.
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The boy is oblivious, the girl is compunctious, the witch is scheming, and hitsuzen, quite frankly, can go suck it. Doumeki is unsatisfied with his role in the greater scheme of things. Oneshot. Light DouWata.
xxxHOLiC - Rated: K+ - English - Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,355 - Reviews: 16 - Favs: 35 - Follows: 2 - Published: 1/29/2008 - K. Watanuki, S. Doumeki - Complete
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Doumeki thinks Yuuko is a liar. It's Yuuko's job to set him straight. Oneshot, hints of DouWata.
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The year is 1928. The place is Tokyo. The richest in Asia stay at Grand Hotel, but with so much money comes many dark secrets. Everyone's hiding something, and not even all their money can pay the price. Many pairings inside: het, slash, and femslash.
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Name Game reviews
[Maybe after four thousand years, he's going senile.] The one thing he can no longer remember is the one thing he swore he'd never forget. So, Your Highness Daikenja Murata Ken of Shin Makoku, what's in a name? [Oneshot, Muratacentric, implied slash.]
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The tide is coming in, the game has new rules, and the road ahead is filled with bumps. Kaoru loves his brother, but he won't be left behind. Oneshot. Onesided HikaruxHaruhi, implied Twincest if you squint or want to see it. Kaorucentric.
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Tamaki always keeps his promises, and Kyouya only has one to make. A look at the past, present, and far into the future. Oneshot. TamakixHaruhi, onesided KyouyaxTamaki. Kyouyacentric. UFO Best of Fandom OHSHC 1st prize and Member's Choice winner.
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The Host Club, Kyouya thinks, is one big, happy, incestuous family. HunnyxMori, twincest, TamakixHaruhi. Kyouyacentric. Oneshot. 2nd place winner: Best of OHSHC Fandom, Universal Fanfiction Open.
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Humpty Dumpty reviews
Oneshot, Tobito theory, Deidara POV. But then I remind myself that this isn’t the Uchiha any more, and he never will be again. This is Tobi, blundering, bumbling Tobi. A shell of the man he once was.
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A set of song lyrics written in response to an English project. I'm rather proud of them, but hey, you decide.
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