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This is were I draw fanart formy stories.

It's not done yet but almost there

Name: No way…The FBI is still after me.

Age: From 0-60 in 3 seconds…(I got that from a car commercial)

Height: I don’t know, last time I checked it was 5’ 2’’

Hair color:Blondeish and blueness!

Eye color: They change color, sometimes blue, sometimes green

Favorite bands: It would take me at least an hour to name them all…sorry, a few of them are. Green Day, Good Charlotte, ACDC, Simple Plan, Korn, Slipknot, Linkin Park.

Favorite anime: InuYasha, .Hack//sign, Ghost in the shell, Fruits Basket.

Favorite video games: CHRONO CROSS! (even though some of the graphics suck I am a total CC junkie! It’s the best game ever!) Grandia II, Parasite Eve I &II, All the Final Fantasy games past 7.

Statis: Single

Favorite things: The color black (yes I am gothic), InuYasha duh the ears are so kawaii! Sesshoumaru...he's mine MINE MINE! Sorry about that. I like to watch tv, type, and draw pictures. If you ever need a picture just ask, i'll be happy to draw it! Thank you for reading this... I need food, bye.


Oh yea, say thank you to Katsuragi-Child for changing my profile, and don't forget to be as mean to her as you possible Can.

Current Age: 0-60 in 3 seconds Current Residence: Florida, which in America, which is on Earth, Which is in the Milkyway, which is in the Universe Interests: Fanfiction, elves, faries...Sesshoumaru Favourite movie: InuYasha Movie 3 : Swords of Conquest Favourite band or musician: Greenday/Billie Joe Armstrong Favourite genre of music: Rock Favourite artist: Hayao Miyazaki Favourite poet or writer: Crystal Echoes Favourite style or digital art: CG Operating System: Windows Favourite game: Kingdom Hearts Favourite gaming platform: PS2 Favourite cartoon character: Sesshoumaru Personal Quote: ...And that is why they call me Tripp Tools of the Trade: Pencil, paper pchyso

NameLyoko Nakadashi
Nicknames Lyoko, Tripp, Fran, Ko, Nakadashi, Naka
Screen name Lyoko-nakadashi
Birthday Nov. 26th 1991
Age ha!
Astrological sign Duh...
Chinese zodiac sign? Year of the Sheep
Location Somewhere in USA
Marital Status Single (For my entire life -_-)
Eye color Golden/green/brown...uh amber
Height 5'2"
Shoe size 7 1/2
Parents still together? Yes but barely
Siblings? Jack (10?)
Nieces/Nephews? None
Kids of your own? No way!
Grandkids? No!
Pets? Bobby, Harry (cats) Krapbi (A hermit crab)
Education? Stupid
Rent, lease, or own your home? No
Any credit cards? No

Color Black, Red, white
Number a tillon
Animal Crow
Vehicle Boneville
Flower Rose
Scent rain
Shape Diamond
Soda Coke
Book Ink Heart
Band Green Day
Song Numa Numa
Food I really don't know

Do you...
Color your hair? HELL YEA! WHOOT CHERRY RED ALL THE WAY! Oh yea and green, blue, black, white, and uh purple I think...yea purple.
Twirl your hair? no
Have tattoos? No
Piercing? Uh-hu...
Cheat on tests/homework? Sometimes
Drink/Smoke? no
Like roller coasters? Hell yea!
Wish you could live somewhere else Yes
Want more piercings? Eyebrow and maybe lip ohh and more on ear
Like cleaning? Too lazy
Write in cursive or print? Both
Carry a donor card? No
Swear a lot? Like hell i don't Cussin in fuckin lame! Jk: yeppers
Own a web cam? No
Know how to drive? I'd probaly kill you
Diet? Does Anorexic count?
Own a cell phone? Yea
Ever get off the computer? Barely
Habla Espanol? Si. Y tu?

Have you ever...
Been in a wreck? Yea!
Been arrested? No
Kicked someone in the nuts? Yep _
Stolen anything? Yea, cant count
Held a gun? Yes. Shot it too
Drank? Yea
Been so drunk you couldn't remember your name? No but i don't need to drink to do that.
Considered a life of crime? Yea
Considered being a hooker? Hell No
Cried over a girl? If I where lez...but uh sure
Cried over a boy? Yea
Lied to someone? With the best intentions
Been in love? Yes
Fallen for your best friend? Yes
Made out with JUST a friend? No
Been rejected? By my own family
Been in lust? Yes
Used someone? No
Been used? I don't think so
Been cheated on? Never dated yet
Been kissed? Yes a very long time ago...the guy died.

Current mood Depressed
Current musicRock
Current taste You wouldn't believe me if I told you
Current hair Down and blue.
Current annoyance Life
Current smell Air
Current thing I ought to be doing Homework
Current windows open? AIM window DeviantART and Fanfiction
Current desktop picture Vacation stuff
Current book When my name was Keoko
Current cds in stereo Green day
Current crush I wouldn't tell you.
Current favorite celeb Uh...
Current hate Mo-Ni-Ka (Translation: Monica)
Last book you read Fushigi Yugi Vol. 2
Last movie you saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Last thing you had to drink Water
Last thing you ate Eggrolls
Last person you talked to on the phone Kia aka. Lurockia

Do you...
Do drugs? Never
Have a dream that keeps coming back? Yes
Play an instrument? Guitar, Drums, sing?
Believe there is life on other planets? Yes, the universe is so vast why shouldn't there be
Remember your first love? How could you forget a dead guy?
Still love him/her? No, just miss em
Read the newspaper? Only the manga
Have any gay or lesbian friends? Oh yes...lets see 8.
Believe in miracles? Sometimes
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever? No
Consider yourself tolerant of others? Very.
Consider love a mistake? Sometimes
Have a favorite candy? no
Believe in astrology? no
Believe in magic? Yes!
Believe in God? I believe there's a bigger force out there
Do well in school? If i try
Go to or plan to go to college Yes
Wear hats? Yes beannies
Hate yourself? Yes I used to cut to
Have an obsession? Anime...Sesshoumaru
Have a secret crush? Yes
Do they know yet? Hell no
Collect anything? Anime, Manga, Anything Chinese or Japanese
Have a best friend? I just hope they see me the same way.
Close friends? yes
Like your handwriting? No
Care about looks? No

And that's all! Fell free to take

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