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Hello. I thought it was time for a change of profile. So here it is.

Favorite WWE Superstars:
1) John Cena: Has always been my favorite and will always be my favorite. Word Life baby!
2) Batista: He's kinda a prick behind the scenes but he's pretty cool to watch. I definitely prefer him over Taker anyday
3) Mickie James: She is my favorite diva. I love her and she deserves the title more than Melina.
4) Kenny Dykstra: He's cool enough said and he's a nice guy.
5) Chris Masters: He's hot and he's pretty damn good in the ring.
6) Shawn Michaels: Showstoppa! If John can't have the belt I hope he does.
7) Victoria: If Mickie can't have the belt I want her to have it. I love her!
8) London/Kendrick: They are so cool! It doesn't hurt that they were trained by Shawn Michaels either.
9) Deuce/Domino: I know, I know they're so weird but there's something about them that makes me want to watch.
10) Santino Marella: I know this goes against my whole "people who get titles on their debut don't deserve them" but there's just something about this guy. Maybe its cause he won it against Umaga who I can't stand. Eh. Who knows but I think he's cool.

Honorable Mention: Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas, Shane Helms

Least Favorite WWE Superstars:
1) Edge: I. Hate. This. Man. I really do. He looks like a llama and needs to go away.
3) JBL: The sole reason why its REALLY hard for me to watch SmackDown! sometimes. I wish he'd go away.
4) The Undertaker: He was cool when I was 9. But now he's lame and needs to retire. He's shitting all over his own legacy by putting over guys like Khali and Mark Henry.
5) Khali: He's a waste of space. Did you know he killed a man while training to become a wrestler? Huh? Look it up, its not that hard.
6) Umaga: Or as I like to call him Ulamea. I have a problem with undefeated streaks it reminds me of Goldberg and that's not a good thing.
7) Armando Alejandro Estrada: Shut. Up. Go. Away.
8) Melina: Ok she's good in the ring. But she looks like a dog and her voice is like nails on a chalk board. Plus she has a fucking attitude.
9) Ashley: She was fucking in Playboy. Ok so what? Good for her she showed her tata's to a bunch of dirty old perv men. Doesn't mean she deserved to have a fucking Women's title shot at Wrestlemania. I'm glad she lost she didn't deserve it in the first place. I'm hoping just like Christy Hemme they'll get rid of her.
10) Bobby Lashley: He's good in the ring, I'll give him that but the man can't talk on the mic and he's not a good person to have as champ. He doesn't deserve it over guys like CM Punk who could actually do the title justice.

Honorable Mention: Ric Flair, HHH, RVD, Sabu, Candice Michelle, Johnny Nitro

Favorite TNA Wrestlers:
1) Christopher Daniels: Oh my God. This man is the God of pro wrestling. He so is. I doubt you can find someone who can put on a great match with any fucking person you put in front of him. Don't believe me? Watch a match he had with Samoa Joe from UPW not long after Joe finished training to become a wrestler, or watch his match with Christian Cage from Impact a while back.
2) Austin Aries: Yeah I know he goes by Starr and he's also suspended right now but it was for a bullshit reason. He's a FANTASTIC wrestler and he can keep me glued to the tv. TNA are stupid for not using him how he should be used.
3) Chris Sabin: Ok when he's NOT acting like Alex Shelley in a match he's actually really cool and I love his new kick ass heel personna. He's just a bit too goodie good as a face.
4) AJ Styles: Personal feelings aside, I think he's a FANTASTIC wrestler and he's really wicked as a heel. Not to mention he's hot as hell. His promos with Christian are hilarious!
5) Christian Cage: He's getting what he deserved to have in WWE enough said.
6) Tyson Tomko: Ok yeah I know but he's a good wrestler and funny as hell sometimes. He can literally make me laugh out loud.
7) Alex Shelley: He's a dick in real life and all but he's really good as a heel and makes me shake my head and smile sometimes. He just needs to get away from this TNA's official bitch boy thing he has going on.
8) Samoa Joe: Ok it took me a LONG time after everyone else to be able to appreciate Joe's work but I now can. I mean he's not the most technical or pretty wrestler but he can kick ass. He's best in the ring with AJ or Sabin.
9) Petey Williams: I'm begging TNA to give this guy a bigger role on the show. Take away all the stupid Abyss/Sting shit and give Petey a bone would ya?
10) Eric Young: One of few reasons why I tune into TNA. I love this guy! He can make me smile with one motion. Makes Eric's eye to eye hand gesture

Least Favorite TNA Wrestlers:
1) Scott Steiner: SHUT UP AND GO AWAY!
2) Sting: Please just go.
4) Team 3D: Tell me again why they have the tag championships...
5) Konan: Ok I know he's had problems and shit and LAX is cool but Konan on the mic annoys me SO bad.
6) Abyss: Go somewhere else.
7) Kurt Angle: I USED to like him but now that he's gone completely psycho I can't take him anymore. I hate to say it but I almost hope he gets hurt so he realizes what he's doing by trying to stick it to WWE by being in TNA when all WWE did was realize he had damn problems and tried to get him to save himself.
8) Kevin Nash: What's the point of him being in TNA again? Does he add anything to it?
10) Robert Roode: Or as I like to call him Robert Roodeass. TNA's trying to plug him as being the best thing since sliced bread but he proves in the ring that all he is, is burnt toast.


Hello all! To anyone who would actually come here again anyway. I know it's been FOREVER since I posted on here and you have NO idea how incredibly sorry I am. I really am. But I can't get inspired to write anything new. I really can't. So I was thinking something...

Reading over my A Father's...series I was thinking that it's really not my best work. In fact it's sad to read back on it and think how much better I've gotten at writing now. So what I am going to do is rewrite the series. For all the fans of that series please please don't panic. I do NOT plan on making any big changes in it. I'm just updating it and making it better. One or two changes, a few new faces. But that's it. I promise. So no one panic. I think the problem lies in the fact that I wrote myself into a corner on the last one that I completely stopped on.

For anyone out there who cares I am replacing Mark Jindrak and Maven in the stories. I can't write characters that I can't get any inspiration from (due to the fact that they are NOT on tv any longer). I'm throwing around a few ideas of who to replace them with in my head. But I would LOVE to hear any feed back from anyone who would like to offer their opinions.


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