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"Did you just summon a bunch of monsters in one turn?"

"Yeah. So?"

"That's kind of against the rules, isn't it?"


Pen Name: InsaneShadowFan

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A Lesson In English: Eighth chapter up!

Electromagnetic Crunch: Fifteenth chapter up!

How Do You Like Your Tea, Mr. Kaiba?: Fourth chapter up!

Human: Seventh chapter up!

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With college approaching for me, I will most likely be swamped with work, studying, new hobbies and a social life, and the like. So there is a definite possibility that the speed at which I write and update my fan fictions will drastically slow down. I know it sucks, but hey, college is more important than near-anonymous folks on the internet and writing fan fictions for them! Nothing personal, folks, that's just how the cookie crumbles.

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12/18/09: Posted Chapter 15 of EC and Chapter 4 of HDYLYT.

9/21/09: Updated EC and HDYLYT. Not sure, though . . . this update log is in retrospect, cuz I forgot to write it down. LOL

9/07/09: Updated Electromagnetic Crunch. Lucky Chapter 13! I really think this is one of the best chapters so far in the whole series, honestly. You guys need to read it!

8/13/09: Updated A Lesson in English.

8/10/09: Updated How Do You Like Your Tea, Mr. Kaiba? It's been a pretty stressful weekend for me, so I didn't work on any of my other fics. Long story short, my scholarship money for college was in jeopardy, but I think everything has been sorted out and my scholarships are safe, knock on wood.

8/05/09: Updated How Do You Like Your Tea, Mr. Kaiba?

8/03-04/09 (sometime around midnight): uploaded a new story, "How Do You Like Your Tea, Mr. Kaiba?"

8/03/09: Updated A Lesson In English. My favorite chapter of the whole series, so far, because Mai's in it (laughs). I'm also planning on posting a new fan fiction.'s complicated.


You see, four years ago, I had begun to talk to a girl named Andi-chan on Fanfiction, who had a fic called "How Would you like your TEA, Mr. Kaiba?" I left, admittedly, scathing reviews on it due to her poor writing, and after a short argument by email, we forgave one another and she asked me if I wanted to beta it. Having never been a beta before, I didn't understand that beta readers merely fixed typos and reworked sentences that were grammatically messed up and things of the sort. So I pretty much revamped the whole story. I spent hours rewriting the whole damned story, and did so for nine chapters and two months. After becoming stressed out due to my schedule, I told her, point-blank that I couldn't take it anymore. So, naturally... she posts the next chapter of her story, basically bashing me for bailing out on her and being unreliable. I ignored it, however, and still reviewed her stories... but a part of me resented her.

I forgot about the story for some time, until a few days ago out of curiosity I looked it up. I realize now that nearly all of the writing for the first nine chapters was basically mine. And I really feel like should be entitled to posting the first chapters under my name, because I was not acknowledged at ALL for my work on the story, not even as a beta writer. It may seem petty to some, but, as I'm sure many of you fellow writers feel as well, nothing hurts quite as much as working so hard at something only to receive no credit for it. So I will, after some slight editing and revising, be reposting the twelve chapters that I wrote. Hell, I might even take the story in a different direction at that.

8/01/09: Updated Human.

7/31/09: Updated Electromagnetic Crunch. Was rather sad because there was only one new review, and that was for chapter eight. Man, that depresses me. But I edited the summary in an attempt to attract more readers, and am hoping for some improvement! This fan fiction's my baby... you guys can't let it die! T_T

7/29/09: Updated Human. A great chapter, if I may be so arrogant. Hah. I almost felt like crying after I updated it and was previewing it on fanfiction. Half from the story, and half because once again, I saw a ton of typos I had missed and had to re-upload, typo-fixed. Oh. Such is life.

7/22/09: Updated Human. I gotta be honest, I had a swell time typing up that chapter. I think I did a pretty darn good job, if I do say so myself. Of course, right after uploading it, I notice a typo where I used "were" instead of "where" in one instance. T_T Such is life, I suppose. I hate discovering those typos after uploading them, because I know I'm too lazy to go through all the work I need to edit it! Ah, well. No need to fret about it, I suppose.

7/21/09: Updated A Lesson in English. I'm pretty thrilled to do so, honestly. I have a bit of a soft spot for that fic, even though JoeyxOC pairings aren't particularly popular. Oh well, who cares what anyone else thinks? LOL! You guys had better get to reading and reviewing!

7/17/09: Updated Electromagnetic Crunch. Also, a few months ago, posted a one-shot, Human. But I may consider continuing the story. Considering that I have plenty of free time, my updates should be much more frequent. But, laziness, you know. That's why you guys should be motivating me with reviews and comments! I can't do it alone, you know!

4/11/08: Yes. I am still alive. Once again I come back after a long absence. This is getting to be repetitive. Ah well, I guess the wonderful eye-frying white glow of fanfiction at 2 in the morning trying to update my stuff is just too tempting a feeling to ignore any longer. I'm trying to be more consistent with my fics, but this is hard due to schoolwork, my job, and willpower. Ah, shit. I miss not having a life. Almost.

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Right now, ISF is a supporter of:

Azureshipping (Kaiba x Tea/Anzu)

Silentshipping (Kaiba x Serenity/Shizuka)

Arrogantshipping/Polarshipping triangle: (Joey/Katsuya x Mai x Kaiba) Some master shipping list I googled called it Ettushipping (I assume it's from "Et tu, Brute"...who the hell comes up with these terms? Is there a super secret society of YGO fans that make up universally accepted terms for romantic couplings? I digress), but it was labeled as "Seto x Katsuya x Mai" leading me to believe that's a situation where Mai and Seto are fighting for Joey, which is...weird, to say the least. Interesting and possibly hilarious, but still weird.

Blueshipping (Kaiba x Kisara)

Yeah, I like Kaiba. Sigh...Oh, Kaiba. Why can't it be me you hold in your unspeakably gorgeous arms. Oh shit. Am I lusting after a drawn character? I should get off the drugs.

ISF does not care either way for:

Most other pairings. If you write it well, and it's not too outlandish, sure, go ahead. Same goes for gay pairings. Puppyshipping and Prideshipping make canonical sense, if you reach hard enough, and can be damn enjoyable to read too.

I do NOT support:

Any incest pairing. Come on, people, that's gross and unnatural, even in fiction, unless the story's plot calls for it.

Random pairings of people that have no connection whatsoever to another: For example, Kisara x Rebecca (according to the previously mentioned shipping list). What...the hell. Are there people that actually think they have anything in common? Just because they're both people in the same universe does not mean that they should be put together! Should I do it with Julie Andrews just because we both exist?

Well. Girl looks damn good for her age. What does she consume to keep herself so well preserved, formaldehyde?

...I don't even know where I'm going with this so I'll just stop now. O_O;

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