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Hello! I'm ShingetsuMoon, I doubt anybody actually reads these things but here you go anyway if you're interested.

Name: Like I would tell you

Age: Mid Twenties

Sex: female

Current works:

Born In The Shadows - completed

Forbidden Light Book One - completed, start of 2nd book undetermined

Let No Woman Be Left Behind - completed

Tainted Reflections - working on the final chapter(s)

Sky Kings - ongoing

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So many of my reviewers wanted a timeline for my story Shattered Mirror so after much work, stress, tears, and mental anguish, here you go!

Timeline of Shattered Mirror Events

--Timeline as of Chapter 32--


Month of September:

--Skeith begins speaking to Haseo.

--Aihane appears and begins sending AIDA fragments to fight/test the Avatar's.

--Atoli uses Innis to fight off Oswald AIDA. Aura senses danger.

--Endrance and Macha fight Helen AIDA and learn that Aihane wants to control the Eight Phases. Meanwhile, Atoli “reunites” with Sakaki.

--Shino receives an e-mail from a CC Corp employee (Rhodesia) telling her the location of Masato Indou/Ovan.

--Pi goes to Glittering, Black, 1000 Oaks and finds all the monsters affected by AIDA. She and Tarvos defeat Grunwald AIDA after meeting up with Alkaid and Sirius who can see the Avatar. They all go back to Net Slum. Yata and Zelkova explain the situation and the former Emperors agree to help.

--Aihane captures Corbenik and begins the process of enslaving him.

--Haseo and Atoli battle Victorian AIDA and locate Corbenik by following a data trace to Aihane's personal server. They learn that Aihane has placed devices in the Avatar's in an attempt to control them

--Haseo informs Yata, Pi, Zelkova, about finding Corbenik and they begin investigating.

--Scorpius appears in Breg Epona in a violent attempt to capture Skeith. Skeith goes berserk and locks Haseo's consciousness online.

--Shino runs into Rhodesia during a trip to see Masato at the hospital in Saitama and agrees to take him to a prearranged location in Kori located in the Date District of Fukushima.

--CC Corp provides Shino with a vehicle and she takes Masato and drives to a mansion settled back in the forest hills of Kori.


Month of October:

--G.U. members begin searching for Skeith's online location. Alkaid encounters the Terror of Death and is felled by his Death's Shadow attack.

--Sirius responds to Alkaid's flash mail and rescue's her, taking her to Net Slum afterwards. Yata locates Skeith and Atoli, Endrance, and Kuhn go after the First Phase to convince him to let Haseo go.

--Atoli speaks to Skeith and calms him down. Haseo's memory of events from The World R1 returns.

--Corbenik's spirit broken, slave system takes full control. Aihane sends The Rebirth to Lumina Cloth to lure out the Epitaph Users.

--Atoli and Haseo respond and fight Corbenik, but the Eighth Phase disobey's Aihane and retreats.

--Ryou and Chigusa meet offline in Tokyo. Corbenik punished for his disobedience in Lumina Cloth.

--Alkaid still suffering emotional damage from Skeith's attack. Sirius helps restore her confidence and together with Taihaku they conquer the Demon Palace.

--Masato finally starts to talk, but still refuses to talk to either his sister Aina or Ryou.


Month of November:

--Aihane sends Corbenik after Yata and Fidchell. During the battle Fidchell utters a second prophecy fortelling the future of the Avatars, Epitaph Users, AIDA fragments, and Aihane. The Prophet is defeated and separated from his User. Yata/Takumi ends up in the hospital from the resulting shock.

--Rhodesia Tsvani Kajongwe calls Kaoru and explains she has been working with CC Corp for some time.

--Ambrosia (Rhodesia's PC name) and Endrance go to Net Slum. Ambrosia explains and clears up some of what is going with CC Corp, The World, and Aihane.

--Rhodesia is now in charge of all G.U. operations and CC Corp decisions.

--Scorpius' changes his mind after speaking with Corbenik and Fidchell and decides to work with the Avatars and Epitaph Users.

--Ryou, Chigusa, and Kaoru arrive at the CC Corp building in Tokyo and meet with Rhodesia. Rhodesia explains that Aihane is targeting people in the real world and will most likely target them as well.

--Chigusa's mother leaves and father calls demanding that she come home immediately

--Ryou and Chigusa have their first kiss.

--One week passes with no sign of Chigusa and no word from her. The other G.U. members worry but can provide little assistance.

--Haseo goes to Skeith who has already been looking into the matter and they piece together what might have happened.

--Innis cannot contact Chigusa in the real world.

--Ryou wakes up and knows that something is wrong. He head to Chiba and is immediately attacked by Aihane is using three hacked vehicles to try and kill him. Skeith takes control and manages to destroy the AIDA possessed vehicles one by one.

--Chigusa's father Ikari has already beaten her prepares to kill his daughter when Ryou arrives at the house and interrupts his attempt. Ikari is larger and stronger and stabs Ryou in the back before shooting him in the side of the head.

--The police arrive and arrest Ikari and take Ryou and Chigusa to the hospital.

--Skeith and Innis learn of their new powers. They can now control their User's bodies.

--In the ER of the Chiba Hospital Innis speaks to Chigusa offline for the first time.

--Misano and Kitade Misaki learn of Ryou's accident. Rhodesia and Kaoru pick them up and explain some of the history of The World on the way to Chiba.

--Its revealed that Rhodesia is not only working in a special division of CC Corp, but is also really a member of the World Network Commission that oversees all internet related activities and laws.

--Gorre help Magus fight off a Helen AIDA. Abtrunniger appears during the fight and takes over Magus body in order to protect him from being captured.

--Takumi commits suicide by drinking a fatal mix of wine and sleeping pills.

--Fidchell goes berserk from the shock of Takumi's death and utters his third prophecy about Sakubo and Gorre.

--The Eight Phases reveal some of their past with CC Corp and how they have manipulated things in their favor.

--Ryou regains consciousness and gives Skeith permission to do whatever he needs to do. The Terror of Death takes full control of his body and pulls his consciousness online.

--Innis and Skeith leave the Outer Dungeon and The World and go to a special area Innis has created with her Epitaph powers. Ryou/Haseo is placed here until Skeith has sufficiently healed his body in the real world.

--The other Epitaphs and G.U. members discover that Skeith and Innis are missing and discuss why they left.

--Skeith and Innis use more human-like PC's to move through her special area and interact with Haseo.

--Doctors Lien Mei and Ian Evans discover that Ryou and Chigusa are healing far faster than normal. Iori leaves school and, unknowingly runs into Aihane.

--Dr. Evans informs Chigusa that she is adopted.

--Rhodesia, Kaoru, and the other G.U. members go to Takumi's funeral. Sentou and Akira (Kite and Blackrose) appear and get into an argument with Kaoru. Kaoru panics and leaves with Rhodesia.

--Kitade Misaki arrives at the hospital to find that Ryou has woken up, but something else (Skeith) is controlling him.

--Abtrunniger reveals that he and the other seven strongest AIDA are the same ones that infected the Epitaphs and will eventually have to give their power back for the Avatar's to reach their full potential.

--Iori goes on a school field trip to a local robotics convention. Rhodesia sends Abtrunniger online to track down another AIDA similar to himself. Abtrunniger locates Dendeira and she agrees to help him and the members of G.U.

--Aihane uses his AIDA fragments to hack a MAKO robot and attack Iori.

--Iori is rescued and Aihane uses Corbenik and Fidchell to fight against Gorre.

--Abtrunniger and Dendeira use their AIDA powers to dissolve the bond between Gorre and Iori so there will be no backlash/physical or emotional damage to either.

--Abtrunniger and Dendeira leave the server area and Aihane takes Gorre with him and leaves.

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