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Sex: Female

First name: Kenzie

Hobbies: Writing, Listening to music, Drawing, Theatre,Reading, Talking/hanging out/doing other stuffwith my friends, which now includes Liz! (Sailor Ra) Yay! I'm so glad were friends again!

Note to Liz: Ha, you can't call me stupid for saying your name on the net anymore, 'cuz you did it yourself! Ha! You can take that part of your sory out now...-_-

Dream: To Rule the WORLD! lol, i'm kidding, it's kind of an inside joke. Really I want to be a writer, maybe a playwrite or a theatrical director.

Things I like:I LIVE for my friends and Traveling stuff! I like lots of things actually. blink

Things I HATE:

Writers on FF.N who I think are cool:

LIZ! (Sailor Ra)

lietta_reinvented (I don't actually know her, and I haven't been on in awhile so I haven't reviewed anything of hers, but I think she's a good writer)


“Liz, you have so got to find the name of that boy you danced with!” ~Sam, my friend.

“Like I have the time for boys, Sami.” ~Liz, my other friend (commonly known as Sailor Ra).

“Not for you, for me! He was cute!” ~Sam

“When in doubt, watch Inuyasha!”


“That’s some gooood corn!” Sami and I, being random. As always.

“Wuhahahahahahahahah!” Me, plotting to rule the world. -_- What?

“You are going to rule the world using…Sporks?” Michelle, yet another friend of mine

“What, too elaborate?” Me

“Isabel! But…but…We had MOMENTS together! All those sleepovers when your teenage sister slept until noon and we almost made her deaf with loud music until the bombarded us with beanie babies! Come on, the BEANIE BABIES!” Inside joke between Liz’s sister and I. Don’t ask.

“There is no way anyone can right a research paper with less then 50 fact cards!” Mr. Dickerson, my teacher

“Watch me.” Me, under my breath.

“Sssshhh! This is science class! People are trying to sleep!

“Pfft. I suppose you think that the earth is round too.”

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