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Well, I'm kinda new to all this, but heck. I like writing fanfiction, and decided to start posting it up. sue me! Here are some of my favorite anime/manga (thoough probably not in order :) :

1. SAMURAI 7, BITCH! (but Kambe's english voice actor sounds too weird... O.O)

2. Fushigi Yugi (kickass series. The manga was better tho just 'cause they cut out so much stuff in the anime)

3. Ceres: Celestial Legend (aka: Ayashi no Ceres. But Fushigi I like a bit better...)

4. Rouroni Kenshin (samurais kick ass! If I could do the stuff Kenshin does with a sword... oh the possibilities...)

5. Full Metal Alchemist (wouldn't it be awesome if you could do alchemy in the real world too? Imagine if you did that at school! You'd make all the teacher piss in their pants!)

6. Wolf's Rain (kickass series. No doubt about it. Wolves rock! If I could ever draw wolves like that it'd be so awesome!)

Stuff that pisses me off:

1. People who write kick ass stories, then one day discontinue them! Here I am, typing up a review that says, "Oh, it's okay that you just discontinued this out of the blue. I respect your action." when really, I'm screaming, "HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME!" ahem. Better now. (grins)

2. Yaoi fics. The reason: Because lots of writers who write yaoi do pairings that are either completely screwed up and sick or can just never happen! Like with Fullmetal Alchemist, I always see tons of RoyxEd fics. Come on! Roy is like 14 years older than Ed is! 14! (Roy is 29 and Ed is 15) SICK! Plus for Fushigi Yugi people do lots of Chichiri x Tasuki fics. I personally can't ever see them gay to begin with, let alone gay with each other! But, hey, I'm just giving my personal opinion. For those of you who decided to read this in the first place and do like to write yaoi fics, fine. Don't let this simple stupid profile thing rile you at all, because no offense was meant.

3. People who automatically hate Mary-sues. Well, it doesn't piss me off exactly, but It's something I just don't really get...whatever. I'm just stating an opinion. I'm still pretty new to this and not a seasoned writer like some people may be on this site, so please excuse me if I sound stupid or whatever lol. Maybe my opinion may change in the future, maybe it won't.

Favorite Bands: (Should any of you people disagree with these bands oh well, keep it to yourself why don't ya?)

MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE! =First (and only so far...) band I've seen in concert! (and they kicked ASS!)

The Used (they're pretty cool I'm getting more into them than ever before lol)

Nickelback (Good songs. First one by them I heard was "Someday" and I loved it!)

Green Day (I like old Green Day better than new Green Day personally)

Evanescence (heard they suck in concert though...)

Sum 41 (There songs are really good too)


Hee hee... :Points to The Used, Green Day, Sum 41 and Blink 182: Ah punk rock how I love you...

(4/7/06) I am in the process of updating "Eighth Star"! Sorry "Asahi" reviewers I'm working on that story too though! Hopefully I will have "Eighth Star" up soon.

I am a 13 year old who has a hopeless love for writing and drawing. I have hopes for either becoming a manga artist in the future or possibly something that has to do with animals, but in the meantime I will enjoy writing fanfiction whether people like it or not! HAHAHAHAAA!

Anyway, I hope you like my stories if you happen to read them. Thanks!

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