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Hey you people who probably aren't reading this because why would you? I mean, I've only wirtten two crappy crap stories anyways. although I am working on a another one and I have the sequel to my crappy crap story in a drawer some where. I am 15 and am in 10th grade! I play frech horn. If you don't know what that is, google it you dummy! I like video games...alot. If you don't then you should because they are awsome and stuff. Ummm. You should eat...pie. Ummm...QUOTE TIME!

"Surely, you can't be seriously" "I am serious...and don't call me Shirley!"

"The Best Thing Ever...Beef...Stew"

"My made up and animal would be called da huuuuuuudge. Da Hudge! Ewww! No Hudge!"

"Hey is that kid 18?" "The legal drinking age is 21" "Oh...alright then."

"Ever thing that guy says is a stitch" "I have AIDs" "Hahahahahahaha"

"Oh no. Don't shoot him. That'll just make him mad"

"Mornin' ma'm. Isn't this a lovely mornin'" "Up your nigger"

"You look like you need waffles. Boo Boo Boo"

"What's in these?" "There's Waffle in em!

"Why is there BACON IN THE SOAP!" "I Made it MYSELF!"

"We've stampeded cattle" "That's not very bad" "Through the vatican." "Kinky"

"Hey Man you wanna go to the Bar?" "You can take your bar and shove it up your ass! I'm watchin' Tivo!"

That's all I got in terms of quotes. My favorite videogames are: Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, Sonic Riders, Rampage: Total Destruction, Crash Twinsanity, DDR, Ratchet & Clank3 online, the entire Sly Cooper series, Halo 2, Kingdom Heart(the first one cause the second one sucks), and Super Smash Bros. Melee. I live in CA and like to draw and am kinda new at writing. If you are still reading this you are either my friend or are really really bored. You should totally read my new story, It is about Lemmings. If you don't know what that is, GOOGLE IT!(surprise surprise). It is a little dark though. You should read the Far Side. I thinnk you know what do to if you don't know what that is...GOOOGLE! I collect Pez dispenser. I have about 50 and even though almost everything I have said is contradictory to it...I HAVE A LIFE! Shocking but true! And I stole the quote idea from someone. If you can guess who you will win...absolutley nothing. That is seriously it. I ain't got nothin' else to say. I'm sure you will get over it.

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A good little lemming who's life goes horribly wrong after a meeting with Satin. Second fanfic. Hope it doesn't suck as bad as my first one.
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This is my first fanfiction story. If enough people like this I'll continue the story.
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