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lets see..about me(this will be long)...(gets a beer for story-telling)

name: Kiah (pronounced: KAI-yuh)

aliases: Widowmaker, K, Connie

gender: female and damn proud!

age: 16

nationaliy: American and damn proud of it too!

race: European American

hair: dark brown, neck length

eyes: green, though sometimes it goes to blue-green

height: 5' 5"

weight: 'cha right

b-day: Sept. 12

religon: Christian

Anime/Manga I love: Ronin Warriors, Rurouni Kenshin, Inuyasha, Yu Yu Hakusho, Cyborg 009, Fruits Basket, Yu-Gi-Oh, Full Metal Alchemist, Saiyuki, Sailor Moon, DBZ, Cowboy Bebop, Tokyo Mew Mew, WITCH, Gundam Wing, GGundam, Weiss Kruez, Trigun, Ranma 1/2, Samurai Champloo, One Piece, Kare Kano, Full Metal Panic, Aishiteruze Baby, Fushigi Yuugi, W Juliet, Excel Saga

(I'll drink to that! Chugs a beer)

Favorite Characters:
Ronin Warriors: Cye
Rurouni Kenshin: Misao, Kaoru, Kenji
Inuyasha: Kagome, Miroku
YuYuHakusho: Kurama, Hiei
Cyborg 009: Albert, Jet
Fruits Basket: The Super Handsome Blossom Trio(Shigure, Ayame, Hatori)
YuGiOh: Seto, Bakura, Joey
FullMetalAlchemist: Roy, Riza, Jean
Gundam Wing: Trowa, Duo
GGundam: Chibodee, Domon, Rain
Weiss Kruez: Ken
One Piece: Sanji, Luffy
Kare Kano: Yukino's dad
W Juliet: Ryuya, Yuto
Aishiteruze Baby: Reiko(sis)
Excel Saga: Excel

Favorite anime couples:
Ronin Warriors: RyoLuna
Rurouni Kenshin: KenshinKaoru, AoshiMisao, SanoMegumi, YahikoTsubame, HikoOkon, SaitohTokio
InuYasha: InuyashaKagome, MirokuSango, SesshoumaruSara
Fruits Basket: YukiTohru, KyoKagura, HiroKisa, AyameMine
Yu-Gi-Oh: YugiTea, JoeyMai, TristanSerenity
Locket of the Amazon: ConnieChance, PepperMolly, JasonKaitlyn, JoshWhitney, LeviEmber
FMA: EdWinry, RoyRiza, MaesGracia, DennyMaria
Gundam Wing: HeeroRelena, QuatreDorothy, WufeiSally
GGundam: DomonRain, GeorgeMarieLouise, SaiSaiChiCecil, ArgoNatasha
Trigun: VashMeryl, NicoretteMillie
Ranma: RanmaAkane, MousseShampoo, RyougaAkina(sp?)
Samurai Champloo: JinFuMugen (probably the only triangle I really support)
One Piece: LuffyNami
Kare Kano: ArimaYukino
Fushigi Yuugi: TamaMiaka
W Juliet: MakotoIto

KWMC's Hotties:
Cye Mouri, my English Muffin.(Ronin Warriors)
Kenji Himura, my red-headed brat.(Rurouni Kenshin)
Jean Havoc (Fullmetal Alchemist)
Albert Heinrich (Cyborg 009)
Shigure Sohma (Fruits basket)
Bakura; Seto Kaiba (YuGiOh)
Chibodee Crocket (GGundam)
Trowa Barton (Gundam Wing)
Sanzo (Saiyuki)
Ken (Weiss Kruez)

Things I love: Singing, Drawing, Writing, Acting, Volleyball, Band, Stand up comedy, Bush(yes I support him; get over it), Music, anime(duh), ROMANCE, country western things, rodeos, hanging out, joking around, psychology, theatre, chocolate, cats, dancing, my bro(luv ya Bubba!), ROMANCE, personalized stuff, good-well-rounded criticism(not flames!), God, Jesus, going to the movies with friends, the Weiss Kruez out-takes, RPing, did I mention ROMANCE!

Things I hate: People who think us in the South are morons because of stereotypes, people who flame me on my bio and not my stories, hypocrites, yaoi(can't STAND the stuff!(unless it's for humorous purposes only)), being forced to do track (curse thee coaches!(long story)), the stereotypes at my school...they know who they are, racism, sexists

Color: blue, teal, silver
Food: chocolate, fettuchini alfredo w/ chicken
TV show: Whose Line is it Anyways, Viva La Bam
Movies: Fried Green Tomatoes, The Cowboy Way, City Slickers1 and 2, Rocketman, The Replacements, Harry Potter
Musical Artists: Statler Brothers, Tim McGraw, Jo Dee Messina, Good Charlotte, Johnny Cash, Simple Plan, Garth Brooks
Books: Stargirl, Holes, Garfield, Harry Potter
Flowers: Rose, Jasmine
Scents: Jasmine, Gardenia, Vanilla

Quirks/other 'interesting' facts: I'm a HOPELESS romantic! I love to feel guys hair(so soft!), I have my own manga- it's called Locket of the Amazon, I have my own novel- it's called Dragon Eyes.I love writing next generation fics, im a realistic tomboy(a girl who knows how to be feminine, but prefers acting and dressing like a guy), I play trombone in jazz, marching, and concert band(yes..I'm a geek), I have a TON of insiders with my friends, I'm from TEXAS! WHOOPAH, I'm currently learning how to play guitar and I know some piano, I'm a sucker for green-eyed bishounen, I currently have an original manga (LotA) and several doujinshi and several novelsin the works, I know sign-language, I'm allergic to some types of grass and dust (woo), I am the head drum major for my marching band, I was born with this uncanny ability in where I actually get you-had-to-be-there stories

About Torrent:

Torrent is my 'other self.' She seldom appears, but when she does, watch out. Torrent is loud, obnoxious, and blunt. She also referres to herself in the third person and has been known to talk in random accents. Torrent is crazy. Anything from pyromania to schizophrenia, she has it. I sincerely hope you people never meet her. If you do, my pity and prayers are with you.

Fun quotes: Note: Those with a (k)were made by yours truly.

"Did you just call me a dog food gangster? What's that supposed to mean! Ought I to be offended?"

"Bite me, amen." (k)

"Damn the electric fence!" (k)

"Put that freakin' sandwich down!"

to Buckingham palace guard "You wanna sandwich?"

"Chief Crapper Cracker."

"COMERE! I'LL WHUP YOUR BUTT! You want summa THIS?" ~Uncle a gorilla

"Take it off! O_O Put it on!" (k)

"I fart in your general direction!"

"I blow my nose at 'chu!"

"Go away or I shall taunt you a second time!"

"Very funny, Scotty. Now beam down my clothes."

"Fear the fangirl for she is mighty!"

"I swear I'm not a blankey!"

"Rock, paper, scissors would be a heck of a lot more fun if the middle finger was introduced as a fourth option..."

"You will not sink my cheerio!"

"Be free, little poptart!"

"Aqua Greeeeeen! (screams)"

"The band does not play at football games, the band graciously allows football to be played at their outdoor concerts."

"Why does everybody want to kick my ass?"

"A good friend will bail you out of jail. A best friend will be right beside you saying, 'Damn, Dude. We really fucked up this time.'"

"Your mom goes to college!" ~If you don't know where this came from then just ask me to come to your house so I can beat you over the head for being such a moron! (sorry. That's the Torrent in me talking)

"Rejoice. Rejoice, dammit." (k)

"To my dogfood gangstas: Canned or dry, we neva die."

(Chugs last beer and passes out)

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