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So I am officially trying to publish myself as a writer. No more just messing around. I want to tell you all I am dead serious about this. So here's my request: if you like my writing, any of my fics-anything, please friend me on either Myspace, Facebook, Xanga, or Livejournal. I have my info up. I am posting freelance stories on there!

Hoping that I'll get some support from the fantastic fanfictioners... 3 Brigid.

Name: Leader of the Muffin Tribes of Penguin Viper People.

Secret Identity: TB

Magical Powers: I am both a ninja and pirate!! Which are you?! x_0


Fiction Press: Check this out if you like my writing..or if you're just plain curious..

AIM: xxshappiratexx

Trademark: Rose. Any sort of rose.(Also in writing: violet eyes, snakes, jewelry, rain and bears)

Age: 17

Sex: Girl

Species: Human...I think... -ponders- x_x

Birthday: May 31


Color: Grey, dark Purple, Black, Midnight Blue, Dark Green

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Weather: Rain/Thunderstorms/Wind

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TV Shows: Avatar the Last Airbender, Naruto, Teen Titans, Invader Zim, Bleach, Trinity Blood, FMA, Inuyasha, Family Guy, Futurama, Charmed, American Dad, SouthPark, Blood Plus

Movies: V for Vendetta, Pirates of the Carribean, Braveheart, Lord of the Rings, King Arthur, The Labyrinth, Harry Potter, Advent Children, Princess Mononoke, Xmen, Spiderman, League of Extroidinary Gentlemen, Underworld, Thirteen Ghosts

Animals: Wolf, Panther, Raven, Snake, Bear

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Food: Salad...the good stuff with cheese and bacon and croutons and stuff

Writers: Henry David Thoreau, J.K.Rowling, JRRTolkien, David Eddings, Lois Duncan, Nancy Springer, William Cullent Bryant, Shakespeare, Ralph Waldo Emerson

-evil glare- Well, the second story on the more indepth thing downwards was deleted because, "I stole it." I did nothing of the sort! I swear it! Gar...anyways, it was good idea and it seemed everyone like it. Pity. I realize the first one's at a standstill on the fifth chapter, but as soon as I get my lazy ass to do the next chapter, you'll have a stream of chapters. Thankies!

Copy this to your profile if you are a Zutaraian! (Written by Zutara-Princess)"ZUTARA 4 EVER! I will never betray their love! Zutarans will stick 2gether, We will be strong and stay above! Kataang will never prevail, we will win this war, And even if we're losing, That's reason to fight all the more!"

Favorite Pairings:






IrohxMadame Wu

MomoxAppa(XD j/k j/k)

Ty LeexHahn (Read 'Marry Me' for more info.)

Harry Potter:



SiriusxLupin (XD j/k...or am I :) )

DracoxGinny or DracoxMoaning Myrtle (Or Dracox No one because he's so cool)

Teen Titans:

RavenxRed X




Beast BoyxTerra

CyborgxRaven(If Raven has to hook up with a Teen Titan--fic will be started soon with that idea.)

Fruits Basket:


TohruxKyo (I guess..-huffs-)












CHALLENGE!! YES THAT'S RIGHT I HAVE A CHALLENGE!! (making it up off the top of my its probably crappy...)

Fruits Basket:

Any pairings...and just because I want to post one and I don't care what it is...I'm going to do a really dorky one! Yuki, Kyo and Shigure decide to throw a birthday party for Tohru...but they have to throw two: one for the Zodiac and the Sohma family, another for the people who don't know. (They want to keep it a secret). Kyo pulls a stupid move and has all the invitations say the same date, so on the day of the surprise party, everyone who was invited is there. XD -gasp- What will happen?!

Needed characters: Kyo, Yuki, Aya, Shigure, Kisa, Rin, Haru, Hana, Arisa, Hatori, Momiji.. Anyone else is optional! Time in the manga, totally up to you. XD

Have fun with it!

Current Stories:

This is so that you can have a more in depth overall information about the stories so you can decide if they're worth reading or not...

Bold = actively being updated.

Italics = completed.

Twisted Truth: A pair of twins appear at the Titan Tower on a stormy afternoon. Both are cursed and gifted with powers, and with strange mismatched eyes. The Team instantly takes to Logan, theyounger brother, all but Raven. For she becomes friends with Mirage, a mysterious weak-bodied girl with extroidanary powers. When the Titans begin to change, they must ask themselves many questions to find the cause. They must learn whether or not the problem is another, or themselves. Chapter 5 up

Love can be a Curse: A mystical woman named Psyche casts a spell upon sleeping Titans, making them fall in love - with each other. Yet as their emotions run crazy, they become blind to the fact that they were cursed. For each is cursed with a different type of love-Sincere love, Sorrowful love, Lustful love, Obsessive love, and the love that exists not in heart but in soul. Beast Boy, of all people, is not as affected as the others- for he can see clearly what is happening. Finally he has what he's desired, but will he sacrafice his friends for his love? (This one was deleted for a reason that ISN'T TRUE!)

Love of Light and Shadow: A dragon called Malchior- long ago he had decieved Raven. She had cursed him back into a book, trapping him there for what she thought was eternity. But in a nightmare she learns the dragon is back. Revenge comes in many forms, and suddenly she fears all of them. But what happens when she learns he is not after Raven, but quite the opposite? A cheerful alien girl named Starfire. Can a creature of shadow love? Can such happiness be turned to evil? In all of us there are two sides, and there are times when both are embraced... Chapter 9 up

To Repair A Glass Heart: In an argument with Beast Boy, Raven realizes that the Titans have things they don't like about her, and there are things she doesn't like about them. It seems like the last straw- a fight after she thought she was warming up to them. Raven wants to make them pay, make them treat her differently, make them see how important she is- the cool, collected one. But how far will she go? Far enough to run away into the city on her own? Far enough to meet up with a villain, a thief? Far enough to change herself entirely? There's a red-cloaked four eyed girl in her mind, a part of her she thought she could lock away forever, but its a part of her thats about to be released. DONE!!

Love, Death, and Everything Between: Hermione had always told them that they should follow the Sorting Hat's song and unite as one school, instead of four houses. But Dumbledore's death changed all of that. Tensions grow between the houses and the few students left there in Harry's seventh year. As he struggles to find Horcruxes his fellow students struggle against one another. Then Hermione meets Dania, a quiet Slytherin so different then all the rest. Long black hair and pale skin, she seems more like a flower than anything else and soon she had drawn Harry and Ron closer and they befriend for the first time a Slytherin. It seems that this could be the first step towards inter-house support, but how far will it get? The violet eyes of Dania's are hypnotizing in their beauty and sometimes Harry thinks he could be lost in them forever. Sometimes love hurts. Sometimes its bliss. And sometimes it can kill you.

My Snow White Queen: Based off of Avatar the Last Airbender, its a deeply mental story about Zuko and Katara. Zuko has burning scars within, kept secret from all who know. For the scar isn't the one that so severely disfigures his eye, it is burned onto his heart with a flaming brand. And it seems the only one who can heal that burn is the owner of the blue necklace always clenched in his hand..

DragonFire: A Zuko/OC, yet its not the usual cheesy ones that make you want to barf when people just stick themselves into the show. DragonFire is a wicked thing with an attitude of her own and a severe hatred towards the Fire Kingdom. The interesting thing? She's a Firebender. The story follows her as she strives to do the thing she has given a blood oath to do: Assassinate Prince Zuko. (This may become a bit of a love triangle, though its unlikely..I'll have to see. 0o)

Sun, Moon, and Starlight: Marry Me: Picture this. The world has come out of the war, it has been three years since Zuko and the Avatar overthrew Azula and Ozai, causing them to flee. It has been four years since the day Katara touched the scar on Zuko's face. And that day is coming back to haunt them. To finally bring peace to the lands, Katara and Zuko must face their demons and marry. But when Zuko faces his time of trial, and he is forced to confront his past, and his true feelings for his uncle, tell me this: Will the touch of a Waterbender heal thescars written on a heart? And could anyone overcome fear to find love in the depths of long ago frozen hearts? ZUTARA. Obviously. CHAPTER 5 UP!!

DUN DUN DUN! And by the way, I ALWAYS try to finish stories, even if the ending is absolutly horrid. So no never-ending hangovers! It may take awhile to finish, but it shall be done, I swear. Unless I die. Then it won't.

Thank you to all who reviewed, and if you've read my story I'd love to hear what you have to say! Thank ye all once more! Oh yeah...and feel free to email me, I'd love to hear from ya-whether its about the story or just about absolutely nothing. Vismorgana@

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