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Author has written 16 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh, Inuyasha, Beyblade, and Tokyo Ghoul/東京喰種トーキョーグール.

Updated - March 15

Several years after the incident with the melted tape, and after being fired from his job, the interviewer entered a back-alley pub at late night hour. The weather was rainy and gloomy, and the pub's exterior was rather unkempt. Even the "open" sign has lost the "o". Inside the atmosphere was no better, but at least the counter was clean, most of the candles were lit and except two other shadowy customers in the far side of the room, the place was empty.

The interviewer sat at the most lit-up place of the counter, and was greeted by a black-shirt coated back of the bartender, spelling "Do me a favor" in white gothic letters.

The interviewer cleared his throat once and twice to get the bartender's attention, and indeed, after turning around, was greeted with FAB's purple-framed sunglasses, the constant chiming of FAB's many silver jewelry and the front of the black shirt, bluntly suggesting "Shut up".

"Martini?" said FAB without slightest quivering, and placed a whisky glass on the counter. Few silver and golden rings, black nails with fine silver trimming.

"Aren't they usually served in…" the interviewer mumbled in shock of FAB's sheer appearance after all these years.

"I broke most of them so deal with it." He took the glass without further complaints and took a sip from the oddly shimmering drink. FAB slid a lighter in an ashtray on the counter, just in case, and resumed placing mysterious bottles on the glassy shelves.

For some time, silence was kept. The interviewer contemplated his next step. After awhile, he said carefully "Seems you are not doing very well." Even with the sunglasses, it was evident FAB was wondering what he meant.

"You don't remember me?" inquired the interviewer "The interview on the street few years ago? You were someone back then, heck even I was. But now I'm unemployed, and you, who basked in some kind of dark glory, are pouring drinks not in their matching cups. Congrats." It came out more bitter and accusing then he meant to, maybe the martini was not a martini after all and released some inhibitions in his mind without him even realizing.

FAB thought about it for a long moment, he almost lost hope, and then said "Well, yeah."

When he continued to look thunder-struck, FAB added "But it's not that bad, you know. I've done lots of things, met lots of people, it made me even more confident in my theory of the pointlessness of existence."

The interviewer placed the empty glass on the counter. FAB silently poured more from a shiny green bottle resting nearby. The two other customers stumbled towards the door, holding into each other almost as if they were one person.

"I just wished to show the audience who you were back then, make them understand you better. Was it so hard for you? Was it asking too much?" now he drank and drank the burning liquid without restraint, because damn if FAB wasn't always right.

"Maybe," FAB's voice came out more calm than possible "They don't have to know. I'm no one worth telling about. Drink faster, curfew is nearing, I need to close up."

FAB started pacing and wiping off tables, cutting candles' flames with those black-nailed fingers.

"This isn’t a martini, is it?" the interviewer suggested exhaustingly.

"No, but you swallowed two of them before asking." The finality in FAB's voice made him gulp and search for the money in the growing darkness. He placed an unrecognized bill on the counter hoping it would be enough. On his way out, he tried for the last time:

"Care to tell me how you did the trick with the tape from last time?"

At this point there were only a few candles lit. FAB's form integrated almost completely with the shadowed parts of the pub.

"What are you talking about?" came the nonchalant reply.

"Never mind!" said the interviewer into the opposite direction, and made his run for it.

Several days later he decided to check on it once again. On his way home he strayed to the back alley only to find it empty, no pub and no FAB to be seen.

For past reference

One dark rainy night FlEsH AnD BoNeZ was walking silently down the alley. Clouds were gathered in the sky, and soft rain was landing down on FAB's form. Although it was night and the street was dark, FAB wore sunglasses. FAB was also wearing black pants, and black, long coat that was free at the back like cloak. FAB had black and silver bracelets on the arms and other silver jewels.

The mood was grey and the smell of upcoming ANGST was in the air, smell of rotten metal and gore. FAB was pacing calmly on road to nowhere.

Suddenly, from the near street, walked a man with a microphone and cameraman with a sophisticated camera. They both stopped and stared at the form of FAB trying to cross the street. And then, a scream of excitement was heard through the whole neighborhood:

"FlEsH AnD BoNeZ! Please wait! I have some questions to ask you, wait!"

FAB turned around, the cloak on FAB's body whirling. "What do you want? I am already late!" FAB asked in hoarse voice. The interviewer slid the mic uncomfortably under FAB's nose and signaled the cameraman, who started filming the whole ordeal.

"Tell us about yourself FAB," asked the interviewer, "I think the audience wants to know who is behind your mask."

"I have nothing to tell." said FAB quietly.

"It can't be! For example, tell us how old are you!" the cameraman zoomed into FAB's face. He couldn't film FAB's eyes because they were hidden behind the sunglasses.

"I am as old as the universe." FAB said, looking annoyed "My age is beyond imagination. But I will be 13,000,006 in a couple of months." the cameraman clicked on the camera and rewind the film inside. Then he zoomed again into FAB.

"Maybe you can tell us about your family?" asked the interviewer.

"I have one almost brother." answered FAB shortly.

"Well, where is he currently?"

"He is in jail in Siberia." answered FAB calmly "I haven't seen him for almost three years now. But he is cool, I really miss him."

"Why is he in jail?" wondered the cameraman.

FAB looked away from the camera, and into the darkened sky "I can't tell you that. Stop being so nosy, and don’t play with the focus of the damn camera. It drives me insane!" the cameraman immediately left the zoom button "They say my brother is a criminal! A criminal, you hear? But he isn't! He is innocent, I'm telling you! But they wouldn't listen!" FAB said "But it is alright. He is there for a long time." evil smile crawled across FAB's face.

The interviewer gulped, but regained confidence as he saw FAB was about to leave. "Only few more questions," he said "Tell us about your hobbies, what are you doing in your spare time?"

FAB looked bored. "Nothing special. Writing FICs. Singing for the band. Doing homework so that damned school of theirs won’t get mad at me. They've already threatened to expel me if I don’t study and act like I'm normal."

"And now some questions about things you like," said the interviewer, as the cameraman filmed FAB's attempts to get away. "Ok, shoot!" FAB said bluntly.

"Favorite color?" asked the interviewer. "Dunno," replied FAB "Like them all except pink, green, yellow and white. What else?"

"Favorite food?"

"I don’t have to eat. Hurry up, I need to go!" roared FAB.

"A quote?"

"Get them for the distortion!" said FAB. "Who said that?" inquired the interviewer.

"I said, OK for you?"

"Are you dating?" asked the interviewer in one short breath.

"Go to HELL." answered FAB without bothering, and started walking away.

"But FlEsH AnD BoNeZ, we haven't done yet, I want to ask you whether you…" both the cameraman and the interviewer ran after FAB, but when they turned the alley FAB passed they saw nothing. FAB disappeared, just like the drops of the rain on dried glasses of grey windows.

When the interviewer and the cameraman brought the film for edition in their studio, they discovered it has melted and nothing was recorded.

The snow falls down on the road

I follow my own lines of empty thoughts

And when I'm heading down the flame

ANGST burns in my blind eyes again


The voices are screaming

My faith drowns in the shadows

Thousand candles wouldn't light

The Darkness of my life

Don’t forget AniManGa is the answer (By FlEsH AnD BoNeZ)

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