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As I've become an active writer, I thought it might be best to change my profile!

So, alittle about me then,

Real Name - Danielle, or Danni, or smell as my best mate likes to call me, and no it isn't cus i smell its cus of the last 4 letters in my name.

Pen names on other sites - sunkissedsweety, EbonyoftheNight, Dana (think thats it)

Age - 18

Sex - Female ((just to state the obvious))

Home - Birmingha, England

Hobbies - Playing Piano, Reading, Writing, Socialising, Swimming, Going Abroardand thats about it (( Pretty normal, boring life really, lol))

Favorite Books/Authors - All Harry Pooter Books, All Anita Blake Books and All Merry Gentry series, bothby Laurell K Hamilton, Karin Slaughter's series, Mark Billingham's Sereis, The Dark Series by Christing Feehan, John Sanford Mortal Prey, Thomas Herrison's Series Red Dragon, Silence of the Lambs and Hannable, The Silver Wolf and The Wolf King by Alice Broarchardt and I think thats it!

Favorite Quotes; " Eagles my sore hight, but weasles don't get stuck in jet engines" "There is no 'I' in team, but theres a 'ME' if you look hard enough" "If your gonna be late, be late, not just 2 minutes, make it an hour and enjoy your breakfast" "Fiddle Sticks" "I know you are, but what am I" ((lol, that one is great and still usefull!)), and my favorite; "ther fk up fairy has taken a personal interest in my life!"

I never know what to put on these things, whether I'm saying too much or not enough, oh well!

I have written 5 Anita Blake fanfictions and I am on my first Harry Potter fanfiction, which I am so happy as its done so well! Ihave got 16 reviews over 4 chapters! How great! Lol, simple things amuse simple minds lol. I started to write an original story, but I lost interest. You know when your writing, and you know your going to get the the really interesting bit that you planned and couldn't wait to start writing? Well, I couldn't get past the second chapter! so I've just left it and I'll see if I can go back to it.

I am very oppinionated, im so bad, I have an opinion about everything, it drives my friends and family crazy!

So that is a little in the life of my amusing life!

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