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Hey, ya'll! Konnichiwa!

I'm new around here, but began writing fics in the beginning of 2004. It was an AAML one... That's right! Ash and Misty! One of the sweetest couples of all time! Anyway, that's just to show you that I probably will onlywrite shippy fics. In other words, fics that revolve around a certaincouple (in my case, only of manga and anime).

Some of you may know me from the Serebii.net forums... (I used to be WaterBlaster there, too. My nickname was WB.) I used to hang out a lot there last year, but then just kinda drifted apart from it. Too bad... I miss it there, but... shrugs Well, I recommend that place to anyone who needs a good friend to talk to... I met plenty! (Of course, I also met some bubbleheads who simply could not have an open mind about certain subjects... sighs Go figure...) Anyway, here's my bio! Please stick around and read my ficcies! I'm sorta new, so don't be too harsh!

Nacionality: Brazilian

Likes (no particular order): Food (especially sweets and chocolates... If you mix 'em together, even better! lol), anime, manga, shippings (cuties, ne?), Disney animated movies (theyhave been slacking off a bit lately, buttheir classics are unbeatable!), Disney/anime soundtrack, languages (I'm studdying japanese, german and spanish at the moment. Currently, I'm really bad with all of them... But I guess the intention is what counts here, right?), family (pets go in this category, ok_), friends and some other things... I can't think ofeverything I like, right? sweatdrops

Dislikes (no particular order): People with foul temper, people who are snobbish, liars... Well, you see my point, right?

Favorite Animes (no particular order): Pokémon (first 3 seasons are my favorites; 4th and 5th seasons are okay; 6th and beyond are very boring, in my opinion...); Sailor Moon; CardCaptor Sakura; Super Pig (lol I miss it, though... snif, snif); InuYasha; Corrector Yui; YuYu Hakusho; Shaman King; Evangelion; Love Hina; Ah! My Goddess!.

Favorite Mangas (no particular order): Pokémon - Dengeki Pikachu (Okay, so it's in japanese and I can't really understand what's going on... I love the artwork_); Peach Girl; Video Girl Ai; I"s; Sailoe Moon; CardCaptor Sakura; Codename wa Sailor V; Evangelion. (Confidential Confessions and Chobits will probably make it to the list. I just have to read 'em first! lol)

Favorite Shippings (no particular order): Ash Misty (Pokémon); InuYasha Kagome (InuYasha);Miroku Sango (InuYasha); Kairi Momo (Peach Girl); Toji Momo (Peach Girl... again... lol I can't make up my mind! sweatdrops); Yoh Anna (Shaman King); Yusuke Keiko (YuYu Hakusho); Moteuchi Nobuko (Video Girl Ai); Taka Miaka(Fushigi Yuugi).

Arigotou gozaimasu for reading this! Keep on reading! points down at list of fanfics! I hope you enjoy! I'd love it if you could review my chapters... But if you can't or don't want to, that's fine. Just enjoy! That'll be enough!

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