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Author has written 11 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh, and Invader Zim.

Update: 1/18/13

*It was a night like any other. In the house sat a small orange cat. He hummed to himself pleasently as he updated his twitter, smirking ever so slightly as he clicked 'Send.' Just then, the door explodes off its hinges and light as bright as day pools into the dark and dingy room. The little cat screams as the light burns his eyes. The figure standing in the doorway doesn't seem bothered by the brightness, her eyes glinting behing her glasses. Her face is partically lit by the cigar grasped firmly in her teeth, the ember brightening as she inhales and pulls it from her lips. Smoke pools out as she opens her mouth and says-*

Torna:If you say "YOLO", I swear to God I will tear off your legs and beat you with them.

Tapan:... Capre Diem... *mumbles* YOLO for smart people.

Jhkitty: Why aren't you dead?!

Tapan: *narrows eyes* A true to life gangstah never dies... And because Loki'd.

Jhkitty: ... How do you function??

Tapan: Not well, Jhonen. Not well.

*clears throat* Enough of that. I'm here to make a note to anyone still following these stories! Obviously, there hasn't been an update here in a... very long time. BUT! It has been brought to my attention that there may be a few people who still follow a fic here. I would like to know who wants it (or them) continued. You can message me here, Deviant Art, or Tumblr (Tumblr is the best way to contact me).

On Tumblr, you can also get a view on other things I've been working on and make some writing requests from me. If I get people telling me to continue, I will continue it. If not, then I will put it up for adoption and tell the new writer where I was planning on heading with it. So here you go!


That will be all! Until next time

-Jaylynn (AKA: Tapan)

Characters she created: Jay ( Hybrid) Gim (New World, NewRules) Tam and Deb (New World, New Rules) Red and Blue (The World of Black and White)

Couples supported:

Invader Zim:

Red/Purple (RAPR)
Zim/Dib (ZADR)
Gaz/Tak (GATR)



Shuichi/ Yuki (duh)

Azumanga Daioh:




(yeah, all Slash! it's great and you know it X3)

Looking for/ in need of: one of two things. number one, and i thing the more important of the two: a beta! if you can't tell by my fics, i'm not exactly gonna win a spelling bee any time soon . and two, i'm looking for someone who'd like to write something with me (a co-author, in other words) if anyone's interested of one of these, just e-mail/review/jump up and down/ do something to get my attention.


Name: Torna

Nicknames: Torn, grumpy pants from the other side of space

Age: older than you!

Sex: female

Discription: pale skin, long blue hair with silver highlights, green eyes. usually wears a skin tight jump suit.

Likes: to be alone, italian food, sleeping, Tapan (even though she won't admit it!)

Dislikes: Jhkitty, being bugged, the movie Spaceballs

Origin: Tapan's overactive imagination. the idea of Torna has been with Tapan for years (almost thirteen) and eventually, she took a job as being the muse for her. looking at all the stuff where she appears, Torna is most of the time used as a goddess in Tapan's stories. these fanfics are some of her...bitchier moments

Name: Jhonen

Nicknames: Jhkitty, cute fluffy kitten of DOOM!

Age: 31 (in human years: b-day Sept. 1)

Sex: male

Discription: think of Jhonen in the form of a cat. tends to wear a cute little trench coat, glasses and a black shirt (no pants!)

Likes: the time he use to be human, bagels, drawing

Dislikes: Tapan, Torna, slashing of his characters

Origin: well...when two people love each other very much... seriously though, after trying to destroy Tapan and her writing of slash, Torna (torna: it wasn't my fault!) found something in the artist's pocket and turned her into a cat. no one really knows why he stays with the two, he obviously hates them so much.

Stories! (in order created)

The World of Black and White- (Yu-Gi-Oh!) NOT DEAD! on hold due to a masive writer's block. if you have ANY ideas, just tell me in a review or email me.

New world, new rules- (Invader Zim)COMPLETE! I liked working on that story. I found some typos and stuff and it might be cleaned up. I'd also like to say that this is a fic that refuses to die in my head. I'm gonna write more side stories for it (plus that lemon i've been neglecting)

Sanctuary Earth- (Invader Zim) work in progress, and I'm liking the way it's turning out. it's on the backburner at the moment.

NWNR side story- (invader Zim) all of them will be one-shots.

Hybrid- (Invader Zim) Sequel to New world, New rules. working on it now. it's alright but I personally think it doesn't measure up to the first story. but then again, a lot of sequels don't! it's basically on the backburner for a little while.

No Experience Necessary-(Invader Zim) an idea that came to me after seeing a few rather...odd pictures. highest rating I've done for a fic in a while. Currently, this story has all of my attention. LEMONY VERSION: not for childern, kiddies!

Chapter 7 of NEN:

Just a Change of Pace- this story hasn't really had an update in a while, but I'll get back to it after No Experience Necessary is done.

Questions some may have:

Why are all your stories "open to flames"? To help me grow in my writing. If what someone says is true, I'll go back and look it over. if not, then i get a good laugh out of it. plus it seems to be protecting my stories more than saying "please don't flame." it's odd

Is evey fanfic you write slash? most of them are. I don't know many straight couplings that have caught my interest. although, for a while, I would read ZAGR, but then I found Dib to be more appealing with Zim than Gaz. If you find any fanfic of mine with a sraight coupling, than you found yourself a rare gem

why have updates been so slow lately? I've been busy with stuff. mostly for college. what sucks though is, now that summer's almost over, I have more ideas than I did when I actually had more free time!

Quotes from Deserving Fanfics:

..."I held him close and knew that if this was a sin, if I truly must fall from grace, there was no one I'd rather fall with." -My Sin by Vixie

...“Ah.. Zim? What are you doing?” Dib asked warily.

“Well first I’m going to throw you on the couch…” Zim said. “And then I plan on taking advantage of you.” Zim smiled widely. Before Dib had time to protest Zim threw him on the floor. “Oops, I missed!” He smiled widely and dove on the Dib. -Boy Band of Doom by Masochist89

..."You get down on your knees. I'm dominating you. I own you, Edgar. Your actions are mine, ordained by my logic. I control your emotion. I control your thought. You're below me. You've always been below me and if you've ever had the balls to fight for yourself or your dignity, get up. Make these bindings disappear and believe in yourself. Find your god damnspine." -Scriabin: Vargas by Zarla

..."Don't think I'm too stupid to know what it did to you, Dib. I see it every day in your eyes." -Zim: Dead Screams by Niko


- a piture Sora-Mito made for me! it's Tam and Deb from NWNR! and while you're there, check out the rest of her art, this girl is a truly awesome artist!

Tapan: well, that's all i got for now! challenge me too, if you want! i never back down from a challenge.

Questions? Comments? Just wanna talk to Tapan? Here's some things you can do:

AIM: Tapangowa86

MSN: Tapangowa86@msn.com


leave a message at one of those things. I'm almost always DA and AIM and I love meeting new people. I also love feedback :P

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