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Author has written 6 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh, Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, and Avatar: Last Airbender.

6/11/18: I know, it's been ages since I updated anything on this account. I got unintentionally sucked into a project in another fandom back at the end of 2015, and what started out in my mind as simply taking a short break to do something a little experimental turned into a full-blown massive project of its own, and from there I got sucked into another fandom, with more accompanying projects.

Those projects are still ongoing, so my work on my writing here has been sporadic at best, but they're far from abandoned. I plan to get back around to these stories in earnest when time and inspiration allow.

On that note, I do have an announcement, in spite of how unwelcome it may be—one of the fandoms that got me distracted was Avatar: The Last Airbender (I know, I'm a bit late to the party), and there's a story I wrote the initial draft for a couple years back that I plan to post, either over the summer or possibly this fall. (I wanted to put it up as soon as I could since it is a little time-sensitive, given that the Avatar series is still technically ongoing with the comics.) However, considering how long it's been since I've updated any of my main stories, I decided it was only fair I post a new chapter on each of my main projects at least once first. The chapter for Emissary of Darkness should be up, and I plan to put up the new chapter for Noble Heart before too long, once I get it looked over again.

To anyone out there who was following these stories back before, I apologize for the unexplained wait (my update gaps have usually been so wide anyway that by the time I realized I'd been completely and totally distracted for over two years, it didn't seem like it made sense to put them on official hiatus), but they are still on my agenda to get done. To anyone who might still be lurking, thank you so much for your patience, and hope to get back into things at some point.

7/19/12: So, I went ahead and posted the prologue, at last. It's kind of nerve-wracking after working on this story for all this time, but definitely exciting at the same time. (Haha, I've finally forced myself to get started instead of hanging back and endlessly going over drafts, lol.) I definitely feel like my writing has gone up a level in terms of plot planning (and actually writing scenes that tie into the over-arcing plot in a way that makes sense) from Emissary of Darkness, where a lot of times I felt like the precise purpose of particular scenes I was writing got confused, because I wasn't entirely decided myself what the main theme of the story was.

I'm also close now to finishing the final chapter of the TTP parallel, so it should be up before long. I think it just needs one more read through. It'll be my first time to complete a long fanfiction I've started, haha, so that's worth celebrating.

2/28/12: Not that anyone probably visits this bio very often (if at all), but just in case, I have a bit of an announcement to make concerning 'The Other Paradox.' After some thought, I've decided to consider changing up the game plan I laid out for myself at the beginning of posting shorter chapters at a fairly rapid pace (that is, every week to a week and a half or less). I did that as a kind of experiment to see whether a story might be more successful with an 'Apple' sort of mentality (Apple comes out with new products every few years, so as to keep in the public eye), keeping the fanfiction moving and active. I think now maybe that might not have been the best way of going about it; there have been several sections that I think I've bored a lot of you, that might have been easier to take if I had put it out there in one block rather than small bites. (Although part of it could just be my inexperienced writing ')

So I've decided, as a second experiment, to combine chapters 28 and 29, and give you a 5,000-ish word chapter rather than separate 2,000 and 3,000 ones, though of course taking longer to get it ready. I've also looked at rough drafts of later chapters, and noted which ones could also be combined if many of you decide you prefer this way.

I am thinking three weeks to a month per chapter if I decide after this to continue with this route of 'longer, but slower'. That will give me enough chance to find blocks of time to work on them, and for you guys to read them, as I know with too fast of updates (especially when the chapters are long) it's easy to fall behind and feel a little daunted. Expect the next chapter sometime after March 16, and I hope you'll tell me whether you prefer this system or not. In any case, we're all getting a break, so now's a chance to breathe, and catch up if you need to.

Oh! Also, I'm working on rewriting chapters 1 and 2, since the originals were kind of... meh. I'll mention it in a chapter update whenever I get them finished and posted, which some of you might be interested in looking at (even if you don't want to reread the whole thing, lol), since they are quite a bit different. Basically I'm presenting the same ideas, but trying to find a more effective way to do it.

9/18/11: I decided to post the new story I've been working on since January a little early (I was going to wait until Fall Break), but figured it was probably as good as it was ever going to get, so there wasn't much point in waiting. And since I really want to finish posting on it before the last AF book comes out next summer (oh no, this sounds disturbingly familiar (; ), I figured I better get started. But it's been so long since I've posted anything new, I feel strangely terrified.


Below are some links to fanart related to the fanfictions I've written. For mine, the quality varies A LOT, mainly because my style and skill-level has changed quite a bit over such a long period, and my strategies for making a work often change. (Oh and btw, and I want to open this up to anyone who would want to do/has done fanart for any of the fics; so long as it isn't trying to sell anything, and isn't inappropriate such as containing sexual content/anything that would make it above the rating of the fic, just tell me about it and I'll link to it from here. :D It's so exciting when someone likes your story enough to want to do artwork for it, thank you so very much!)

Note September 2015: For some reason, the links don't seem to be working. (I doublechecked the links and they appear correct when I go to edit them, but it seems when you click on them, it just brings you back to this page.) It will look a bit messy, but I will leave them as they are for now in case this is a bug on ffnet, and it will be fixed sometime in future. If not, eventually I will probably have to change this page. For now, I'll just provide links that can be copied and pasted into the url bar, and items in brackets changed. (Ie, [dot] should be changed to a period, and [colon] changed to a colon.) Sorry for the inconvenience!

Note again, October 2015: I looked it up, and it seems ffnet has banned links to most sites except those that are whitelisted. (Facebook, Twitter, ec.) So to clean up my profile a bit, I cut everything down to just a few links.

Emissary of Darkness:
An assortment of EoD-related fanart:

- Chapter 21: Yami and Yami Bakura battling

- Bakura as a Slytherin

- 7/12/10: Technically not from any chapter, just an ordinary Ryou/Ishizu pic I figured I'd put up here anyway (note: does not specifically happen in the fic) http[colon]//axxonu.deviantart[period]com/art/would-never-happen-171024148

The Other Paradox:
- The Merchandise (scene from chapter 15)

- Malachy Pasteur (from chapter 28)

- I like you, I love you (portrait of Holly's inner angst ;j)

Noble Heart:
An assortment of NH-related fanart:

Oh, and if you like to talk Artemis Fowl, here's a forum I like to haunt:


It's been a bit slow since the excitement following the release of TLG died down, so we could use some more people. (Though since the movie's coming out in 2019 and Colfer announced two new twins-based books coming out, first one in 2020, maybe things will pick up a bit.) I also have some more unfinished AF-fanart (not on deviantArt) up there and even an old, old version of The Other Paradox, though you would definitely have to dig to find it.

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