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I'm Elora. Why this name? I don't know, I've liked it since I was a little girl. It has 2 meanings: free/pure/virtuous in Arabic, and light in Greek.

About me:

23 (30 August 1983)

Student in languages ( English and Spanish), and business at University, guess what is my country!

Currently living in Edinburgh! Yes, I'm finally here, for my exchange year! Now I want to visit Scotland!

My favourite proverb: 'Appearences can be deceptive'.

A line I'll never forget: 'So it is life: a few joys, quickly erased by inforgettable grieves. You don't have to tell the children.' ('The Castle of my Mother', a movie from the book written by Marcel Pagnol).

I love a lot of sagas: Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Narnia, His Dark Materials (can't wait to see it in movies), Ewilan, and above all Harry Potter, The only one I can write about.

I love was is weird (stories, people), as long as it is in the respect of the others.

My favourite actors are Viggo Mortensen, Ewan MacGregor, and Johnny Depp, my favourite actress is Natalie Portman, and my favourites directors are Steven Spielberg and Tim Burton. And yes, I love the cinema.

If I could choose where to live, it would be Canada or Scotland. I love travels, I'm not afraid to change my habits to know better the inhabitants of the places I'm visiting.

I hate jealousy, intolerance, people who think they are above everything.

If you happen to see some mistakes in my fics don't be shy and correct me, my English needs improvement.

I really, really hope you'll like my stories, and I'll really love that if you would review them.

Luv you.


Hey guys!

I'm glad to see how much people read Let's have some fun, I wrote it as a joke, and apparently, you like it. I hope you will be as enthousiast with my other stories.

About more serious topics, I just finished to read HBP, sodon't await updates right now, I'm always thinking about it, so I can't write about other things. This books is absolutly amazing! (Though a bit depressing! I' ll miss ...). To those who still hadn't read or finished it... good reading! and good luck! As for me, I can't wait the release of the 7th!

See you!


Hello again!

Sorry I didn't update like I said, but my computer broke down, then I went on hollidays. Besides, school starts back in two days. But don't worry, I'll update soon, probably Let's have some fun first (already a month! Can't believe how fast time goes!)

And by the way, I would be really delighted if some of you decided to review (at least) No one messes with her! Thanks to you!



Hello there!

Just some news from me. I will be late in updating My Lost Twin. Don't worry, just a few days, but I didn't find time to wrote it before. Also, after I'll post, don't expect updates before Christmas hollidays, because I'll be busy in my exams ( My teachers gave me a lot to learn, mark my word!).

By the way, if some of you came from harrypotterfanfiction, I'm sorry, Let's have some fun has been deleted, so if you want to read it, welcome here!

Happy reading everyone, and see you soon!




Well, that's me again! I have just finished my second year,I have succeedmy exams (phew!). I've just started to work in a restaurant for the summer, until september when I go abroad.

I hope I'll be able to update more often,but don't worry, I'll post a chapterfor each story before July.

Bobye, and enjoy!



Something new today! I've just finished The Last Battle, Narnia of course, and I had the idea of astory about the life of Susan after the train accident. I hope my faithful readers of Harry Potter will take a look at it, and the others: Welcome in my head! Review it please, I need your advice.

About Harry Potter, you definitely prefer My Lost Twin, and Let's Have Some Fun. That's cool, and thank you for reading them.But could you leave some reviews as you read it? That would be really nice.

As for the other fics, less people seem interested in them, but I'll keep on updating them, don't worry.

Well, bye, and see you soon!



Ok to be short, I know I haven't been really productive this year, what with all the places I went to visit and of course school! But don't worry, updates are coming soon!

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