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Hello, I am Megaraptor...

Hello,, and I'm Megaraptor Scribe. I used to simply be known as "Megaraptor," but... well, I guess I just wanted to make a fresh start.

Anyway, now I'd like to turn my focus over to something that I hope to make a regular deal... the "Mega Sez" article.

Mega Sez
The Death of the Action Fan-Fic

I think we all know what most fan-fics are about these days. I'm not exactly innocent, as I myself have done it myself. But simply put, almost all fan-fics on today are romance fics.

Me, I can't help but feel a little bit disappointed by this. I mean, what happened to truly epic storylines? These days, even stories that do have adventure in them are done as a backdrop to voyages of self discovery that finally bring twopeople together.

Now, this works for some series, and there's truthfully nothing wrong with that, deep down. The real problem is the sheer MULTITUDE of them, and the rather obvious absence of stories that put the adventure at the forefront. Look at Digimon... for a series that created so many different kinds of "shippers," any romance that was involved was downplayed in favor of the overall storyarc. The couple that got laid on most heavily was J.P./Zoe, and even that was secondary to the mystery of Lucemon, the threat of the Royal Knights, and each character's non-romantic voyage of self discovery that led to them coming into their own as characters. It wasn't J.P.'s love that made him a hero, it was his desire to protect those around him and his sheer desire to improve himself. Takato tried to save Jeri in Tamers, but at the same time, he also grew beyond the meek boy he once was, who could only daydream - he became a warrior, and a hero, and even though Megidramon was the result over the death of Jeri's partner, it was his own desire not to give up on Guilmon and not to give into shame that allowed him to become Gallantmon.

That's all I really have to say this time, really. Romance is good, but it seems as if the fandom itself is stuck in a collective rut. There's ways to be epic, and there's ways to have characters grow... and it can be done with a burst of strength and inspiration, not just a kiss.

Megaraptor Scribe

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