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Author has written 19 stories for X-Men: Evolution, X-Men, Gargoyles, Game of Thrones, A song of Ice and Fire, and Dragon Ball Z.

I have trouble finishing my stories. From now on, I'll only post what I've finished on the home computer, but that doesn't mean I won't rewrite or edit in some extra stuff from reviews, so please do! (Of course, I'm finding out there are exceptions to this rule... i.e. challenge fics. And I am also an unintentional hypocrite. Sorry...)

I'm a redhead, and I like to smile, hence my pen name. :)

Update: I chose the pen name before I ever heard of "A Song of Ice and Fire", but now that I have a few written for that series, my pen name is more appropriate then it was before, no? However, I am not a cutthroat!! :p

Tips for Summary Writing (to use or ignore, I hope I'm not being too pretentious)

1) If at all possible, avoid the phrase "what if...". State the facts as they are for the fic, and go from there.

2) Save any and all non-story bits (except warnings) for the author's note inside chapter one, NOT IN THE SUMMARY! To include:

-"Please read and review" (we all want this, does stating this make it more likely to happen than for others? If it must be written, better in the chapter after a reader has committed to opening it.)

-"First story" (I don't feel this is necessary for the summary, that it would be better placed in an AN [author's note])

-"I suck at summaries" (No one is perfect. We're all amateur writers, this is fan fiction, not pro fiction. Sometimes, it helps to draft a few summaries before posting the first chapter. ALSO: the summary can be edited and changed even after the story has started. It's not written in stone yet, so don't be too afraid of posting , because you can always change things around. If applicable, ask the beta reader for some suggestions, or even the readers after two or three chapters.)

-"Don't like, don't read" (Defending by attacking is a little... much, I believe. One should assume that stating what characters are in a relationship or what taboo is being written about in the summary should be enough to deter readers that would be offended. If not, and they read and review, tell them politely to refer to the summary, and say no more. Heated opinions will not be changed or appeased in mean spirited private messaging and they should be avoided by NOT enabling them. And to start that by NOT saying the above phrase.)

3) "M" and "T" are, unfortunately, not enough to cover the fact that a story is adult or mature and is in of itself a warning. Though the following might give the story away, it is better to warn those who might have certain triggers. Little one-word phrases at the end of the summary might be beneficial to those looking out for such: "non-consensual"; "miscarriage"; "underage"; "main character death"; "lots of sex"; "sad ending", and so on...

alternatively, one could place these warnings at the top of appropriate chapters instead of in the summary, but I give this a "writer's choice" in where to type them.

(Copy and paste if you agree / found the tips helpful. PM [private message] me if you have more ideas or a respectful disagreement.)

A rant on acronyms:

I find them hilariously frustrating. What a contradictory feeling, right? At work, a new acronym came into existence, "PWP", which means "Performance Work Plan"... or close enough to that. Of course, here in the world of fan fiction, it means something a LOT more dirty, "porn without plot", or close enough. I get confused as to if it's the other way around, or "with" instead of "without". Part of the frustrations, you know? Of course, it makes the acronym at work that much more silly, and that much harder to keep a straight face.

I have to put up with capitalized letters standing for some standardized wording at work, but for writing, I will attempt to write out all words. In honor of my past when I had NO idea what ANY of them meant at first, and because, frankly, I still get annoyed when I run into a completely new one and don't know what the hey it means. Especially when the author is referencing their own stories. At least write it out fully once in a paragraph before going all letters on the reader. Who may or may not have read all the stories. Please. I can't be the only one turned off by it, am I?

I try to limit myself to obvious "LOL"s (laugh out loud) in reviews and a few other acronyms here and there; but by and large, I will spell it all out.

End of ridiculous rant. Sorry.

X-MEN News:

If anyone is still reading those :/ ... the unfinished works are up for adoption. Let me know so I can properly annotate that in the summary and what-not.

Dragonball Z News:

Trunks' Mother has two more chapters. The penultimate chapter is halfway written and needs fleshing out and editing. The last chapter has (finally) been realized in my brain, but has yet to be written. It will be a bittersweet ending. Sad, but hopeful for the future.

A Song of Ice and Fire News:

The Long Road is the one closest to being finished. ONE more chapter; the final chapter has only just been realized and needs to be put to paper (electrons?). It will be a happy ending.

The Shield is never far from my mind. It is on an unintentional hiatus for the moment. I can only blame the fact that I don't know how the "real" story ends, so I have nothing to compare to, since this story, more than my other ASOIAF stories, pulls from events in the books to reflect and switch up. What's next ?!?! *glares at George RR Martin*

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The Long Road reviews
Sandor has a drinking problem. A problem with drinking blood. Too bad there's no Blood Suckers Anonymous for him to attend. The good news? Sansa. Dark, gorey, some character deaths, vampires, failed rape attempts. Same incident as my "Sweetest Kill" story, with happier results. No, you do not have to read that first, it is more graphic then this one.
A song of Ice and Fire - Rated: M - English - Horror/Romance - Chapters: 8 - Words: 16,525 - Reviews: 21 - Favs: 14 - Follows: 24 - Updated: 5/7 - Published: 1/9/2014 - Sandor C., Sansa S.
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Horror, rape, angst, sad ending, you have been warned! The vampire, Sandor, saves a girl from rape, and then proceeds to desire her for himself. Guilt follows. Everyone dies, but at least Joffrey is first to go. :) HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
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