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I'm not that much of a particularly interesting person. I just like to write and read, and I'm obviously a hopeless romantic (although I'd never admit it aloud to any of my friends). I don't update periodically, more like very sporadically, so I'm sorry if it takes me awhile. I write when I'm inspired, and sometimes I'll only write a paragraph or a few sentences. I do love reviews, as they motivate me and hate it when anonymous reviewers flame me (if you're going to criticize, at least be brave enough to leave an email or something, so I can ask why, and how I could fix it). So yea. Not much to say. Plenty to write. Yep. :)

Btw, if you're wondering "why Sailor Moon? that's so middle school!" it's because... Serena and Darien (or Usagi and Mamoru, if you prefer) make such a hot couple! Hahaha I mean really! Don't you agree? It's as simple as that. ;)


Return in Kind is an obvious WIP... I haven't even started the second chapter yet... (sorry!). I mainly only work on Crescendo, as well as a few other stories that are just floating around in my head. Ch. 7 of Crescendo is HALF finished... But I do really like where it's going. So I hope you'll be happy with it when I do update. Sorry that it takes me so long. I honestly do work on it everyday... But sometimes I only write a single paragraph. Yea. I'm slow. Sorry. :( . Haha. Anyways, I seem to be picking up some speed, so hopefully... Soon! ;)


It's really quite amazing how much you can write when inspired. For example, sometimes chapters take me about, oh say THREE MONTHS. But I wrote Once Upon a Hundredfold in probably like... 2 days. Amazing huh?


Yea... So it's been awhile. Heh. Sorry :). But it's break now... so I figured I should update something... So hopefully I will soon. As for my two shorter stories (Return in Kind and Once Upon a Hundredfold), I've decided instead of struggling over updating either one, I'm going to combine the two into one slightly different, but still the same-ish story. That way I'm more likely to update, and I'll have more ideas to fuel into one, rather than two, stories. And don't worry! Crescendo is still ongoing... Even though it's moving slow. :) . So please! Be patient with me! And don't forget... Reviews tend to whip me into action faster ;) .


Wow. It's really been awhile this time. This pattern is rather ridiculous (1 month, 3 months, 5 months...) Haha. No but really, I'm REALLY REALLY REALLY sorry its taking me so long to update. It's not even writer's block or anything; on the contrary, I have SO much new stuff I want to write (Crescendo is undergoing a MAJOR rewrite) but I don't have time at all to write :( . Amidst all of my midterms, finals, and papers, it's just been near impossible to just write for more than a few minutes at a time whenever I can afford to. I promise I'm doing my best, and I have started on new chapters, but until school ends (mid-june), it may just be awhile. But all the recent reviews have genuinely encouraged me a lot. I really appreciate everyone's support, and please, don't think I've abandon you!! Because I haven't!! Just think of it as a... minor roadblock. Which I will crush in due time :) Count on it!!


Yeah yeah, I know. I suck at updating and everyone hates me. But I do try my best! And I'm pretty sure I'm almost done with new chapters for RiK and Once Upon. I think. hahaha. But here it is, a new chapter for Crescendo, and evidence that I'm alive and well! Just busy, as usual. And trying my best to overcome writer's block. I've also decided that Crescendo will probably be around 15-20 chapters, max. So hopefully I'll reach that goal soon! Thanks for for sticking around as long as you guys have. :) Love ya!

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