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19/2/08 - The first bit of Aurora is up, check it out! For those interested, the new Spyder soldiers along as always but I'm not sure when it will appear online. Still, there's always that 'author alert' option, eh? lol

12/2/08 - Just a quick update, Aurora has taken on something of a life of it's own recently and my notes and ideas for it have just grown and grown. Shouldn't be long before I feel that this is ready to be uploaded, so I'm doing my best to stick to the plan of posting something this month. Wish me luck!

21/1/08 - Made progress with the new Spyder, and the first chapter is complete. I'm most likely going to wait until a few more are done before uploading it, but I'm much happier with it in comparison to the original. It's also about three times as long and different in just about every way...

Also, so that I don't get bored of one storyline I have another fic in the works. It's the same one I mentioned way back titled 'Aurora', and this one explores some very different topics from Spyder. If you think magic, technology, and knights in armour are cool, then you should get a kick out of it. Odds are you will see the first part of this before the new Spyder is up...

12/1/08 - Right, so, Spyder... the story that I promised to finish ages ago. Not a very good thing of me to do, eh? Honestly, Spyder is a 'to do' project that's been kicking around in my mind ever since chapter 13 was posted up way back in March '06, so it's never been forgotten. But, as I've grown my tastes have changed, and Spyder was rapidly becoming something I didn't like. Looking back, almost two years since chapter 13, I see so many things that just don't suit what I like anymore... and I just can't write a story I don't like.

So, here's the kicker. I'm sorry to all you folks who have posted reviews and sent me e-mails asking me to get in gear and write something, but there will not be a chapter 14 of Spyder. I know I promised, and I hate myself for letting you down like this, but in all honesty I don't think I could produce something that would not only satisfy me, but anyone else either. What's the point if you're heart is not in it?You'd only get mad at me because I threw fanfic-mud at you, hoping it'd make someone happy.

However! This does not mean it's the end, no, on the contrary! My tastes might have changed, but wait- I'm the author! I can change the story too, so, why not?

So the reason there will be no chapter 14 forthcoming is because I'm currently busy re-writing the whole thing, from the ground up. It's a complete overhaul- none of the text is copy-pasted, none of the dialogue is re-used, everything is new. The only simularities to the old story will be the general plot, but again even that will have major differences.

Anyway, it's a big step, and I am curious to how people will take it. If you have any questions or ideas you'd like to contribute, send me an e-mail... That is, of course, if anyone actually visits my profile at all and this doesn't fly completely under the radar, lol. Still, I'm making good progress on the new fic, and have an aim to be able to show a good chunk of it sometime in February 2008. With any luck, I'll manage it too.

But no promises, mainly because I don't think anyone will take one from me seriously anyway... lol

11/1/08 Well! It's sure been a while since I posted here, and sadly I don't have much time right now to give anything substantial but please look for more tommorow. The news is, Spyder is finally being worked on again. I don't know how people will take to what I'm doing to it because it might not be what you expect, but we'll see when the time comes to upload it. Anyway, I'll post some more info about that later!

13/6/06 - Chapter 14 of Spyder is work in progress. It should be rounding up in two or so chapters; once it's finished, I aim to post the first part of a new project titled 'Aurora', which will once again be a story of Tails.

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