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Author has written 3 stories for Law and Order: CI, Dragon Age, Master and Commander, and Georgette Heyer novels.

* Updated 12/12/11 *

I'm still here! I've written myself into a hole on Salvage, so I'm going to wait until the semester is over so that I can boot up Awakenings and remember where I was going. Fortunately, the semester ends (for me) on Wednesday. Unfortunately, I have three papers due and a test that day. Then one paper due on Friday, which I am not even going to worry about yet (maybe Thursday morning!) I also have a KOTOR 2 story that I'm working on getting into the beta-stage. That may or may not be posted, depending on how that's received.

Consider yourselves updated!

*Most Unusual Lady (active)

a Master and Commander/Georgette Heyer crossover. Main characters are Jack Aubrey's daughter and Dominic Alistair's son.

-> Sneak Peek: Charlotte has more than one reason for coming to London. Note that Stephen Maturin is her godfather and we all know what his secondary line of work is.

-> Thoughts: I think the time period is wrong but I think I'm just going to have to deal with it.

*Salvage (active)

Dragon Age: Origins fan fiction. My warden was a female Noble rogue, I actually named her Adann but I changed it back to Elissa for simplicity's sake.

Sneak Peek: Have you ever licked a lamppost in the winter?

-> Thoughts: So, I think the title fits, even though it was a last minute addition. And by last minute, I mean last minute. I was uploading the story and the title field was disturbingly empty. In my files I just called it Awakenenings so I was like...AHHHHHHHHH!!!

*Obsession (pending)

-> Law and Order: Criminal Intent fic. I've only watched the first 2 seasons or so and then an episode here and there of the others.

-> Sneak Peek: The killer is so mysterious that I haven't figured out how I am going to end it. That's how good she is.

-> Thoughts: I want to keep it up just as a reminder to myself to finish it. I know how it is supposed to end, but I don't know if I'll like the ending once I get there.

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A Most Unusual Lady reviews
Charlotte Aubrey, a mysterious young woman, is travelling to be reunited with her twin sister. She and her manservant meet the Alistairs by chance on the road and thus begins an most unusual friendship with a most unusual woman.
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