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Oh hi there! Welcome to my Profile Page, I'm TakaiWolf, Takai, whatever. Here's some stuff about me. If you're not interested in me (in which case, I don't blame you ), scroll past all this junk to get to the stories.

The Stuff About Me

Gender: Female

Location: Canada, eh?

Aspires to be: An author/screenwriter/filmmaker! I'm getting there. (Already have an assistant editing job and film credits.)

I'm a very quiet person on FF.net. I'm never on forums or reading around or anything. I just sort of... keep to myself, write my stuff, post it... But if someone asks me to read their stuff for critique or whatever, I will. I think I'm decent at helping people fill in plot holes and whatnot (I've taken a few courses that involved that sort of thing), so... yeah, if people feel they need help, they can contact me if they want.

My Rating System: I've rated most of my stories "M" for now because of lots of cursing, moderate violence and a bit of gore (nothing much worse than you'd see in a typical action film, however), and general, semi-fantasy style unpleasantness. There are also slightly mature themes. Not super mature, but not really great for a 10-year-old to be reading... Unless you're a very mature 10-year-old. Then, by all means, go ahead, read away. But yeah, I put "M", but... it's mild "M", it's nothing incredibly disturbing or anything (hopefully).

There will also be no random yaoi, incest, characters who were not previously homosexual randomly becoming homosexual, characters that were previously homosexual randomly becoming straight, sex changes, statutory rape (for example, Rin, about 10, being with Sessho-Maru, who is probably a couple thousand years old), or anything like that. Because I find that all a bit distasteful.

Also, I won't ever put myself into a story. I may put a rendition of some friends of mine in (ie. Syd in IYOK), but mostly as comic relief, and never paired with a pre-existing character, though they may have some interaction with them. And I will definitely shoot myself before I put in any Mary-Sues. Because they are gross.

Also Kind Of Important: So, for some reason I notice rabid character haters in lots of fandoms. One of them that seems quite prominent in the Inu-Yasha fandom in which I write is "Kikyo hate" or something along those lines. I would like to make it clear now that I don't hold any irrational, rabid hatred towards characters in the series in such a way and that I write characters how I feel they would be most appropriate in a story.

YES, TDWW is on hiatus right now, sorry about that. I just have absolutely NO inspiration for it at the moment, which is quite annoying. Also, to be honest, I just started it because I was stuck on all my other things... I'm actually not a huge fan of how I wrote that one, but when I do eventually continue it, I'm definitely gonna fill in all the plot holes and improve the writing style a tad. And I also apologize for the lack of Kagome's character development. That needs some tweaking as well.

And... That's it! If you have any questions about my stories, feel free to e-mail me or review... because I do, in fact, answer most questions unless they I find them kind self-explanatory (ie. OMG, you just ended your chapter with a cliffie! Is this the end of the story? - to which the answer would be "no". ).

Thanks to all for reading! You all rock!

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