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Hello world it's SessandInubros and it's about to get super special awesome all up in here! I can't believe I just said that haha. Anywho my real name is Kathryn and clearly I'm a girl (incase you haven't noticed. XD). I've been a member on here for a really long time now but am pretty inconsistent with my writing due to work, school, and other stuff (blah blah blah). My hobbies include hanging out with friends, internet surfing, watching tv (and by watching TV I mainly mean Netflix. XD), playing video games, playing all my instruments (piano and guitar), singing, drawing (not as much now but on a rare occasion), and reading. I currently have a golden retriever that is by far the cutest dog in the entire world named Lily! I'm also an auntie now which is super exciting and I have 2 amazingly wonderful and adorable nephews and a niece that I love with all of my heart! They are absolutely precious and am doing a great job so far steering them in the right direction (This direction right here. Because I don't want them to turn out like all these kids you see nowadays; I mean, that's just gross). I'm 23 now (ugh feel so old) so if your birthday is on April 21 and you're a member on here, not only are you like a super special awesome, amazing human being, but we're also birthday buddies and that's pretty cool! So if you want to know more about me, just take a looksy right down here. :D

Nicknames: Normally it's just Kat (sometimes called Katarina by my brother and sister).

Character Nicknames: Ed, Itachi, Tamaki, Inuyasha, Gary, Harley Quinn, Toph, Buffy, and Dean. :)

Gorgeous Man Candies (AKA: my Future Husbands): Jensen Ackles (I mean, HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MAN?! I can't even...) Pete Wentz (Sad knowing that he's been outranked, but thanks for the memories. XD), Tom Felton (Because he's Draco fucking Malfoy! Is there anything else that needs said?! XD), Misha Collins (There is absolutely NOTHING this man can't do. :D), Andrew Garfield (Even though him and Emma Stone are just adorkable, I can't help but be jealous plus he's like the best Spiderman ever! :D), Josh Hutcherson (Him and Jennifer Lawrence are just hysterical together and I really think he's got some nice buns. ;D), Neil Patrick Harris (Even though he's gay, he still gets all the ladies and he's LEGEND-wait for it...DARY! XD), Robert Downey Jr, (He's Iron Man, enough said. XD), Johnny Depp (Because he's got a jar of dirt! XD), Joseph Gordon Levitt (Come on, he's just absolutely adorable! :3), Zac Efron (I used to absolutely despise him because of High School Musical, but then puberty was like, "The poor kid's suffered enough," and blessed him with testosterone and BAM: now he's like this and hot dayum is it great. XD), Ryan Reynolds (It takes two to make a thing go right, it takes two to make it out of sight! XD), Vic Mignogna (I know that people have mixed opinions of him, but he's my favorite anime voice actor! :D), Michael Buble (Gorgeous voice=gorgeous man. :D), Justin Timberlake (Because he just keeps bringing sexy back...OVER AND OVER AGAIN. :D), Bruno Mars (He likes me just the way I am! XD), John Mayer (Thank the lord he broke up with that bimbo Katy Perry: which means he's single again! :D), Jason Mraz (He's my Geek in the Pink. :D), and Adam Levine (More like Adam LeDamnHe'sFine! XD).

I absolutely love watching anime and reading manga; I'm not kidding, I'm completely obsessed with it, like to the point where I look insane. I'm just a little bit too involved and attached and so what if: I cry my eyes out when characters die, shake or scream at my TV or laptop if it's left at a "To be continued..." (NARUTO! >:O), get excited to where I'm spazzing, flailing, squealing, or jumping up and down, that's pretty much me and if you don't like it, then the door's over there haha. My favorite anime's/manga's consist of Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist/Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, (I do like old FMA for comical reasons and Aaron Dismuke, but I love Brotherhood even more because it's just the perfect blend of everything and it follows the manga and the ending which was just too cute for words. :3), Inuyasha (Same here: love old Inuyasha for comical reasons and Moneca Stori and David Kaye, but Final Act plot follows the manga and of course the adorable ending. :3), Ouran High School Host Club, Avatar The Last Airbender, Avatar Legends of Korra (Love the original series better, but it's good and still has potential. :D), Rosario Vampire (No words for how pervertedly hilarious this anime is. XD), Fruits Basket, Love Hina, DN Angel (So good but the ending hits you right in the feels. T-T), Cowboy Bebop (See you space cowboy. :D), Samurai Champloo, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimiya, Yu Yu Hakusho (Oh rock, paper, scissors machine and Hiei: how I love thee. XD), Rurouni Kenshin, Code Lyoko, Yu-Gi-Oh (No motorcycles crap. XD), and Pokemon (Nothing after 4Kids decided to be bitches and change all the voices. XD).

True I'm obsessed with anime, but I get the time to watch other TV Shows like regular people!!! I usually watch That 70's Show (Hello Wisconsin! :D), How I Met Your Mother (This show is LEGEN-wait for it...I hope you're not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is DARY! XD), Scrubs (Gotta love the JDxTurk bromance. :D), New Girl (How can you not love Zooey Deschannel, Jake Johnson, and Max Greenfield being hilariously adorkable together! :D), Big Bang Theory (I know that people have mixed feelings about the show, but I think it's funny and I love Leonard and Penny together. :D), The Office (Only the seasons with Steve Carrell in it because it was actually funny), Parks and Recreation (Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman are just freaking hysterical together. XD), Fresh Prince of Belair (So this is the story all about how...XD), Supernatural (I cannot even express to you how much love anything to do with this show. :3), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Because Joss Whedon is a bamf. XD), Angel (Still need to watch the rest of it on Netflix but same reason as Buffy. XD), , Phineas and Ferb (Flippin fantastic with great songs. :D), Bob's Burgers (Everything about this show is just perfection. :D), Futurama (If you don't like this show, then you can bite my shiny metal ass! XD), American Dad (Gotta love Roger. XD), and Family Guy (Old Family Guy is a classic. :D).

My favorite color is purple because it's the best hands down. Bow down to purple you jellied jellifiers; yet again, wow I just did that.

My music taste is pretty unusual but I lean more towards alternative and classic rock but I also listen to pop, rap, and etc.

I do play video games but I'm not obsessed. I usually play anime games, Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2, Soul Calliber 3, SSX Tricky, Just Dance, Guitar Hero, and DDR.

I don't read a lot of normal books but yeah at least I like Harry Potter. Oh and don't judge, I did read the Twilight series and although I hate the obsession with it, due to the movies, it's not the worst thing ever written (I mean have you read the Fifty Shades series?! It's more disgraceful because it's Twilight fanfiction with different names and it actually got published and sadly; yes, I've read that too. T-T) and I only see the movies because Robert Pattinson hates Twilight more than anybody and he only did it for the money (for the win. XD). I love the Hunger Games series too because it's amazing and go Katniss and Peeta woot! Other favorite books I've ever read are Milkweed, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Fault in Our Stars, Water for Elephants, It's Kind of a Funny Story, I Hate Everything, I Hate Everyone, Jimmy Fallon's Thank You Notes, and the Douche Journals of Schmidt.

Favorite Quotes

"Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home." - J.K. Rowling (This always makes me cry thinking about this because now it's finally over.).

"Take a sad song and make it better." - The Beatles (My life motto.).

"You may say that I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us and the world will be as one." - John Lennon (Love this song and this line it should speak to everyone.).

"Where words fail, music speaks." - Hans Christian Andersen

Book Couples I love

1. HarryxGinny

2. RonxHermoine

3. AlicexJasper

4. KatnissxPeeta

Favorite Book Characters

From Harry Potter my favorite guy characters are Draco Malfoy (Hawtness and if he wasn't my favorite, then his father would hear about this. XD), Snape (Mr. Potter...XD), Ron Weasley (Bloody hell. XD), Dumbledore (I miss him. T-T), Fred and George (because they use their wonder twin powers to become incurable pranksters. XD), Mad Eyed Moody (He had the balls to turn Malfoy into a fucking ferret. XD), and Neville (Because of his epic battle cry when killing Nagina. :D). My favorite girl characters are Hermoine (It's leviosa not levi-o-sa. XD), Mrs. Weasley (Don't fuck with her. XD), and McGonagall (Because she's so freaking adorable. :3). My least favorite guy character is probably Voldemort (Because he killed Snape and laughs like my dad. XD). My least favorite girl character is Umbridge (Because let's admit it: we all wanted her dead more than Voldemort. XD).

From the Hunger Games my favorite guy characters are Peeta (He's just everything a guy should be. :D), Finnick (I love him to pieces and miss him so much. T-T), and Haymitch (Because who doesn't love the old, drunk, bastard mentor?! XD). Favorite girl characters are Katniss Everdeen (She is everything girls should be), Rue (Bravest little girl you'll ever meet. T-T), and Maggie (Because that old lady could kick ass. :D). My least favorite guy character is President Snow (Because he's a fucking douchenozzle. >:O). Least favorite girl character probably wussy girl contestants in the 1st book.

From Twilight (I know people be hatin) my favorite guy characters are Jasper (Wouldn't you like to control emotions? ;D) and Emmet (He's the funny, tough guy what isn't there to like? XD). My favorite girl character is Alice (How do you not like her?). Least favorite guy characters are Edward (He's just a pussy and a creep. XD), Jacob (He's kind of a pedophile. XD), and Mike (Because he's a douche). My least favorite girl characters are Bella (Don't even get me started...) and Rosalie (Because she's a whiny bitch. XD).

Favorite Anime Quotes

"Even when our eyes are closed, there's a whole world out there that lives outside ourselves and our dreams." - Edward Elric (So inspirational and it shows our little Ed is all grown up. XD).

"The world isn't perfect but it's there for us, doing the best it can and that's what makes it so damn beautiful." - Roy Mustang (True story...).

"Because you're not perfect and because you fail you have the strength to get back up. I believe that's where true strength is." - Hinata Hyuga (Aw our little Hinata finally grew a pair. :D).

"A place where someone still thinks of you; that’s a place you can call home." - Jiraiya (I want this quote on my front door placemat outside my future home XD).


"200K! What do you put gold bars on our pillows!" - Edward Elric (Lolz hilarious. :P)!

"Struck out on Philosopher's Stone again huh? How am I suppose to keep funding this goose-chase? Money doesn't grow on trees there chief! Ed? Where'd you run off too? Oh wait there you are! I couldn't see you there behind my paperwork, seeing as how your so short and all." - Edward Elric (Still crack up laughing every time I hear him say this. XD)!

"Tell him fine, there's no way I'm dying before you do, you morally bankrupt Colonel with a God complex." - Edward Elric (He always cracks me up along with Mustang and others. XD).

Roy: You know, you could try to help while you're here, Hughes.
Hughes: Lay off, I'm as normal as they come and this is a contest of freaks. What do you want me to do, fire my slingshot at him? - Roy Mustang and Maes Hughes (They were the perfect dynamic duo in my opinion. XD)!

"He posed a what?" - Inuyasha (Of course he doesn't know what a proposal is but that moment was still sweet regardless. :D)!

"Lord Sesshomaru work with Inuyasha?! Hell would raise from earth if that happened!" - Jaken (Well said Jaken, well said. XD).

"Inuyasha: Sesshomaru, after this we'll settle our differences. Sesshomaru: If you survive that is." - Inuyasha and Sesshomaru (Of course you had to say that Sesshy haha. :P)!

"I dispise the fact father's blood flows through your veins, halfbreed!" - Sesshomaru (I personally think that is the sexiest line he's ever said. :3).

"Oh! So now I'm your faithful mutt all the sudden! Wondering if I can hear anything with my little doggy ears and sniff something with little doggy nose! Damn you guys piss me off! Every single one of you!" - Inuyasha (Poor Inuyasha! Sorry for laughing at your misfortune. XD).

"Shippo your village just called: they said they're missing their idiot." - Inuyasha (I loved when he said this. XD)!

"Resist all temptation." - Miroku (Oh Miroku...XD)!

"It's irrational, it's impossible, it's against my religion." "You oughta be arrested." - Inuyasha and Miroku (It's all part of a monk's duty. XD).

Anime Couples I Love

1. SanxMir

2. InuxKag

3. EdxWin

4. RizaxRoy

5. AlxMei

6. NaruxHina

7. SasuxSaku

8. NejixTen

9. ShikaxTem

10. TamaxHaru

11. HikaruxKaoru

12. AangxKatara

13. SokkaxTsuki

14. SokkaxToph

15. ZukoxMai

Anime Couples I Hate

Well lets just not go there or I will rant and yea not great. XD

Anime Characters

From Naruto my favorite guy characters are Sasuke (He's just so dreamy...XD), Itachi (Freaking sexy beast. ;D), Neji (Now he's just a Hyuga that I used to know. T-T), Shikamaru (Man what a drag...XD), Gaara (Of the Funk! XD), Lee (How can you not love the power of youth?! XD), Naruto (All grown up and it's kinda hot. ;D), Jiraiya (Total perv, but hell yea he's awesome and I wish he didn't die. T-T), and Kakashi (Haha moo. :P). My favorite girl characters are Temari (Badass with a fan. :D), Hinata (Great character and really has grown. :D), Tsunade (She's freaking awesome plus her boobs could knock you out. XD), and Tenten (Awesome because she has a bunch of shiny, stabby weapons. >:D). My least favorite guy characters are Kabuto (Because now he's just a crazy douchebag.), Orochimaru (Gah. O.o), Kisame (Because he's a shark and sharks should die.), an Tobi (Because he ain't being a good boy right now and I hate it. >:O). My least favorite girl characters are Sakura (Because she's still worthless, even though she's grown a lot, but just don't like her. She's the annoying girl you just wanna give a boot to the head to. XD) and Ino (Because she's just whiny and shouldn't be a ninja cause she's obssessed with her looks.).

From Inuyasha my favorite guy characters are Sesshomaru (Sexy to the max! ;D), Koga (Big bad wolf. ;D), Miroku (How you doin? ;D), Inuyasha (I'd play with his ears too. XD), Bankostu (Oh hot dayum. ;D), Jakostu (The best gay anime character ever. XD), Shippo (Just wanna put him in my pocket. XD), and Hakudoushi (Fucking child of satin but still awesome. :D). My favorite girl characters are Sango (Best character hands down; I mean, who doesn't want to ride a demon cat and throw a giant fucking boomerang?! :D), Rin (Cutest little girl ever. :3), and Kagura (Power of the wind?! Heck yea. :D). My least favorite guy character is Renkostu (Only because he's such a pussy. XD) and I still have mixed feelings of how much I like/dislike Kagome and Kikyo (too many arguments too lazy to write them. :P).

Out of Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood my favorite guy characters are Ed (Sexy, short man: what isn't there to love? ;D), Roy (Burn baby burn! ;D), Al (Wish Aaron Dismuke voiced him instead of that Alex Whitey kid or whatever his name is.), Hughes (1st episode of FMA I saw was when he died and has been 1 of my favorites ever since. T-T), Scar (Very philisophical man but miss his old voice actor.), Ling (Such a moocher. XD), Armstrong (Oh god haha. :P), and Havoc (He grows on you. XD). My favorite girl characters are Riza (Kickass chick with a gun. :D), Winry (Best automail junkie ever. :D), and Mei (Because she has a cute panda. :D). My favorite and only favorite transgender palm tree is Envy (Just funny and all around awesome. :D). My least favorite guy character is probably Wrath (before he was Pride and then they got rid of the old Wrath and made him Wrath, I mean; seriously, I was so confused but yea he's annoying). My least favorite girl character is Rose (Because she's really whiny and apparently went from being ishbalan to caucasian and yea that was just weird. XD).

Oh Ouran-ran-ran-ran High School Host Club. My favorite guy characters are Hikaru and Kaoru (Sexy incest twins?! Aw yea. ;D), Tamaki (So hilarious and the best ladies man ever. ;D), Honey-Sempai (You know you can't resist his cuteness. :3), Mori (Hm. XD), and Haruhi's Dad. My favorite girl character is Haruhi (Because she's awesome. :D). My least favorite guy character is Ritsu (Because his anger issues and he just needs to chill a little. XD) and my least favorite girl character Renge (Because she's loud, obnoxious, and annoying.).

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