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Author has written 7 stories for Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, and Brotherhood of the Wolf.

First, my fav characters and/or pairings:

from HP: I mostly love obscure characters, LOL:

my *fav*fav*fav* are: (--> a long fic abt them in progress, but it might take long time!)

and of course the less obscure Twins and Peeves, they rock my socks xD (--> for Twins and no twincest, check my fic SQuidditch!!!)

pretty much all The Noble And Most Ancient House Of Black,

... including the I-wanna-have-all-her-hair-colours-rebel Tonks ...

and the superb silver/green interior designer Regulus;

all the Malfoys, of course, together with their de luxe mansion;

newly discovered that I'm totally vibing Karkaroff/Narcissa;

And the Dumbledore brothers, their goats and chicken ... ooops, phoenix! ;)))

And of course our dear S/M queen Bellatrix ... she's creepy and hilarious in the same time!

Professor Slughorn is also very funny :)))

I love all the Hogwarts Founders: Helga, Rowena, Godric, Salazar!!! (--> they have been rockstars since their childhood, check my fic Magic of Childhood!!!)

Oh, and Rita Skeeter - I cant' decide, which is more bitchy, Cruccio!Bella or Quill!Rita LOOOL!

Last but not least: the Giant Squid xD

me is an incorrigible Slytherin lol ... and

from Narnia: Susan/Caspian, obviously, LOL! And Lucy and Edmund are totally adorable, too :D ... Peter is too magnificent for me ;P And Aslan too, even though I love big cats, too xD

from Inheritance: Angela/Oromis & Blödhgarm/Nasuada (--> no evidence for the ships, but I like non-canon this time;) ... and Murtagh & Thorn, and Vanir *the Vain*, of course :))

from Twilight: Alice/Jasper & Esme/Carlisle ... but my fav chars are Alice and Carlisle respectively!)

from LotR: not really my fandom, cos in LotR there's not much humor, but Aragorn should totally get together with Eowyn LOL ... and I also love two funny little hobbits from the movies: Merry and Pippin, right?

Second, some info on me (finally, like I've been promising for last 5 years, huh!)

I'm born in 1983, quite old for this community, but no fear, I think young ;)

I'm a graduate tourism organiser, (and looking for a job, so not very regularly active on here!), so I often send my beloved characters to breathtaking locations (--> check my Susan/Caspian Mi Chico Latino fic;)

I love talking to foreigners, both tourists and online people, so feel free to contact me :D (I suck at answering PMs and emails in time, sry, I'm an instant chat person;)

I'm a cat-lover, but sadly not a cat-owner yet ... (--> for cats and laugh and fluff check out Kittystyle;)

So, I like to laugh, so humor & fluff are my fav genres over here :) --> and romance, of course, if written in a funny and/or fluffy and/or sexy way :)))

I joined for HP fanfics, but then I also expanded to other verses, to my gr8 surprise :O (btw, I announced an Inheritance fic - but, delay on that, fic is too sexy, so problems with getting it beta-ed for technical details, sry :s)

HP was my first fantasy fandom, before I was totally into realistic stuff, both modern and history (Jane Austen, f.ex.) ... but even so, I love HP stories more for the ''making fun of the school system'', than for magic ... but I do love the rich and diverse fun setting! And the Giant Squid (--> have a laugh, check my SQuidditch fic LOL;)

I don't like slash; my fav pairings are pretty much all canon, and het, unless author stated otherwise like in the case of our dear Albus ;P

I'm not an avid reader, so I usually check out only fandom that everybody is already hyper about or whatever friends recomend me ... that's why I only have HP, Narnia, Twilight, etc. here.

I prefer movies over reading, as well as googling for nice fanart and sometimes reading comics: Astérix, Lucky Luke, Ralfi, Nemi, Miki Muster (--> in case u don't know the last comic, it's a Slovene one;) ...

Apart from writing & reading fics, I also like: photography, traveling and socialising with local posse lol, wellness, shopping, sewing (I'm a cosplayer in the making;), in-line skating, chatting, psychology, cuddling cats and dogs and cute boys lol, comedies (both in theatre and cinema), prescious stones, music and festivals (pretty much all genres, also classical, as long as BPM is really high, can't stand slow music), I also like good food - sweets esp. --> pretty much all enjoyable stuff life has to offer ;)))

in short: I love fun!!!

I hate: conformism, authority, school system, stupid rules that don't make sense IRL, paperwork, legal issues, and other such shit

Even though I hate legal stuff, here's the general disclaimer: I'm just playing with existing characters and settings that belong to the creators of their fandoms, I don't own them ... I only own my OCs and the plots for my fics. I'm not making any profit, I write fics for fun, so don't sue me!

Hope to be more active here and write some more funny goodies in my fandoms ... enjoy my posted stories!

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