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Hello, all the crazy fic readers out there! My name is Golden. I've had many a name on Gaia, if you've ever been there. I've avoided it for years, though. I'm also on Aarinfantasy and If you wanna look me up it's Gldnlqr or Severus_Golden_Angel (*shock* ...not) normaly. I think I used to use others, but I never use them anymore...

I am a highly music-oriented individual. I love rock, contemporary and pop music in general. Most country and all rap is almost always a 'Change the channel!', lol. My stories are also slightly music oriented, with lyrics or quotes from songs popping up. I even did a songfic or two, *grins*.

I am twenty-four now, a 6 year difference between when I started and now. Wow. Really that long. Huh. Well, at least I still know I love reading and writing.

Many have commented in reviews that it seems that I, and my stories have 'died'. This is not true. They are not dead, merely...resting. I ending up, not with writers block, but life...block...wish sun block worked as well.

To those concerned about me in general, I am doing fine. My earlier issues have been if not resolved, dealt with with some amout of grace, I would like to think.

I will be (hopefully) updating some of my stories soon, and posting a couple 'new' ones that have been sitting in my hard-drive for a couple years. I will also be updating my pairings list, along with links to my other profile pages (including a couple games I adore). Every time I update, I will have a couple things to add to this page (hopefully).


Hey! And a new story: The New Rahl, hopefully an couple updates soon, and a webpage!

Pairings lists, a little bloggy thing, a guestbook, links to my other accounts, and youtube fav vids! I am very happy right now! Later! Soon!


Wow...just jumped from six stories to fourteen. Wowzers! And I'm still rolling! Granted, now I gotta make chapters as they come, I don't do much of that 'make um ahead of time' crap...tried it once and I lost it on my hard drive! Tis why my DP/CW is kinda stuck, lol. I loved it when I wrote it, split it in half, posted the first and accidentally deleted the second part...*headdesk* Jez, if this keeps up, it's so gonna jump to a couple crossovers...I have a DW/BTVS planned, a Repo!TGO planned, a BTVS/AIW well as the continuation of several of my stories. I'm feeling crappy right now, but I'll get on this ASAP.


ZOMG! She updated again?!?!

Nope! Mahaha! I don't want to spoil you all! I'm just letting you all in a couple things. First! I'm working on updating MHHCSHMAHPP. Both Chappy 2 and Interlude 1 will publish at the same time! Ya! Chappy 2 of TNR will be soon afterward.

ABOUT SERPENT'S CALLING=I am sure there are some wondering about SC and the fact that it now says 'Being Rewritten'. Well, it is. I got stuck on it, and for years sneered anytime it came up on my webpage. So...I'm taking what I have and doing a complete overhaul. Chapter 6 will be completely rewritten, so that the chapters can flow more easily from there on. I said then it was a filler, and it is. I was stuck and it was just a poor attempt to continue. So! Lets see what happens, eh?

I currently have a story I have a chapter written for that I'm going to post soon as an adoptee. PM me if you want to adopt the story, okay?

I have several new stories I'm going to post as soon as I can, when I do the updates. I have no idea why, but I've been very 'unblocky' the last few days...lets hope it sticks for awhile, yeah?


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