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Author has written 16 stories for Escaflowne, Shaman King, Anime X-overs, Fruits Basket, Yu Yu Hakusho, Naruto, and Junjō Romantica.

Hi I'm Jessie, Ive just changed my Penname to this from my old one (KariAlkia) because it suits what im like as a updater

i update once in a blue moon and it doesnt last long like a mayfly.

So yeah i am the WORST up-dater EVER... seriously i try to write (im so sorry to the people that are acctually reading my SasuNaru will get day) but yeah XD i can just never write most of the time.

I’m an Escaflowne Goddess (yeah i know its sad) as Escaflowne was my first ever Anime I watched and I fell in love with it.

I also love to read, Anne Rice, Philip Pullman and Garth Nix being my favourite authors.

Escaflowne is my favourite anime next to: trigun, fruits basket, naruto,shaman king, cowboy bebop, tenchi muyo/tokyo/universe, Ah my goddess, Gravitation, Yu Yu Hakusho, Bleach, wolfs rain, Full Metal Alchemist, Yami No Matsuei, Loveless, ouran high school host club, Elfen Lied, Sukisho, Death Note, DNAngel, Hellsing Hunter X Hunter, eyeshield 21 and many more

I've also got in to reading mangas my faves being... The Vision of Escaflowne, Fruits basket, Chobits, cowboy bebop, samurai deeper Kyo, loveless, DNAngel, Saiyuki/relode, Hellsing, Our Kingdom, wild adapter.

My friends on are unicorn13564, NinjaoftheMoonlight, Nanashi-hikage, tkari and jeimii. They are all very good writers and there stories are ace..Cheack out 'Could it Ever be' By NinjaoftheMoonlight its amazzing XD

For any X-Men fans check out my Fic on Quizzila under the same penname.

I have 4 stories on the go at the moment, 2 of which are on Hiatus

Stories Writing:

HIATUS-Kinda Cancelled Fruits Basket, Secrets of the Sohma...My first Furuba fic.

Naruto, Fate...My first real SasuNaru fic, will have other pairings later on updates are few and far between as i am still new to writing yaoi. If you read this fic GOD DAMN REVIEW!! seriously my motivation with thic story wavers all the time, im always in need of ideas hence the poor record of updating. Im also still in need of outside comments on how the sasunaru scenes go as i doubt myself so bad, so please review and tell me if you thought they were alright, its different hearing it from strangers and it helps, i dont mind flames ( I just about invited them with Regrets) and i love constructive critics.

HIATUS-Kinda Cancelled Escaflowne, An Unexpected Trip To Gaea... Mary Sue fic including me and Nanashi-hikage... random fun with Allen bashing XD

Stories completed:

Naruto, Regrets. My first SasuNaru fanfiction ...oneshort

Escaflowne, Escaflowne:Fight for Gaea. A very long fic with a complicated storyline.

Escaflowne, The Assassin and The Prince. Kinda sad romance fic.

Yu Yu Hakusho, Memories of the past ...First YYH fanfiction, its okay i guess

Anime Crossovers -Furuba, Shaman King, Naruto and Escaflowne- Barbers Shop...kinda random humor... oneshort

Shaman King, Walking in the Rain, HoroxRen shounen-ai... a two part fic

Shaman King, Walking in the Snow Sequel to Walking in the Rain, HoroxRen shounen-ai... a two part fic

Shaman King, Ryu's Revenge sequel to Hao and his herbal essences... a two part fic

Shaman King, Garden Gnomes 3, sequel to GG and GG2...shounen-ai content.

Shaman King, Garden Gnomes 2, the sequel to GG, so its more random fun, now... shounen-ai content.

Shaman king, Garden Gnomes, which is some random fun now ...shounen-ai content.

Shaman King, Hao and his herbal essences, my first oneshort... slight haoxyoh

Stories planing:

A Junjou Romantica Story... Short story, 5 chapters ish (have 3 planed as of July 12 09). Can be taken as a continue of the anime or from Volume 11 chapter 1. Main pairing MisakiXUsagi with the side pairings naturally. So far it is titled "Those who taught me love"

A Naruto story...Full of randomness 'Takeshi's castle Naruto style' will be started when i can be bothered.

I take all my reviews seriously and check out the profiles of all whom do review and i now send out replys .

Full summary for Escaflowne:Fight for Gaea.

For two years Gaea was at peace, but when Hitomi returns after an encounter with a mysterious man she finds that war was only around the corner.

With the answers to all questions clouded in secrecy, including a legend forgotten with time. Hitomi must shed light on the matter with the help of some old and some new faces, but when love gets in the way, will Hitomi be able to stop this new evil before things go too far or will they end up fighting for Gaea's future?

A story about love, Life and death. AllenXNew Character

Full summery for: Escaflowne, The Assassin and The Prince.

Zaibach – A place full of secrets, the home of Folken for 10 years but what happened in those years? What happened to Dilandau? An Ex-Assassin proves the key in providing light, but things are not all they seem with this one and Hitomi learns that the heart holds many secrets.

This fic sees the return of Dilandau and a sight into Folkens past...CONTAINS SPOILERS.

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Those Who Taught Me Love reviews
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