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I'm CrimsonCrome x_x

and yes, I know it is Chrome. sheesh. v_v

If you have known me before, I had a lot of stories posted, even a series going. Unfortunately, some major set backs with the "guiding figures" in my life caused me to delete all of them under strict demand to do so. So I hope that me starting anew will be a way of showing that you can't hold a determined writer down! I will rebuild my story section if it takes me until I'm 82! So I hope that you might give me another chance and read the new stories that I will be posting. Thanks, and don't forget to review!

XxX 'Tis a grand day for an adventure! XxX

Current Original Characters:

1) Patience Lyndenburg: She's about fourteen, same age as Sora before he leaves Destiny Islands. She has long black hair that is very pretty. However, she's not exactly a modle. She is very skinny and very lanky, almost like a person you would see off of Corspe Bride or Nightmare Before Christmas. She's pale and her eyes are eerie green, with blue specks (got idea from treasureplanet-gurl). She's very nervous and shy. Can be found in my newest story: A Heart Renewed.

Future Original Characters: (These are mine! Do not steal!)

1) Emmanuel ?: Can't decide on a last name yet, maybe he won't have one. Don't know where to stick him yet. Tall, dark, and scary. I guess he's kind of handsome, but mostly scary.

2) Dove ?: Yes Dove. Anyway, it's a woman, of course. She has nearly white blond hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. Like Namine, except - evil...

And as for the Chronicles of the Keyblade Wars: The Battle of Hearts:

From the Nobody Worlds: Lexe: (nobody of Lee) He is 6’ 1” tall. His hair is jet black and it’s just long enough so that his bangs hang unevenly above his eyes. His eyes are narrow, a shocking emerald green. He carries himself low, as if ready to pounce any second. His stance is always aggressive and ready for action. He carry’s a sharp black sword that bears the name of “The Last Punisher”. Controls the element of depth. He shows no mercy toward Sora and his allies. Leader of the last four nobodies. Axamand: (nobody of Amanda) She is 5’ 4”. Her hair is cut short at the back and lengthens evenly in front. It is green. Her eyes are a dark, scary purple. She walks with her chest out and her head held high. She wears a wicked grin whenever about to battle. She carries two vicious knives that she swings with ease. She’s fast on her feet and knows a lot of kickboxing moves. Controls the element of shadow. She shows no mercy toward Sora and his allies. Hexath: (nobody of Ethan) He is 5’ 11½”. He has orange-red hair in a bowl cut. He has cold, black eyes. He walks almost uncertainly, but never backs down to a fight. He wields a spiked mace with poison tips. He controls the element of death. He shows no mercy to Sora and his allies until Laxind interferes with their original plans. Laxind: (nobody of Linda) Laxind is a good nobody, in reality, but got mixed up with the wrong crowd. Hexath is deeply in love with her, but would not tell her. Laxind helps Sora and allies escape at a crucial moment, resulting in her ultimate demise. Laxind has long, blond hair that sweeps down below her butt. She intertwines white ribbons in them. Instead of the usual black outfit attire of the nobody crowd, she wears an all white cape and white boots. She has soft blue eyes. Her stance is of good posture and she rarely fights – rather heals in battle. She’s the only one that showed any real mercy toward Sora and allies. Her element is life. The Various Lesser Nobodies: Any and all previous nobodies from game two. From the Human Worlds: Sephiroth: Description already made up. Sephiroth battles Cloud and Sora. He can never really die until Cloud completely lets go of the darkness within him. Kyru Hannagos: A wicked man from The Last Human World. He’s the dictator there until Sora overthrows him, but it takes the whole human nation in that world to overcome this tyrant’s well-trained army. The bloodshed is sickening and Sora nearly looses his hope – and his sanity. However, they pull through and the world is set free. Gorgaran: Appears several times, but leads the dark army in the last battle in Austere Knoll. He is the main bad guy for this entire story. Sora has to finally beat him on a hill alone – and wounded. From the Heartless Worlds: Reincarnated Ansem: Back and wickeder than ever. He’s got new tricks up his sleeve. This man is no pushover. Description already given. Battles Sora in The World That Never Was, The Last Human World, and Austere Knoll. The Various Heartless: Any and all previous heartless from games one and two. Fenvor: A brand new heartless enemy. He’s the heartless of Lee (Lexe is his nobody). He’s fast and dark, his body is covered in thick black muscle. His eyes are creepy red and he has vicious sharp teeth.

Current Works:

A Heart Renewed: Those little boxes don't have enough room. Anyway, there's two different stories going on. The one from Sora's point of view and the one from Cloud's point of view. Sora's troubles are trivial compared to Cloud's, but to each their own. Sora must deal with "Axel's" gang and the new girls (Namine and Patience). However, Sora has no idea about Cloud's daring escape from the Dusk Islands with his friends, Tifa, Yuffie, and Cid. After the death of Aerith, Cloud vowes to take his revenge against the most evil Sephiroth. But his plans are delayed when he must put his friends first and escape the island he calls home. How will Sora and Cloud's stories intertwine? What does Patience Lyndenburg have to do with their stories? Will Aerith ever be avenged? And what happens at wednesday night youth group? Check it out and make sure to review! Thank you!

Tears of Joy: This is a story about Raven, but I'm basically portraying (or trying to portray) the transformation of my soul. It's deeply religious - so if you don't like it, then don't review. Anyway, it's pretty deep into the whole Christian idea, but I'm not going to let anyone say what I can and can't write.

The Chronicles of the Keyblade Wars: The Battle of Hearts: Okay, so I couldn't fit the whole title into the title box, which is depressing. Anyway, it's going to be so long hopefully, but you know me! So the idea is that Sora has to go around and seal things up right? Well, there is this whole new cast of bad guys I created in order to give them a hard time. The storyline has them traveling to different worlds, and I'm going to have them travel to new worlds too, like Cinderella's world and maybe a world that has the "Jungle Book" storyline in it. I'm looking to make it really long, since there are so many worlds, but I don't know yet.

Future Works: (Again, my ideas, no stealing! I claim them!):

??? Don't know yet!

Couples I love:

KH 1 and 2:

Kairi and Sora (classic)

Selphie and Tidus

Selphie and Sora (ooh! mix it up!)

Namine and Sora

Namine and Riku

Yuffie and Riku (yup)

Olette and Riku

Yuffie and Cloud

Tifa and Cloud

Aerith and Cloud

Yuffie and Leon

Tifa and Leon

Namine and Sephiroth o_o

Kairi and Roxas (not so much as with Sora)

Namine and Seifer

Kairi and Seifer

Olette and Hayner

Fuu and Seifer (aw!)

Fuu and Riku (Gotta love the hair)

Fuu and Roxas (hah!)

Kairi and Hayner (you betcha!)

FFX and FFX-2:

Tidus and Yuna

Tidus and Rikku

Wakka and Lulu

Tidus and Paine (yup)


Balthier and Ashe

Balthier and Penelo (mmm hmm)

Vaan and Penelo (classic)

Vossler and Ashe

Series of Unfortunate Events:

Violet and Quigley

Nightmare Before Christmas:

Sally and Jack (duh!)

Spiderman 1, 2, and 3:

Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker

Gwen Stacey and Peter Parker

Gwen Stacey and Harry Osborn (ooh la la)

Mary Jane Watson and Harry Osborn (dangerous combonation)

Sly Cooper:

Penelope and Bently

Carmelita and Sly

Neyla and Sly (betrayer and betrayee!)

Crash Bandicoot (any of the games)

Coco and Tiny (hee hee!)

That's all for now! Always review if you choose to read!

Look for my symbols:

crimson roses



odd combination, huh?


To my flamer, Adrian Morningstar (for the story Tears of Joy):

First of all I want to say thank you for reviewing. Yes, I said thank you. I was waiting for this sort of thing to happen and I will be glad to answer your questions, though you may never see this. First of all, I would like to know how you see this story as stereotypical. Just so that I may understand from your point of view. By no means did I have the intention of making anything in the story stereotypical. As for your second question, I only find it "deep" because you have to be a strong Christian to really cherish the "message". That's why I wrote it, so that it would provoke questions from those out there who wanted to know what Christianity is and why it is that way! n_n The point was to show the transformation of my soul through Raven. It was like a portrayal of the mercy and grace of God. As for the next questions: Yes God. Yes really. God is everywhere - no matter what universe. The realism is in the faith. The realism is in the mercy. The realism is in the joy. In God. Do you call having powers realism? Raven was born a sinner like everyone else was born a sinner. There's no escaping it. Is it fair? No. Is it the truth? Yes. Practicing witchcraft is a sin. Period. If you don't agree, then don't agree. No, being the birth of a rape victim is not a sin, even though the rape was a sin (not on Raven's head, mind you). Again, everyone is born a sinner. I was and you were and everyone reading this is. It's not fun, it's not great, and it's not really what you want to hear. But it's how it is. Anyway, thank you for your review. I hope that this response cleared up some of the questions.

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