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Jacqie: Wow, it's been FOREVER since we updated any of this stuff, hasn't it?

Kohari: I wouldn't say forever, but it seems like it. Long enough for my ex-fiance to tell me what to do with myself.

Jacqie: And long enough for me to get my heart broken in June and then get cheated on in August.

Kohari: We have bad luck with relationships...

Jacqie: Maybe we're just too awesome for relationships??

Kohari: That sounds more logical.

Jacqie: And of course all these relationship issues and a ton of other stuff that's been going on has seriously affected our writing.

Kohari: And we're gonna change that...very soon.

Jacqie: This is true. I'm already working on the next chapter of WhoSaid, and we both have ideas for WhatLearned.

Kohari: Well, considering that I have a full-time job now and I'm a full-time student...I'm going to try to help out as much as I can but I don't know how much I can do.

Jacqie: And I'm working on finding a job, plus I'm a full-time don't expect updates as quickly as we gave them to you while we were both in high school y'all!

Kohari: I think they've gotten used to us not updating...

Jacqie: Good point. Well, hey, we're both at the same college now, so that should make our updating a little better.

Kohari: Thanks to a split second decision...

Jacqie: Hey, I'm a girl, we're allowed to change our minds at the last second. :-P

Kohari: Anyway, I contributed a lot to the last couple chapters so I'm going to bank that. :-D

Jacqie: And if it isn't completely obvious by now, Ko and I are completely past that whole distressing thing. Kay? We're back to best no more arguments...hopefully.

Kohari: I gotta say, people showed a lot of support for both of us. I appreciate that.

Jacqie: So do I. You guys absolutely rule...thanks so much!

Kohari: We'd better close this out meds are taking effect and I'm kinda sleepy. ...and I have to drive.

Jacqie: Please don't kill yourself! :-P That would kinda suck...

Kohari: I won't do it on purpose, I promise!

Jacqie: Good. Anyway, since we're in the computer lab, and it's late, and I don't wanna walk back to my dorm at 10:00 at night, since it's on the other side of campus...and did anyone notice how many "and's" I'm using??

Kohari: And is a very useful word. But seriously, please click the little thingies to our stories now...we're running out of things to say.

Jacqie: True...we're done now. I'm going to write some more for WhoSaid, think that's motivation for you guys to get back into our stories??

Kohari: I hope so...I miss being popular. College made me shallow. :-P

Jacqie: That's new? Anywayz, before Ko kills me, we're seriously going to quit typing. Ciao!!

Kohari: Later peeps! Wow, how outdated is that phrase? -lol-

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OC's by the GGFs...

Name: Kit
Hair Color: Lite Blonde ... Eye Color: Hazel Blue-Green ... Height: 5' 7" ... Age: 16 ... Weight: That's really none of your business...
Personality: Kit's a little cutesy and energetic. She a real fun-lover, but knows when it's time to get serious. She's sometimes paranoid, too.
Other Specifics: Can't tell ya that stuff yet!

Name: Daphne
Hair Color: Platinum blonde... Eye Color: Silvery-blue... Height: 5' 8" ... Age: 16 (turned 17 in WhoSaid)...Weight: You don't ask a girl her weight!...
Personality: Daphne's the kind of girl that likes to push the boundaries of rules. She loves to live by the phrase "rules were made to be broken", however she normally knows where to draw the line. Daphne loves to have fun, normally hanging with her friends, doing crazy stuff that could possibly get her into trouble. Danger attracts her.
Other Specifics: Still can't tell ya!

Name: Kai
Hair Color: Brown ... Eye Color: Brown ... Height: 5' 4" ... Age: 16 ... Weight: Why the heck are you even asking!
Personality: She likes to put on a show that she's a tough-girl, and she jokes people, but she's still a great friend and looks after Kit like they're sisters. The two have similar personalities, but Kai's much darker than the yin-yang Kit.
Other Specifics: Haven't you got the message yet? We can't tell ya!

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