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Hellos, welcome to my world...

I am a strict Lord of the Rings Fan. You flame, you in BIG trouble understand? Lord of the Rings is AWESOME!

I also LOVE the game Final Fantasy Seven (FFVII) (perhaps even more than LOTR) and if you flame it you are also dead. I even look like Tifa Lockheart from the game in some ways. I LOVE Advent Children and I can't wait to get Dirge of Cerberus.


2 Adventures of Hylian and Miko:

Chapters: 3

Category: InuYasha

Style: Continuation/Cross over

Genre: Action/Romance/Adventure

Pairings: LinkKagome, SangoMiroku

Summary: Kagome and Kikyo get sucked into the Legend of Zelda world. Kagome meets up with Link and promises to help him defeat Ganondorf if he will help her defeat Naraku. While on the way they must encounter danger together, but that's not the only thing they will encounter...

Love and Duel Monsters Don't Mix whenyou're a Miko:

Chapters: One up so far (the others will have to be edited and revised)

Category: InuYasha

Style: Continuation/Cross over

Genre: Action/Romance/Adventure

Pairings: Kagome? (You vote), SangoMiroku, JoeyMai, Serenity?

Summary: Kagome turns into a an all-powerfulduel monsterscard, even better than the others. She is taken to the town of Domino and Yugi becomes her new master. They participate in Kaiba's tournament while Kagome looks desperately for Shippo, who is stuck in Marik's hands. Will she be able to rescue him and change back to normal, or will Seto get to her in the end? Will InuYasha stand for this? You bet he won't!

NOTE: This story has been reposted! However, each chapter will go through rigorous editing and revising. The end product will be much better than it was before, I'm sure. I hope you guys enjoy the revised version, and I did love all the 125 reviews I had before. Hopefully I'll be able to get that much or even more as I continue.

Finding My Paradise:

Chapters: 2 (3 in the works)

Style: Continuation/Cross over

Category: InuYasha

Genre: Romance/Angst

Pairings: KagomeKiba, others not determined as of yet

Summary: Kagome finds out she is a wolf, not a human. However Kagome and Sota are driven out of their home after their mother and grandfather are killed, only told to find Paradise. However Sota gets lost and captured by humans, so Kagome is all alone with Shippo. They soon meet up with Kiba's gang and a friendship will be forged in order to find Paradise... But will something else be found too? Or will Kagome's hurtful past haunt her forever?

Key To My Heart:

Chapters: 3

Style: Continuation/Cross over

Category: InuYasha

Genre: Romance/Action/Adventure

Pairings: KagomeRiku, SoraKairi (MAY CHANGE TO SORAYUFFIE!), CloudAerith

Summary: After Naraku's defeat, she winds up in the KH world, with a keyblade and all. She finds Sora and his gang and they learn that something is not right. All the keyholes have become unlocked once more and they will have to reseal them... Meeting old and dark memories along the way. EDITING IN PROCESS

Random Crap down below! Meet my muses that live in my head...

Name: Kentaro or Kenny to his close friends.

Species of Demon: Blue/Elemental Kitsune(fox)

Appearance:He has black blue tipped kawaii ears, and black blue tipped tail with black stripes (2 on each cheek) and a black star on his head. Has black hair that is long and icy blue eyes. Wears a blue haori with metal armor hidden on the inside, but is flexible and yet strong, and blue hakamas.

Weapons: He uses a Katana and has daggers everywhere (Not everywhere, no perverted thoughts here). He also uses bows and magic arrows, and uses elbow blades (like Talim in Soul Calibur 2).

Powers/Abilities: Has the powers of a lot of elements.Water, wind, fire, earth, lightning, ice, light, darnessand healing powers. Can do hand-to-hand combat, gymnastics.

Personality: Very protective of things he considers 'his'. Likes to joke around, fun loving and kind. He cares for his friends and will always protect them. Loyal and intelligent, but hates being black mailed (me and YumikoEmiko: HAH! She's a friend of mine, read her stories please) and embarrassed. Very curious, even for a kitsune.

And meet my other muses, Fiera, Usagi, and Lamarie

Name: Fiera

Species of Demon: Fire/Lava/Golden Kitsune(fox)

Appearance: Blood red hair with golden and pink streaks that is down to her butt, golden eyes with slit pupils. 6 feet tall. Her 7 tails are the same color as her hair. Red-gold fox ears rise out of her hair. Ruby flame symbol on her forehead, and wavy gold-red stripes on her cheeks. Wearing a golden fighting kimono with red roses sewn on the ends, and golden bracelets hang on her arms, and a anklet with a ruby bangle on each of her ankles. She looks 18 or 19.

Powers: Able to use fire/lava and manipulate it, illusions, healing, a little miko powers, hand-to-hand combat, gymnastics. Can also use the other elements but pretty much is a pyro, but she does use them sometimes.

Weapons: Fire whips with flames surrounding it, katana with a red sheath and golden fire fox on sword, golden staff with ruby crystal and and razor sharp edges.

Personality: Protective of her friends, fiery temper (hence the name), kind and polite, curious, mostly happy, fun girl. If some one hurts her friends she won't hesitate to attack, usually a helpful person. She can get embarrassed easily and likes to read romantic stories. She also makes glass figurines and stuff. She can even make glass weapons that are indestructible.

Name: Usagi (means moon)

Species of Demon: Lunar Ookami (wolf)

Appearance: Silver-black hair that is shoulder length, liquid silver eyes. Has silver stripe on one cheek, and black kanji for 'Silver Protector' on his forehead. Pointed ears with a silver hoop through the opposite ear of the cheek with the silver stripe. Wearing a dark blue haori with black and silver Sesshomaru-ish armor and blue hakamas with black boots.

Powers/Abilities: Darkness attacks, light powers, water and ice, hand-to-hand combat, able to shoot beams(of what was listed eariler), gymnastics, able to manipulate shadow, and is most powerful at night and early morning.

Weapons: Chain sword (like what Ivy uses in Soul Calibur 2) that can extend up to 10 feet, a large scythe with a black hilt and is very sharp, and a small hidden sword in his shirt.

Personality: Polite, quiet, very intelligent, honorable, tolerant, kind to others and helpful. He's serious and jokes once in a while. He's not cold at all. He's also protective of things that he considers family, friends or lovers/mates.

Name: Lamarie Estel (Hope)

Species: Lor Elf (Lor means dream)(Lord of the Rings, NOT Santa Clause elves, geez)

Appearance: Long blond hair down to the middle of her back, witha soft red color running through it. 2 small braids, one on each side of her face. Beautiful green eyes with blue specks (with natural very light blue eyeshadow). Pointed ears (of course) with 2 white gold hoops in each ear, and they also have small rubies on them. White skin with a rosy hue, and red lips. Tall, slim and lithe. Usually dressed in dark blue clothing with an elven brooch of course, and wearing light armor that is silver with rubies and sapphires inlaced in the clothing. Wearing navy blue gloves with the finger tips cut off (also with blades, see weapons). Black leather combat boots. She is also wearing a silver ring with sapphires and emeralds in the shape of a butterfly.

Powers/Abilities: Able to do super complicated gymnastics, telekinesis, able to run for a long time (and speedy),VERY strong, able to freeze time for how ever long she wishes to, can see the future of any one she wants (but she usually doesn't use it, and its not very clear either), elements (mostly water though, that is her favorite), can summon creatures to her aid, powerful spells and talk telepathically and summon energy into kind of like a ki blast (like DBZ/GT, I don't own).

Weapons: A long fine golden brown elvish bow and a quiver of infinite and indestructable arrows (they just keep coming back). 2 VERY sharp long knives attached by the ends and that can come apart (okay think Darth Maul's attachable lightsabers except that they are long sharp knives). Her gloves also have those blades sticking out (if you've seen that one girl in Baten Kaitos with those knuckle blade things then its kind of like that) and they can pierce armor. A long sword called Sigil en fuin (Dagger of darkness, I don't know correct sentence structure yet sorry but I think that's right) with sapphires in the hilt and has elven words engraven on it and it is belted to her waist.

Personality: Kind, caring, has a soft spot for children, doesn't complain, super smart, sort of a loner but will also travel in groups if need be, doesn't talk too much, warrior maiden and shows no mercy to the enemy, loves to fight and kill orcs for fun (heheh, that was purely me that I put in, that's what I LOVE to do. Heheheh). Strategizes in battle and is adaptable, fearless in battle (except if one of her friends are in danger), cunning and will play pranks if she feels like it and it will not harm the person, and is a romantic. (kind of, in her own way) Serious and very polite. (kinda like Usagi)

If any of you want to use either Kenny(Kentaro), Fiera, Lamarie (it's supposed to sound like the elvish word for farewell, which is namarie, except that it starts with an L not an N)or Usagi please email me or send a review and ask for permission, and state in what kind of story its in, and stuff like that.

My favorite animes are: InuYasha, Naruto, Rurouni Kenshin, YuYu Hakusho, Dragonball Z and GT, Wolf's Rain, Wish, Ranma 1/2 and Cardcaptor Sakura.

Favorite Pairings:

InuYasha- Sess/Kag, Kag/Inu, San/Mir, Kag/Koga (only sometimes), Kag/Mir, Kag/Bankotsu

Naruto- Hinata/Neji, Hinata/Gaara, Hinata/Itachi, Hinata/Sasuke, Hin/Naruto, LeeTenten, Kakashi/Kurenai, Ino/Shikamaru, Shikamaru/Temari

Rurouni Kenshin- Ken/Kaoru, Sano/Meg, Aoshi/Misao, Misao/Soujiro (I actually kind of like that more than Aoshi/Misao)

YuYu Hakusho- Yus/Keiko, Koenma/Botan, Hiei/Botan (I don't mind that pairing) Yukina/Yusuke

Dragonball- ? Goku/Chichi, Trunks/Pan, Pan/17 (I'spose, don't read much DBZ on FF)

Wish- Kohaku/Shuichiro (but there isn't really any), Kohaku/Koryu

Cardcaptor Sakura- Sak/Syaoran, Tomoyo/Eriol

Ranma 1/2- Ranma/Akane

Wolf's Rain-? (none really) Maybe Cheza/Kiba

Cross over pairings:

Naruto favorites: Kagome/Sasuke, Kagome/Itachi, Kagome/Kakashi, Kagome/Naruto, and I'd like to see a Kagome/Neji! I love Neji!

YYH favorites: Kagome/Kurama, Kagome/Hiei and Kagome/Yusuke. I don't mind Kagome/Touya or Kagome/Jin. Sango/Hiei is okay.

Rurouni Kenshin favorites: Kagome/Kenshin, Kagome/Sanosuke (but there is barely any...--) and I would like to see a Kagome/Aoshi

Dragonball Z/GT: Kagome/Trunks, Kagome/Gohan, Kagome/Goten. Goku/Kagome is okay.

Wolf's Rain: Kagome/Kiba (does any one know any good Wolf's Rain InuYasha cross overs? PLEASE TELL ME IF YOU DO! Especially if its a Kagome/Kiba fic!)

Favorite Games and/or pairings:

Final Fantasy Seven favorite pairings:

Yuffentine (Yuffie and Vincent)- Absolutely adorable together. She can help him get over Lucrecia.

Clouffie (Cloud and Yuffie)- I love these two together, Yuffie can definitely bring a smile to anyone's face.

Yuffieroth (Sephiroth and Yuffie)- Why not have two people together that are either slightly insane or thought to be insane together! It's so fun.

Yudaj/Kaduffie (Kadaj and Yuffie)- You have to admit that this is unusual but very good!

Reffie (Reno and Yuffie)- Haha, always have to have a pervert paired up with Yuffie sometime!

Yuzuffie (Yazoo and Yuffie)- Very uncommon, but kind of sweet.

Zuffack sounds bad I know> (Yuffie and Zack)- There's only been one that I've seen sadly, but I loved it.

Kingdom Hearts- Favorite pairings:

Squiffe (Yuffie and Leon/Squall)- They are good together and Yuffie is a great person to help him loosen up a little.

Yura (Sora and Yuffie)- This I actually like more than Squiffe because I think Yuffie and Sora are so damn cute together. I like SoraKairi but Yura pairings are more of those where you think outside the box. I mean, always having a SoraKairi pairing in a KH story gets boring. Yura is more interesting and they seem to be better to me than SoraKairi. Hey don't flame if you don't like that pairing, but I think its one of the coolest. I might write some of those stories soon.

Clouffie (Cloud and Yuffie)- I think this is also cute but not very common. Damn. I adore this pairing forever.

SoraKairi- this pairing is okay but it gets boring after a while. Kairi is kind of annoying sometimes and her voice sounds so... babyish. Well to me any ways.

Legend of Zelda (I like pretty much all of those games)-

LinkZelda- I think this one is the most common but I don't really read them.

LinkMalon- They'd be cute together. And plus she likes horses.

Tales of Symphonia:

Colloyd (Colette and Lloyd)- They are cute together but it seems there are WAY too many of these

Shelloyd (Lloyd and Sheena)- I actually kind of like this more than Colloyd because Sheena is a lot stronger than Colette and plus she doesn't get kidnapped all the time. And if you've earned the 'Best Friend' title I think it tells you that Sheena likes Lloyd.

Sheelos (Sheena and Zelos)- Some one has to keep the pervert in line. Lol any ways I think this pairing is kawaii.

Kraine (Kratos and Raine)- Kratos needs some one since Anna died and plus Raine is perfect for him because she can fight, she's smart and other stuff. Except she can't cook... Lol

Gesea (Genis and Presea)- These two are so cute and they are the same height. And plus its funny about how Genis tries to talk to her 'cause he likes her and she is so quiet.

Pairings I hate:

Kagome/Naraku(evil guy), Kagome/Kuwabara (never read any though), Sango/Kurama (doesn't sound right), Kikyo/Sesshomaru(the bitch doesn't deserve any one), Kikyo/InuYasha (see left), Kikyo/Naraku (they should both just go to hell), Kagome/Vegeta (I mean what about Bulma?) Sango/Sesshomaru (HELL NO that just does not work), Sango/InuYasha(NO WAY), Kurama/Botan (I just can't see those two together and Botan belongs with Koenma!) Kurama/Keiko (EW NO NO Keiko is Yusuke's gal when Kagome is otherwise unavailable!) Keiko/Hiei (What are you thinking people?), Yuffie/RedXIII (HE IS AN ANIMAL FOR KAMI'S SAKE! EVEN IF HE CAN TALK!), Yuffie/Cid (HE IS HALF HER AGE AND HE LIKES SHERA!), Yuffie/Barrett (If this pairing does not exist I will be very happy), Yuffie/Cait Sith (If there ARE any of these so help me...) and I don't like yaoi or yuri much. I'm not against gays or lesbians but I just don't like those.

This is to all those Anakin fans out there. He joined the Dark Side, so why shouldn't you? Sora Yuffie (I joined! I'M EVIL! well not really lol I just joined the C2.)

There! Any way, please check out my fics! I love reviews and I check my email every day. (or at least try to... -.-')

More stuff (again):

Likes: FFVII, Vincent ValentineSephiroth, Kadaj, Cloud Strife, Hyuga NejiLORD OF THE RINGS! Swords/katanas, archery, fighting/action movies, manga/anime, Kingdom Hearts, Kitsunes, hot bishonen (besides from who's already listed), candy, sweet snow (a.k.a. ice cream, especially ice cream), dogs, cats, wolves, horses, reading graphic novels, drawing, writing, funny people, Evanescence (they rock!), Staind,The Black Mages,Nobuo Uematsu,Crossfade, BreakingBenjamin,Green Day,Utada Hikaru, Linkin Park, The Corrs,my family (MOST of them...) singing (quite good at it actually), and everything nice!

Dislikes: Bees (ALL KILL BEES, they almost killed my dog and mom once!), Kikyo (THE EVIL BITCH MUST DIE!), Haruno Sakura (She is VERY annoying and weak), Naraku (He's the evil guy in InuYasha, just like Kikyo, so I hate him too), Saruman (Evil bastard... I just wanna take his staff and shove it up his ass -.-) annoying people, people who say 'like' after every five words (it's not that I hate preps but it's freaking annoying! Learn how to talk with out saying it all the time, damn it!), people who can't take a hint (in other words, dense people), stupid people, waiting (I have almost no patience), people who irritate me (I won't say who).

I'm really nice to people I like, other wise I'm just polite. To people I hate however... Let's just say I have an active imagination towards revenge... But my imagination tends to run away with me, I daydream (sometimes) in class, and I can get angry easily or difficultly, depends on what is making me angry.

I'm helpful when something fun is to be planned or done. I like to matchmake... Heehee...

Just so you people know, I'm more likely to write cross overs than original fics. I will write original ones, I just prefer to write cross overs because it's just more fun for me. And I am NOT a lemon writer. I just am not comfortable writing them, even if I've read some, I just won't.

Things I've said or will say a LOT:

1. "What the hell is that!"


3. "Death is something you can't avoid, but at least you won't have to worry about it for a while. Unless, you're OLD!"

4. "Evanescence rocks!"

5. "That is sooooo kawaii!"

6. "WTF!"

7. "I'm not a morning person. You can see that by the state of my hair. And no, I don't use a curling iron. Pillows work the best!"

8. "You're cute when you say that."

9. "Stupid orcs! DIE!"

10. "I'm going to KILL you!" (to my brothers, but they're still here today don't worry...)

11. "Oooooookay... #backs away slowly#"


13. "What happened to you?"

14. "What's up their ass?"

15. "I'm tired..."

16. "Sesshomaru rocks my socks! Lookie how kawaii he is!" (about my doll of Sesshomaru)

17. "Math should burn in hell."

18. "I just want to put a hole through her stomach. Ooookay now I'm scaring myself..." (in a story)

19. "Yeah! I'm going to cut you up! Now, what about my lessons?"

20. "You PERVERT!"

21. "The ugliest man alive killed while saying poetry lines. Wow. Hey, can you teach me how to do that?" (I said that recently and its true!)

22. "I'm going to kick your ass!"


24. "You're gonna die in seven days! WHO'S GAY?" (from Scary Movie 3! Its funny)

25. "Dumb asses... Do they hire them to act stupid or are they really stupid? No wait, they are stupid!"

26. "Damn you all!"


28. "Dang it, die already!"


30. "DOTUDO!"

31. "POR QUE!"

And I'll put up more later.

Weird Random funny quotes I pick up from Fanfictions or from real life:

'She wants to cut you up in little pieces! Matasca! (sp? spanish for little pieces)' -My dad to my brothers, talking about me (I was saying about how I wanted the sword)

'There are enough for us both Gimli!' -Legolas to Gimli in the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers game (I think its kawaii when he says that)

'That still only counts as one!' -Gimli to Legolas after he killed the ouliphant (or how ever its spelled) from Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

'Ha-ha, dumb ass... bang.' -Yusuke when sleeping, from To Meet Again or so They say

'OH MY GOD! You killed Kenny!' -South Park

'What's wrong toddler? Does a little miko have your pampers in a twist?' -Yusuke to Koenma, from Changing Destiny

'I'd give you a hug, but your armor screams, 'death to all huggers'.' -Kagome to Sesshomaru, from From the Inside

'That was officially the scariest thing I've ever seen. It's even worser than Logan during a facial.' -Kurt to InuYasha, from Mutated Miko

Chain quote:

'That girl can sense me. She almost shot me.'-Hiei

'You mean Kagome? Yeah there's something strange about her. Did you see the way her arrows glow?' -Kurama

'Gee fox its not hard to miss when it's coming straight at your face.' -Hiei and End of Chain quote and its from A Fox's Future Girl

Chain quote:

'Hello Koga. Have you met my woman yet? She wears purple panties.' -Miroku

'What the hell are you talking about, Monk?' -Koga

'Or rather, doesn't wear them. Look how well they fit my robes. Pretty! #kaboom#' -Miroku


'Yo, wimpy wolf!' -InuYasha

'Dog turd?' -Koga

'The monk has Kagome's panties. #kaboom#' -InuYasha

End of Chain quote, and is from Chasing Methuselah

Chain quote:

'HENTAI! #Smack#' -Kagome

'You looked up her skirt again didn't you? I've told you before that if you want to get a good look at her wait until she tries to tie her shoe.' -InuYasha to Miroku

'SIT!' -Kagome

End of chain quote, and its from Someone New

Chain quote:

'And you, Kurama. This here is a lecherous houshi by the name of Miroku.' -Sango to Kurama

'Is that how you think of me Lady Sango? I am truly hurt.' -Miroku to Sango

'No it is not what we think, it is what we know.' -Kagome to Miroku

End of chain quote and its from Elemental Kitsune

Chain quote:

'Keiko! Keiko! Where the fuck are you?' -Yusuke

'Boyfriend?' -Kagome

'Something like that, well I have people to see and idiots to slap.' -Keiko

End of chain quote and its from Lethal Princess

Chain quote:

'#SLAP!# MIROKU YOU PERVERT!' -Sango to Miroku

'You know that by now. My hand is cursed!' -Miroku

'Grownups. I NEVER want to grow up.' -Shippo

End of chain quote and its from The Prince's First Love

Chain quote:

''Gome! Stop! Please... gasp I can't breathe...' -Sota

'That's what you get for waking me like that you little shit.' -Kagome

'MOM! Kagome called me a-' -Sota

'A little angel of God.' -Kagome

End of chain quote and its also from Lethal Princess

Chain quote from me and me friends (we're all weird at lunch time)

'Oh thank you Joy. You've enlightened me.' -Manasa

'HA! I get it! Your the Buddha!' -Joy

'All hail the girl Buddha!' -Keri

'Hey Manasa, can you bless our football?' -Morgan

'No.' -Manasa

'Please?' -Morgan

'Fine.#touches it# There, its blessed.' -Manasa

'Thanks Manasa!' -Morgan

'Go you Manasa' -Me, Sue and Elizabeth (we're being sarcastic)

'Yay. I can bless balls.' -Manasa (and she didn't notice how perverted that sounded!)

All: Laughing

'NO I meant FOOTballs! FOOTballs!' -Manasa (we have so many Manasa moments, and they're all so funny)

End chain quote

Another real life chain quote:

at school

'Manasa, Richard go up to the board and Manasa you have to tell him what he should do in spanish.' -My spanish teacher

'Okay, but what should I say?' -Manasa

'How about, to go to the bathroom?' -one of the students, probably Sarah

'Fine. says it (and its not like that you perverts!)' -Manasa

does it, like as in walks to the bathroom -Richard

'Okay, now what?' -Richard

'How do you say to wipe in spanish?' -Manasa

All: Laughing really hard

'I didn't mean it that way!' -Manasa

All: Still laughing

'Shut up!' -Manasa (it sounded like she told him to wipe his butt because he had just, gone to the bathroom, but she really meant like to wipe your face after you wash it or something.)

End chain quote

'NEW LIFE? I'll give you a NEW LIFE!' -Travis to Elizabeth from school

'You guys are acting like little giggling girls at their first tea party.' -Me to my little monster brothers who were still awake when they should be asleep and my room is next to theirs

Chain quote:

'What the heck? Majin brat?' -Me

Dain and Adam: Laughing

'It's Majin Belt.' -Dain

'Oh, well it looked like 'Majin Brat,' -Me

'What's a Majin Brat?' -Adam

End chain quote

Chain quote:

'What are you doing?' -Aragorn

'Well what about breakfast?' -Pippin

'You already had it.' -Aragorn

'We've had one yes. But what about second breakfast?' -Pippin

'I don't think he knows about second breakfast Pip.' -Merry

End of chain quote and its from Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (I love that chain quote)

Chain quote:

'#passed out# -Mrs. Higurashi

'#runs in and puts something under Mrs. Higurashi's nose# -Sota

'#screams and runs# -Mrs. Higurashi

'Sota, what did you give her? Smelling salts shouldn't have that affect on her.' -Kagome

'Well I couldn't find them so I figured my dirty socks would do the trick, and they did!' -Sota

End of Chain quote and its from Cursed

Chain quote:

Mom and Uncle talking about something gross I think-


'Oh gross!' -Me

'Gross is right. You weren't even paying attention were you?' -Mom

'No its not that, but there is ketchup on my strawberry!' -Me

End of Chain quote (I forgot to ask what they were talking about... -.-)

Chain quote;

'Oh man I got a head ache.' -Me

'Who has what?' -My brother

'I got a head ache. I didn't have coffee this morning.' -Me

'You're hooked on caffeine? That's not good, here take this. #gives me something#' -my brother

'#Looks at it, its a pill#' -me

'Its caffeine not Tylenol!' -My brother

End of chain quote

Chain quote:

'Okay. So what does that make us?' -Bloo to Cheese

'BLUE CHEESE!' -Mrs. Foster

End of chain quote and its from Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends. (my little brothers were watching that and the computer was by the TV, and can you tell I was bored?)

'AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! #slows down and moves cart very slowly# WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! #pushes fast# AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! then DOITAGAINDOITAGAINDOITAGAIN!' -Cheese from Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends (same episode, still bored)

'AVOID THE EYE OF SAURON! x30' -Me while my brother and I were playing the Lord of the Rings: The Third Age and making myself sound like a parrot (if you've played the game you'll understand... And its the funnest thing to say that annoys people. Especially on AIM. Lolz and it is fun)

'SMELL MY SHIRT! I'm ADDICTED TO IT!' -My little brother Dain (he spilled ranch dressing on himself... And he's 10)

'I just stabbed one in the nuts! O.O' -My little brother Dain while playing the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and killing orcs (lucky... -.-)

'HAHAH! TAKE THAT YOU DUMB ASSES!' -Me while playing LOTR: The Return of the King game from EA games and killing more orcs than you could count. (Yes I talk to the screen, who gives a damn?)

'Eww, what kind of nasty stuff are you spewing?' -Me while playing Kingdom Hearts and fighting Cerberus

'First step to insanity- talking to inanimate objects.' -I forgot where I've gotten that from but I've also had some one say that to me.

I'll probably put up more some other time. But don't I have an interesting life?

Places I am at:

That is my wolf and fox rpg. NOT DEMONS. It is fun though. Join a pack today!

This is a demon, hanyou, and human rpg. It has a plot, and it's relatively new!

A magical rpg with magical middle-earth kind of creatures.

Anyway if you ever want to co-write a fic with me that's okay (I have lots of great ideas), or if you have questions just email me or this is my AOL screen names:

OneWingedDemiGod (I will use this one the most)


ReiZel HellPyre


OR on YIM:



on MSN:

Ja ne everyone!

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Parenthood by Hatake Sakura Love reviews
Kagome finds an abandoned Hanyou pup in a basket by the river.v And will this half dog demon pup bring Inuyasha and Kagome closer together? Wait what's this? Kagome's mom has a secret she's been hiding. Please R&R. Getting Edited
Inuyasha - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 9 - Words: 11,353 - Reviews: 319 - Favs: 274 - Follows: 290 - Updated: 7/17/2015 - Published: 1/4/2005 - Inuyasha, Kagome H.
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