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Holy crap, I sounded like an effing noob...

I have matured greatly in my writing (no, I'm not perfect, but I'm doing better than when I first started) so in turn, I have deleted the old crap on my profile (except for that mildly decent revision I started that I will never finish. I swear, I'm not picking the stupid thing up again) Storylines no longer follow my character's designs now, so I've given up.


Sonic the Hedgehog: To tell the truth, I'm actually clinging to this fandom just barely. A lot of my love died away when I picked up that mistake of a Wii game, Sonic and the Secret Rings. Now instead of rabidly obsessing over every aspect of talking, superfast hedgehogs, I can actually see plenty of his Epic Fails. There are still games in the series that I love, though.
Favorite characters: Manic, Cream, Silver, Metal Sonic, and Chip. If I think of anymore, I'll let you know.

Okami: I played the Wii remake and I have been in love with it ever since. It combines all my love of wolves, art, and Japanese culture into one brilliant masterpiece of a game.
Favorite characters: At the moment, I can only say Amaterasu.

Zelda: My friend got me hooked on this series, really. Favorite game in the series varies. I loved Majora's Mask, Ocarina of Time, and Twilight Princess.
Favorite characters: Link, Wolf Link, and Midna.

Klonoa: Is it the fact that you're playing as a cute, floppy-eared furry, exploring different dream realms, or is it the musical score that's hooked me? I can safely say all three drew me in quite quickly and I've been hooked ever since playing the Wii remake.
Favorite characters: King of Sorrow, Klonoa, Tat, and Karal

NiGHTS: I played the demo for Sega Saturn when I was very young and loved every minute of it, but I could never find it again. Imagine my surprise and great joy when they made another addition of it for the Wii~
Favorite characters: Because I couldn't connect with the characters of the first game because I only had a demo, I'd have to base my favorites on the newest installment. NiGHTS and Helen really won me over.

Dead Space: A survival horror in space. Normally, I'm not all for the space sci-fi stuff, but this was pretty good. I really do love my survival horrors.
Favorite characters: Too busy killing Necromorphs to really connect with any of the characters, but at least Lex tried to help me the best she could by shouting out clues.

Resident Evil: My dad got me hooked on this. It was my first survival horror and before I even started playing it on my own, I used to watch Dad play through. (And it would constantly scare me. Constantly)
Favorite characters: Claire Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy, and Sheva (though her reason for being on there is that she gets the longbow)

Kingdom Hearts: Pure awesomeness. It was really my first RPG, and the vast expanse of characters and an amazing, original backstory made me nearly keel over. Effects and music were an instant win, and I can say, it was one of the most entertaining and magical gaming experiences of my life.
Favorite characters: Sora, Riku, a little of Roxas and Axel, and all those adorable Shadow Heartless

Mario: I don't think Nintendo has ever had much failure when it comes to Mario. You have to admit, though, a lot of the concepts seem as if they were experimenting perhaps a bit too much on drugs. But I digress. Amazing plots, characters, and original ideas give this series a ten...out of ten of course. My favorite game of the moment, though, would have to be Mario Galaxy.
Favorite characters: Yoshi, the Lumas, and Luigi

Final Fantasy 9: Don't get me wrong, plenty of Final Fantasy's are really good, and I rather did enjoy ten, but I must admit that my reason for choosing this out of all the others is one special little addition. Vivi Oruntia.
Favorite characters: Vivi (Duh!), Zidane, and the Chocobos

Spyro: A spunky little dragon that toasts his enemies? Heck yeah! The Legend of Spyro series later on was also really neat!
Favorite characters: Spyro, Hunter (mainly from A Hero's Tail), Sheila, and Cynder

Super Smash Bros: Characters from a whole bunch of Nintendo games pitting against each other in epic battles! 'Nuff said.
Favorite characters: I don't see it fitting to have to choose a favorite character from here. But I do like to use Bowser and/or Ike to fight.

Pokemon: Eh, I was into this as a kid, fell out of it as I got older, and recently got back in it.
Favorite character: Mew

Drawn to Life: Okay, this was a fun game. The fact that you got to draw your own hero, aids and obstacles, to help progress through the game was an ingenious idea and they pulled it off well. I admit, some parts could get a bit tedious, but overall, this was amazing. And the story that went along with it was rather adorable, not to mention the characters.
Favorite characters: Jowee and Mari

Scribblenauts: This game is nearly unlimited in what you can do! Seriously! I can get so much inspiration just by summoning the oddest things together. My favorite so far is riding a tiny centaur.
Favorite characters: None, seeing as this is really just a puzzle game, and Maxwell is nowhere near intriguing.

Hamtaro: Call me childish, yes, but the little hamsters are too freaking adorable to ignore. There's no way I could resist. Sometimes being a fangirl can be quite the curse.
Favorite characters: Hamtaro, Bijou, Penelope, Sandy

Ginga Nageraboshi Gin and Ginga Densetsu Weed: Ha ha, packs of dogs fighting to keep their territory safe. Brilliantly animated and very grasping in the plot. Kept me on the edge of my seat~
Favorite characters: Gin, Weed, Cross, Ben, John, Moss, Smith, Akatora, Chūtora, Kurotora, Akame, Tesshin (pup and adult), Weed, Jerome, Ken, Kagetora, Kyōshirō, GB, Mel, Rocket, Hiro, Hook, Reika, Hoiler, Bat, and Kite

(Still working on this at the moment)

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