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Author has written 29 stories for Danny Phantom, Codename: Kids Next Door, and Bleach.

"Crack pairings are addictive man." - Kally

Yes, yes they are - and that's about all I write. If you aren't addicted to crack, then I suggest you find someone elses' stories to read. If you are brave enough to dwell in the waters of unexplainable, unexpected relationships - then welcome to my fanfiction world.

And also, I -do not- own the characters, etc. of the shows I write fanfiction of, they belong to those who created them - all credit goes to them.

My Favorite Shows: Anime: Bleach, Black Cat, Code Geass, Death Note, Inuyasha

Manga: Bleach, Vampire Knight (I have yet to get started on any of the other series I'm interested in..)

Books: Twilight Series(yes, I started reading -before- the popularity), House Of Night Series, Vampire Academy Series, Maximum Ride

I don't feel like listing individual books I have read/enjoyed because I read too many books to do that.

My Writing: For right now, I will be writing Bleach fanfictions. My writing style is usually Romance/Angst (I prefer not to write fluff) but, sometimes I have a fluff moment or two. I could write canon character pairings, but I like crack pairings... and as of right now, Im being obsessive with UlquiorraxYoruichi (good example of my odd pairings).

Now for the pairings (to which I will only be doing Bleach pairings for right now) These are just my favorites, as there are many other pairings that I wouldn't mind either. But, all of my stories will probably be romance, so this will kind of help so you can know what may be in my stories/future stories...

Yoruichi & Ulquiorra

Grimmjow & Neliel

Ichigo & Rukia

Toshiro & Rangiku

The only pairings I truly don't like are UlquiorraxOrihime (seriously..? I Just don't get it..) and ToshiroxKarin (once again...clueless..) as well as RenjixRukia (because, let's face it... I couldn't possibly be an IchigoxRukia fan if I agreed with that, right?) Though I will admit, I also couldnt be if I supported IchigoxOrihime, but the more i see those two together, it doesn't bother me anymore. Anyway, small list... but, I think that pretty much covers the -major- ones I support. YoruichixUlquiorra, I do have an explination for that one, really... I do.

Top Ten Bleach Characters Once again, just for the fun of it.

1. Ulquiorra Schiffer

2. Yoruichi Shihouin

3. Grimmjow Jaggerjaques

4. Neliel

5. Rangiku Matsumoto

6. Toshiro Hitsugaya

7. Soi Fon

8. Ichigo Kurosaki

9. Rukia Kuchiki

10. Gin Ichimaru

Anyway, can you tell Bleach is my obsession? heh. Seriously, I jump from one thing to the other. It used to be Danny, then I grew up a little and now it's Bleach. Who knows what it will be next (though, my bets are on it just staying Bleach forever... I dont see me losing interest in it)

The Most Beautiful Thing In Life Is Looking Into Your Dogs' Eyes and Seeing The True Meaning Of Love

Yes, I love dogs. The one thing I love most in this world (aside from my family) is dogs. So, if I were to sum my life up simply I will leave with this as my conclusion : I love dogs.

Small bits of information regarding my fanfictions...

Unexpected Relationship

Ever have that one fanfiction you write, that you're terribly proud of, and you just can't write another like it? Well, this is it.

I started Unexpected Relationship On the odd decision that Ulquiorra & Yoruichi would just be amazing together. My reasoning behind this would be too long to explain, and i don't like to be -that- obsessive. Ask my friends, and they will probably agree with my fangirling on this pairing xD I guard it well. I truly see Ulquiorra with no one anyway, so why not throw him out there with someone just as beautiful and elegant? Besides, he did smile at her at their first encounter. sadly, I don't believe there is a second

Anyway, about the story... I started it out in the best way possible for him to ever have an opprotunity in grabbing Yoruichi. He wouldn't do it just for the sake of taking her, there had to be a reason. Of course, it did seem a bit too impulsive of him to just grab up a cat without being given the instructions to do so... but, he has to be bad once in a while, right?

I have had the whole plot figured out in my head from the start, though minor changes have occured for the filling in part. Basically, when I say the whole plot, I mean the beginning/end and some aspects within the middle. I must thank my friend, Shay, for helping me through some stuck plot spots... those really are annoying. Writer's block kills sometimes =P

Anyway, my main goal with UR is to get it past 100 pages (which I believe I will be able to do). It was originally supposed to end here shortly, but I have thought up many things to make a few more twists & keep it going (without getting dull) for a while yet to come. Of course, if I feel its getting too drawn out, I will save it and end it where it should be ended. I don't ever want to fail a writing of mine by dragging it out just for the sake of page numbers. Anyway, enjoy reading.

Shadowed Memories

The idea of this story was.. I guess to come up with a history for Ulquiorra. At the beginning it's focusing on him remembering parts of his life as an Arrancar, but later on I will get to parts of his history from when he was a human.

I know this type of thing has probably been experimented with before... but I just had to try. I went for a different approach, of it being thrust upon him to turn human, rather than him just agreeing to it, or even being forced to do it. I think Ulquiorra's pride would make him want to die, rather than return to a human state... but, in this effect it was totally a surprise action, so that eliminates the more impossible factors. (I still think the whole idea is impossible...but, I have an imagination)

Chains of Alteration

Once again, I must thank Shay for the amazing title

This has so far been very slow going, however. Only one chapter posted, in how long? Yeah... sorry guys. This will probably take UR's place once I finish it. As of right now, Im pretty much working on UR mainly, so this has been neglected.

I do have many ideas for this, its just getting it started that's the problem. I think once I roll through another chapter, the pace will pick up, and I can get into the more intersting ideas I have for this.

Random Conversation Corner friends and I are just weird enough for this to be important

(Ulquiorra-Me, Grimmy-Evy)

Ulquiorra: picks up a panther by the scruff of its neck Here...
Grimmjow: D:

Grimmjow: let meh go ulqui!

Ulquiorra: holds tighter

Grimmjow: o.o
Ulquiorra: >.>

Ulquiorra : precisely
Grimmjow : -claws at ulqui-

(Yoruichi-Me, Shiro-Evy)

Yoruichi: Can you feel the love that we share?
Shirosaki: pft no D:

(Soi-Shay, Shiro-Evy)

SoiFon climbs into Shirosaki's pants

Shirosaki: o.o
SoiFon: When Yoruichi comes back...
SoiFon: I shall ambush her from here >_>

Random Quotes (will retrieve them later!)

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