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About Anters

Real Name: Jay

Gender: Dude

Age: 18 yrs. 0 months, 8 days, 16 hours, 28 minutes.

Residence: Under a rock in California, USA.

School Rank: High School Senior

Avaliable: No. In a relationship with a beautiful, sexy, loving, and sweetheart of a girlfriend. And even if I was single, no, I wouldn't go out with you. End of story.

Spoken Languages: Fluently- English (duh) and German. Learning- French, Tagalog, & Japanese.

I Speak Like a: Cowboy. Cause I am one. Get over it. (I dress “normal” however…)

TV/Movies: I don’t care for them. The only good show is Amazing Race.

Books: Phillip Pullman is the greatest author ever. All his books rock.

Video Games: I only play Super Smash Bros. Melee, and occasionally Wii Sports (at a friend’s house.)

Music: Keeps me goin’. I listen to anythin’ & everythin’ that sounds good. I also have my own music studio thing with my friends and make original scores to Elements.

Sports: My only other passion other then writin’. I love all sports ‘cept lacrosse, cause I’m impaired with the stick thing used; wrestling, I just never got into it personally although my cousin is fifth in state in Wyomin’! Sorry, bragging moment. And I also hate pickle ball, it’s probably the most boring sport invented.

You were on TV?!?!: Yes, I’ve been on Nationwide Television twice now. Once for MTV, and once for Oprah. MTV was for some Prom documentary that my high school was chosen as the place of filmage. I was filmed/interviewed with my friends as we were hangin’ out durnin’ a class period NOT doin’ our work. I was a sophomore (10th grader) at the time. That aired on MTV June 3rd, 2005 at 8pm.

Secondly, I was on a taping for Oprah when our high school band and orchestra was invited to London’s New Years Day Parade (kicking off 2006) and, being one of very few high schools across the country privileged enough, we were demonstrating what we would be playing in London. And, the London trip was amazing, just to let ya’ll know.

Elements Team?: Yes, it’s the team I helped to create. It’s a “team” of people that work on a current comic called The Elements that is also being made into animation at a very slow pace. Currently, it is made up of a dozen or so people, with another dozen “farmers” as we call them (aka Helpers.) I’m the Head Deskman, the guy that starts major writin’ projects and overlooks other writin’ that’s going on. The other “depts.” are Drawin’ (where the story of Elements is made into ink, pencils, etc.); Animation (our slow moving process of struggle to get Elements into a animation); Music (the place where Element’s original scores are created.); and HMLs (the website, pretty much.) I update the News Section (down below) with updates once in a while to show how things are coming along.

AIM Messenger & MSN Messenger: Yes, I have both. You must ask for the screen name though, because it IS NOT Anters. In addition, on both, my settings block you unless I have added you to my friends.

MySpace: No I don’t have one, stop asking! I have experimented, and typin’ in “Anters” will get you four accounts, I believe. All of them are NOT ME even though they stole my name! Shessh…

Other Questions: Just ask me through Private Message, by clicking here. If I like the question enough, I’ll add it in here as well.


Amazing Race: Smash Bros. Edition


Sixteen teams race around the world of Nintendo for the grand price of one million dollars! In a new twist, eliminations will be dependant on the readers, not me! After a chapter, leave a review or e-mail (through Private Message) and tell me your choice of who should be eliminated and who should win! Its the Hurt/Heal format here people! So, let's get it ON!

News by Anters

04/28- Amazing Race is up! Enjoy!

Well, now that I’ve completely wasted your time with endless dribble from the depths of my abyss of a mind, I leave you with some suggestions of other good reads and authors! First I give thanks to Supergrl26 for telling me to join. Also, a HUGE thanks to Gamer21 for being an awesome friend (featuring me, Anters, in his SSBM stories!) You both rock! Also, I have to give thanks to Lyra loves to read for all those awesome reviews when I was writing my Teen Titans story! Okay, I think that is enough, so TTYL and see ya around the site! -Anters-
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