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* I am now 17, and looking back at this I was tempted to erase it, but chose not to just to wonder about my sanity as a child* (Yo update 2: I'm 23 now, and holy shit I'm pretentious af as a 17 year old, man leave child me alone buddy)

Darkshadowgirl: Hello supposingly human creatures who read this thingy.You will never find out about me because I domanate you all!MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA(gasp)HAHAHAHAHA! *Dominate child, it's spelled DOMINATE, supposingly is not a word, and the best word I can think of for profile is "thingy"*

age: It's a number...that's all I know *I wish I wrote my age*

gender: I know it starts with a f, I think it was fingers...yes my gender is fingers. *that was a pretty lame joke*

Things I hate: I hate...um...chicken...steak...yeah that's it I hate chicken steak!And you can't stop me! *I can attempt to punch you*

Things I like: I like dead flys! You got a problem with that? Well, you can have a interesting conversation with dead flys! *That's just strange...*

Things I like to do: I like to eat mayonaise and then laugh at them for being eaten so yeah cheese is good too!I also like to laugh at random things that just sit there and don't eat or drink(example:chairs). *At least I gave an example*

Things I would hate to do:Being one of those poor kids who have to watch Barney (sniff)they were so young and stupid. *oh, you were so young and stupid*

Things that are things:Honey,squirrels,tables,chairs...um...honey... *well at least that made some sense*

Anime/manga I like:Naruto,Shaman King,Trigun,Yu-gi-oh (not alot),Digimon(not alot),Count Cain,Angel Santuary,Fruit Baskets,Kare Kano,FullMetal AlchemistI have so many I like but my brain just won't list them to me!Stupid Brain! *My list is way higher now, but whatever let child me enjoy it*

favourite pairings:(you may hate them) This is Naruto pairings! . *These are Naruto pairings...I need to learn english*

Sasuke/Sakura *When the hell did I like this couple?! They suck together!*

Ten Ten/Negi *?*




Darkshadowgirl:Sorry I would name more but I have a brain that won't work(smakes brain)

Brain:Ow one day us brains will have a body of our own

Darkshadowgirl:riiiiight,anywho you still don't know anything about me so HA!

(random person whispers in Darkshadows ear)

Darkshadowgirl:WHAT! I told them about MYSELF!Why didn't you random people tell me?

Random person:I dunno.

Darkshadowgirl: AHHHHHHHH!Bye you people who are reading this I hope I can send you a peice of this RANDOM PERSON!BYE! *It's spelled piece kid*

*I'm surprised my most popular work is Don't Drink Coffee! which is kid me on crack writing stuff on paper in hopes that it will make a story*

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[undergoing renovation]
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What I love about the game
This is just random observations my friend and I made about the game, WRITTEN IN STORY FORM! yay
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