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I deeply apologize to anyone offended by my lack of updates, lost of communication, and for taking out some of these stories that were truly adored.

The Meaningless Information
-because, really, who doesn't choke on this?

So, hm, where should I start-?

I am:

-SaraChris, in the flesh(?)
-a person actually in need of finishing a multi-chaptered prompt before dying
-in love with my KH-anything fandom
-obsessed with Code Geass and with Lelouch's insanity (he is friggin' GOD of that series)
-hoping EPIC Naruto will end sometime this year (crosses fingers)
-in love with the 90's due to reading Boys, by Casey V.
-recommending to read aforementioned fic, like, HARD
-as a New Year's resolution going to finish my favorite written fics. be friggin READY
-the class of 0-friggin'-9
-hoping to make more friends/fans as I had done in the past
-falling in love with Russia of Axis Powers Hetalia, because I AM. RUSSIA.


Oh, yeah. I finally like to say I discarded my once infantile of a facade of everything which really, really , really disappointed me for a while since joining this site, or maybe even longer than that. I think the reason I didn't update and/or discontinued many of my stories over the past two-or-so years on some was because I was disillusioned from my own writing style - which hopefully has approved due to my hiatus - and I believe I have finally freakin' found my old inspiration to write original plots instead of recycling old ideas I just simply misconstrued from my favorite authors.

So, um.

Some of these stories? They'll be trashed. Others I might have actually still find interested to continue? They'll stay but will be revamped, particularly in regard to maintaining a sense of originality that was lacking. I can't thank the lot of you who had supported me in TeXt Me, but due to my inept abilities, I'm going to say goodbye to that story, and hopefully write a new story to accomdate for it, because actually, I did like where it was heading. However, because of its poor start, I couldn't bring myself to finish. So, TeXt Me is utterly discontinued for life.

Secondly, I hope I didn't scare off any of my old readers, because they are load of AWESOME; I truly wish I knew these people in real life. So, yeah. I think I'm done with my pointless rant. Hopefully (god, use another friggin' desperate transition you dickwad!) this may stay as a testament of UPDATE-NESS!

Oh, so which stories am I still continuing? Follows as below:

Let Today Be Like Yesterday and Upcoming Sequels (WILL BE THOROUGHLY REVAMPED)
Nocturnal Caress (because I actually loved this idea from the very beginning and hope to shape the intense(?) plot)
some form of Yes, Master! (why? because I find degrading Sora in some creative way to be considered as fun. Mmm, yes...)
and any side-writing projects (only to be updated in the spur of the moment)

I like to give a big, big thank you to Mika, the sub-writer for I Know Your...; anyways, she was superb so it's not her fault at all for me taking out the story. I found it inadequate to me for a long time, so it's a miracle it survived my perfectionist-bitchy might. So yeah. I'm still forever going to love her for her generosity. Mika is ftw.

On the closing note, yeah. Totally going to REVAMP (my favorite word for the New Year) my entire self, even this old thing I want to revive (AGAIN?!). Loves forever and still to come,


Upcoming Fics
-plots that are manifesting cult dances and mantras...

Under construction...

Quote of the Moment
-because some would like to have life and its existence to be defined.

"If it (Life) turns out to be a joke at the end, I'm going to be so pissed at whoever started it." - AnaMia Padilla

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Everything seems perfect in Sora’s life. But when big time jerk, Riku, learns a very different Sora from a journal, he's going to post Sora’s darkest secrets on the school website! Well, he's going to if Sora doesn't wear that maid outfit...[DISCONTINUED]
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Only 16, Sora has until the end of summer of this year to live. The only comfort of inflicting himself, Sora suddenly encounters with a certain teen punk [Oneshot] YAOI, LEMON!
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