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Author has written 4 stories for Inuyasha, Naruto, and Slayers.

Age: 22, Male

Biography: There isn't much to say xD

Stories: There are a couple of Inuyasha one-shots I wrote back in the days when i thought it was one of the best shows out there...then i discovered the wide wide world of manga and other anime...although an enjoyable series, I have many others to which I watch and read. Naruto is one of them and to keep myself calm as I wait week after week for the manga and anime to update I look to fan fiction and therefore read and write to keep my interest peaked.

To Prove His Worth.

Two years ago Konoha's Alliance with the Sand had them sending reinforcements and soldiers to the Wind Country to settle uprisings and keep the lords of the region from rebelling and putting the country in an all out civil war. Leaving Konoha grossly undermanned, the small villages long in talks with the major villages to come to a resolution and create new trading routes to boost the economies of their respective countries, became sick of being ignored and look down upon, learned of the opportunity Konoha's lack of soldiers meant. In a completely unexpected act an alliance of five small villages(gassho) , led by the Grass village, collected all the manpower they could, somewhere upwards of 3000 ninja (Mercenary Ninja as well) and besieged the village in hopes of forcing them to recognize the plight that they faced. Konoha outnumbered 3 to 1 could only rely on the sheer skill and knowledge of Shikamaru to come up with a defense to keep the village from falling as all forms of communication were viciously cut off by the besiegers.

Using his vast amount of knowledge Shikamaru determined the best course of Action wass to attack. He met with the Leader of the alliance and came to the agreement of a pitched battle at tanibutokoro (A.K.A 'Deep Valley' Actual Translation 'valley in a deep mountain') The area was lush with trees and plateau's with a long wide valley at it's base. Though neither side trusted each other, they met ten miles north at the agreed area. Shikamaru had however already thought things through and come to only one reliable strategy that relied solely on his ace in the hole...Naruto. In the midst of Battle Naruto played his part and in the process he lost control of himself causing the Kyuubi to come out in the middle of the battlefield causing a great amount of death and destruction against both friend and foe...

It is now two years since the battle, Naruto has become confused and isolated, his mind is clouded with very realistic nightmares that are tearing him up from the inside. The connections he once held dear, he now holds in fear and anguish, believing to be some sort of curse and potentially the destruction of his beloved village he traveled the world only to be forced back by the call of his Hokage. Now he is forced to meet and reconnect with old friends and new acquaintances as he is ordered to team up with Sakura and teach a team of Genin.

All Characters from the Naruto Franchise belong to Masashi Kishomoto, this is obvious and therefore should not be taken into any confusion.

Original Characters. (These are mine any similarities between them, their habits, and abilities with any other fanfic are purely unintentional, unless of course they were taken from me, but I don't think I'm good enough for that xD)

(Team 9) Under the Direction of Naruto and Sakura.

Gina Yamagata: 12 year old genin with a passion for drawing and a will to learn, although Shy and very self conscious she has a determination driven by the words of her dead father. An orphan who never her mother, she was raised by her father until she was 4 years old when he was killed in the Sand/Sound invasion that left the only living relative to be her Aunt Tanaka. By the time she was 8 her Aunt had gone on an espionage mission to the Rice Country which resulted in her death, now an orphan she never showed up at the orphanage and had become such an afterthought no one bothered to learn of her whereabouts and how she survived. She is a member of Team 9 under Naruto and Sakura.

Leiko Fukushima: A genin with an inflated view of her own abilities. Although considered a genius by her academy sensei, she is very brash and loud. She lacks the qualities that are needed for a team to successfully carry out missions and often berates Gina for her inability to learn quickly and for reasons unknown by others. She grew up with mainly her mother around as her father worked in the ANBU when she was younger and due to a severe wound he had become a permanent home and tower guard. She has a kekkei genkai that is known by her sensei and family, however the strength of it is only known to her and she is very careful not to let anyone know of how far she's actually come. She is a ranged fighter that uses a bow and arrow in coordination with her ninjutsu. She is a member of Team 9 under Naruto and Sakura.

Hiroshi Ibariki: Oldest of three children he lives and dreams of only pleasing his father, a man who is gruff and short on emotion. A one time ANBU leader and hero Hiroshi desires only to bring honor back to his family and live up to the legend that is his father. He is the first of the two male teammates on Team 9. He is privately viewed as the one with the most potential of his graduation class, he is smart kid who always analyzes the situation before acting and in a pinch he can set a trap to ensnare his enemy as his trapping and tracking skills are equivalent of a high level Chuunin.

Raidon Akita: The lazy and unmotivated student of the class he was once considered a prodigy but began questioning his motives as he watched Leiko become self absorbed and rude. Being one of the only friends Gina had growing up in the academy he feared becoming absorbed with ability and potential and changed his motivations for becoming a ninja to just being amused, he also kept going to make sure Gina wouldn't quit or becoming demoralized by Leiko's picking. He holds his friends and classmates in high regard and even if he doesn't like someone he refuses to let someone be bullied or pushed around for no adequate reason.

(Team Furikata) (Translated: Future Plans) Under the direction of Shikamaru and Temari

Kisho Shonji: The son of a high ranking Suna Councilor he has been watched and followed by Gaara after an incident from a couple years earlier. He is a very obnoxious and rude child who has no respect for any of his sensei's or elders. Chosen personally by Gaara to be part of the Suna Contingent for the yu ko jo yaku (or Treaty of Friendship) in which two Suna genin and a jounin would join two Konoha genin and a jounin in one team that would spend 6 months in each village as they would train and grow side by side in an effort to create an even stronger alliance and allow future generations of ninja work alongside each other as though they've known each other their entire lives. Gaara's motivation for sending this child is unclear as Kisho himself hates all other villages, especially Konoha, and has no desire to aid the leaf in any way let alone live their for 6 months.

Hikaru Miki: Son of an ANBU Captain Hikaru is Kisho's best friend and the other Suna genin chosen for the mission. He is a quiet kid with a world of potential. He respects Kisho's strength a great deal but there are times in which he wishes Kisho would be more respectful of the people around him.

Kameko Aomori:The first of two Konoha genin chosen to be a part of this 'experiment'. She is a headstrong girl with a great sense of her abilities and a kindhearted girl who respects her elders and is willing to do whatever it takes to serve her idol the Godaime Hokage Tsunade. However she has a minor flaw, she is quick to jealousy and is very, very competitive and being teamed up with Kisho Shonji, her fuse is slowly burning as she continues to do whatever it takes to not be overshadowed by this clown of Suna. Her personality is as fire red as her hair.

Ame Tottori: A quiet girl who is best friends with Kameko and who only wishes to keep up with her friend. Never the first to speak in a conversation, she nevertheless has something to add to any conversation and is never willing to lose to anyone. She is quick to make friends and can see the good side to almost anybody.

(Team 11/Chouji) Under Chouji The genin in this group graduated six months before the setting of this story.

Yukio Hidaka:The genius of the last graduation class he was long considered to graduate from the academy at a young age, however Shikamaru proposed to have a set age for students to graduate as he felt if someone learned power at to young an age they could become obsessed and power hungry. He is considered the most blessed of the Hidaka clan, with the chuunin exams coming up he is expected to be the only one guaranteed to pass. He has four thick strands of hair that rest along side his ears each one tied together with a red and black feather that symbolizes his families colors and symbol. He carries on his hip a small staff that can be quickly extended into a long bow staff that he uses in coordination with his taijutsu.

Oichi Daten: A girl who views herself a respectable genin and has a secret crush on her annoying, overzealous teammate Zen. She often berates him for his immaturity and constantly worries about his well being on missions. Although in constant denial of any of these facts, she can't hide it from her sensei. She uses a mix of genjutsu and Ninjutsu in her styles, she dislikes taijutsu and attempts to avoid it at all costs.

Zen Shiga: A boy with stamina similar to the great Naruto himself, he has consistently impressed his elders with his knowledge, quickness, and stamina...Chouji only wishes he would use these abilities on the battlefield. His attention span is short and he seems oblivious to the things happening around him, including the apparent crush young Oichi has on him. Zen's dream is to be just like his sensei and has never once found anything wrong with the direction his sensei is taking them.

Also in progress 'For the Shadow of the Wind' a story surrounding an OC from To prove his Worth, Gaara's top personal Guard Yuka and how she came to respect the Kazekage.

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