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And therefore let me beg of you, my lords
If you should think my story ill accords
With the original...
Or if the words I use are not the same
As you have heard, I beg you not to blame
My variations; in my general sense
You wont find much by way of difference
Between the little treatise as it's known
And this, a merry story of my own
-Geoffry Chaucer


Uninspired and particularly indifferent towards it.


Oh my gog... I just realized Nathaniel is to Kitty as Gazza is to Scara.


I love these pairings even more now. Tralalalaaa!

But I'll be sure to squelch out any nasty crossover ideas.


Alright. So maybe the impending doom of school is inspiring me to write more. A plot bunny traipsed its way into my head and made a mess there. So I have no choice but to clean it up and write it down. Haha. It'll probably just be a oneshot, since I have a lot of problems with commitment and stuff like that. Oh well. Ta!


So, I decided to delete my John/Jane story, because I decided it wasn't worth it. There were just too many gaping plotholes and improbability and I hate stories like that. So, yeah.

Oh, but I have a new fic. With less improbabilities. And it isn't going to be a oneshot like I originally said. Poo, my inconsistencies. Haha. I'm not making sense. BAah.


Okay. So, after reading Maximum Ride one and two, I have a new OTP. Fang and Max, a'course.

But really, no pairing can replace Nat/Kitty. Notice how my OTP's never actually get together, but are very much canon? Huh...

Ahh! Wimbledon finals today! WORLD CUP FINALS TODAY! Oh the suspense. Go Rafa! Go France!


Ugh. I do not want to talk about the World Cup or Wimbledon. eats a shoe and pouts

Well, I do, but you probably don't want to hear about it.

Instead, here I am, bearing icons!

Well, no, not really. Here's a link though, that will lead you to the aforementioned icons, which I myself created. cackles

Over here!

Thankee muchly.

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