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I don't write here any more - I was rather put off by how close minded people were in The Silmarillion fandom.The Fallacy Arc is complete, though unposted: if anyone is desperate for the final section, feel free to PM me and request it.

A lovely writer by the pseudonym of Dim Aldebaran has volunteered to cowrite TheRapunzel Complex with me: abandoned under my name, rejuvinated under hers. So, to that:

The Rapunzel Complex was this idea I had after reading the Ender's Shadow sequence, by Orson Scott Card. There is no actual "Rapunzel Complex" in the sense that there is are Oedipal or Electra Complexes.However, I hope that what we make the idea of one both plausible and enjoyable to watch it enfold. There is also inspiration from a marvelous fanfiction "Abyss", by Lunallele.

The Rapunzel Complex is a novellength piece based around the characters of Hermione Granger, Artemis Fowl II, and Lord Voldemort.

Lord Voldemort has found aprotegé to cultivate, Artemis Fowl II - Hermione discovers this relationship during her work for the Order.Things develop from there.

It's very heavy on characters: in fact, Dim Aldebaran is using this for her "Twelve Labours of Hercules" fanfiction for her "War and Peace prompt.

Both Dim Aldebaran and The Rapunzel Complex may be found on my favorites list.

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