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Important: Okay, in IICL there are still a ton of plot holes that I can't seem to fix, but we'll have to ignore as many as we can. I'm slowly but surely working on chapter 11, and when that's done, I can probably squeeze in one to two more chapters. I know there's going to be at least one more chapter after chapter 11, but I'll try and make another. No promises though.

But I /can/ promise you this, I am making a sequel to IICL, but after that, I'm through with the series. However, after the third installment, my sister is going to be taking control. She wants to make a spin off of the series, so be sure to check out Caari's page when the time comes.

Also! I'm trying to convince my friend (who's amazing at writing) to join FF, so if she does join, I'm going to be giving her a list of my un-wanted story ideas. (Like "Stupid Is As Stupid Was")

Coming Soon: (Untitled) (KH2, Icha Icha College Life's sequel)
No description as of yet. May spoil IICL.


"Indeed." - Xemnas

"As if!" - Xigbar

"Are you insane?!" - Zexion

"If I had a heart, this is where I'd die of laughter." - Saix

"Dance water, dance!" - Demyx

"Demyx, what the hell are you doing?" "Trying to kill you!" "...With a tooth-pick?" - Caari and I acting like Marluxia and Demyx if Demyx were to ever figure out why Marly is dating Vexen.

"Tarzan go, Sora go-go!" - Sora

"So if eight ounces equals a cup, sixteen ounces must equal a cup and a half!" - My mom.

"But, what if Axel hates warmth, fire, heat, etc?" "That's like asking, what if President Bush knew what he was talking about? It's just not possible." - Caari and I.

"Roxas, take your pants off." - Quinton Flynn after being asked to say it. (With much hesitation of course.)

"Let's remake our old club." "To what?" "Um...Organization 13 and above!" - Caari and I talking about our old YuYu Hakusho club. (We used to have a YYH club, but some ass in the family wrote all over the sign "CLUB CLOSED" in marker. We're still trying to find out who did it before setting it up again.)

I used to have an old account, but my writing sucked so badly at the time, I didn't dare use that account again. Now that I improved on my typing abilities and am coming up with better ideas, I decided to come back to on this account. (I actually made this one before the other one, but at the time I didn't know how to upload stories, so I just said this account was defected and made a new one. XD I'm stupid, I know.)
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