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Author has written 15 stories for Fire Emblem, Super Smash Brothers, and Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

Potential multi-chaptered stories (working titles):

Forgotten Mission: Where Lucina ends up with some amnesia and joins the Shepherds. Also, she gets to wear an eyepatch for a decent portion of it.

Marriage Counseling: Robin and Lucina may have rushed into marriage and find that domestic life has led to a strained relationship, but Lucina is determined to save it. Got the idea from a review.

Boot Camp: Chrom decides that the second generation needs some guidance. What better way to do that then to send them all off camping with his chief tactician?

Mirage: Robin awakes suddenly in an unfamiliar place: a hospital. He is told that everything he's experienced in the past four years was nothing more than a dream. Robin is at first adamant that it is some form of trick, but as time goes on, he becomes more acclimated to his new life and begins to wonder just which one is fake.

Legacy: After 1,500 years, the exploits of Chrom and the Shepherds has faded into that of legend in a modern world. Magic is widely considered a myth, and few fear the likes of dragons. However, one archaeologist who believes that these things are more than just mere legends finds something startling and soon comes to learn of events that are taking place behind the scenes that could put the world into peril once more.

Wounded: Not sure if this would be a better oneshot or multichapter story, but here it is. Essentially it uses the idea of Lucina getting gravely wounded (HP down to 0 in game) and being unable to fight for the rest of the game's events.

Amnesia: Lucina finds a man in a small village who looks just like Robin, however, he claims not to remember any such thing as the Shepherds. Lucina is not convinced though, and is determined to convince him that he is in fact Robin and bring him home.

Awakening Pairings:

These are the pairings I will commonly use unless I'm doing something different:

Chrom X Sumia (duh)

Male Robin X Lucina (really shouldn't surprise anyone)

Lissa X Lon'qu (fairly nice thing for them, plus he makes a good father for Owain)

Frederick X Cherche (Come one, they go nicely together)

Stahl X Cordelia (Ordinary and exceptional)

Mirel X Kellam (Why not?)

Nowi X Donnel

Marribelle X Ricken (don't really like her, but here it is)

Severa X Owain

Cynthia X Gerome

Female Robin X...I never really found a pair I like for her (though if this was Smash I may put her with Ike, but let's not get into that. I guess, maybe...Priam?

Anyone not listed I either don't have a pairing for them because I don't like them or couldn't find one I like a lot, or I forgot.

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If you want to friend me on both, I recommend going through Heroes if you have a Nintendo account linked to it and your Switch so that you only have to put in one code.

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