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So, I just realized that I still had this up. I haven't been here in 50 years. Just so you guys know or the ones that care, my email is expired I have to make a new one unfortunately. I'm just glad I didn't lose my stories. So I'll tell you guys what it is sometime.

To my friends again:Stories still yet to come:

Bakura's first job

Bakura's first car ((this is a maybe))

Bakura's first haircut ((I've got evil plans for this one hehehe))

I'm still in need for new ideas so if you guys are willing to help out I'd be glad to take up the offer and make something creative out of it =)

Bet I know someone who's dying for more Bakura's first stories .> By the way, OnlyHumanC always make me laugh with your reviews. I'll dedicate a Bakura's first to you because I dunno you make me laugh really hard.First anonymous person that's a supporter and not a flamer.

Yea! I need to clear something out. My Bakura's firsts stories come in a sort of sequence. It's why they are a "series". When you read them out of order it uh...defeats the purpose of it being called a series. I don't really remember the order but I'll find out I'm gonna try to put it here to make your lives much easier and won't question me later.

Fancy restaurant

Ice skating Rink

Starvation diet


Either Dentist or Kinder I know whichever the beachleads on to




First Love

Petting Zoo

lastly Water park

this should help you a TON. I'm pretty sure I'm accurate. I looked up all the dates I finished them and wrote them on a paper! SoI should be right. Your welcome dudes! .>

Hi Hi. This is my profile! Yay! Whoo...ok I'll get started already...just prolonging on what I think I might say.

Name: Just call me psycho. Not because I am but because of my pen name. I think it's cute lol.

Age: I realized it's not really important. lol

Birthday: January 24

Type: Innocent/Evil/Hyper child

Location: I used to live in a bucket...till it got flooded I currently live in a card board box next to Cici's pizza.


Well...I like a lot of things! I like...

Drawing ((mainly Bakura, Ryou, Marik, Yami Marik and Link...because they're all sexy! Yay!))


Playing video games

Running! ((I ran my mile in 8 minutes! Yay!))

Favorite video games:

Super Smash Bros,

Super Smash Bros. Melee, ((I like playing juevo zappers with my cousin...I'm Link! He gets an army of girls zaps his juevos and then...they EAT THEM! It's really cool hilarious as fuck!))

Soul Calibur II,

Legend of Zelda all of them ((lol))

YU YU HAKUSHO! lol. It may have been rated a 5 and up...but I'm not picky I love that game anyway!

Tales of Symphonia,

((Dude you've got to love Kratos. If you don't like Kratos what...the hell? He's awesome! He's the best fighter! Yay!))

Harvest moon ((Yea my little guy is named Ryou and my babies named Bakura and my's name is Link! My dogs named Marik! .))

Yu-gi-oh Falsebound Kingdom,

Billy Hatcher ((the juevo game! lol))

Mario Party ((it's ok))

Sonic ((I only do it for the little Chao Chaos! I like the demon ones...and the angels are ok.))

Break time! In the chao world it was...kinda funny Ryou had a baby ((Ryou was an angel obviously)) he had a baby named Yumii! and he had...Yumiiwith Bakura ((and all his other babies when he was in his baby mood! Dude I put someone else there he wouldn't was sad!))because fucking Ryou angel only like the Bakura demon and all my Chaos came out psycho. Bakura lived in the hero garden because he hated the demon world and was always up Ryou angels ass. When Ryou angel was sleeping there goes Bakura to sit next to him. Kinda cute acutally. Bakura was black and red! ((evil laugh)) They all knew how to fly and swim and Ryou ate like a fatass. And then he died, but he came back because he loved me and turned into the ULTIMATE SUPER CHAO! Then Bakura found a new lover...because that super chao was so damn I killed it and made a new Ryou. The end!Break time over!

Games Id like to play:

Yugioh for X-box and Playstation 2. When you see Bakura and Yami Mairk on the fucking cover you just have to be like "DAMN DAMN! I HAVE TO PLAY THAT GAME!

Games I hate:

Halo, Halo, Halo, Halo...Halo. .

Favorite music:

Rock! Rock! Rock! 1 hard rock song! And that DDR shit. Awesome stuff. It's like soooo fast. Gotta love them fast songs. Like Night of fire! Download it! It's the best song ever!

Favorite songs:

Night of fire!

Shadows of the night!

Welcome to me life

I feel pretty! hehee!

This song that goes "I don't want relation ship, I just want BANG BANG BANG! I don't want to talk to you, I just want BANG BANG BANG!" That song is soooo funny!

Chop suey

American idiot

Good Charlotte people ((lol))

Some Linkin park songs...((too lazy to write them))

Simple Plan

Avril Lasagna...((can't freaking spell her last name Ravine...Lavani...something.))

Staring at the sun. ((It's a new one! Dude it's cool!))

Only one ((that's the yellow card song guys! Ooh it's a beautiful song! And for me to think something is beautiful that's not a dog ((lmfao oh my god...oh my god...wait...wait...oh...that was hilarious. Ahem...inside is like WOW!))

Last Resort ((I'm scared of the guyslast name. It's like roach. Cockroach...ahhh what was he thinking!))

B.Y.O.B ((thanks for reminding me(( you know who you are lol))that songs totally awesome with the lalalalalala in it. Makes me laugh.))

Favorite book:

Children of them Lamp! ALL THE WAY! That book was soooo good. I've read more books...but they all suck ass. I hate boring books. I read a lot though.

Arabian nights! That's another good book! Long as hell though.

Things I like:


Weird people!

Psycho people!

Shy people!

Quiet people!

Sometimes serious people!

Prettyful hair! Long hair!

Twirling my hair over my head!

Eyebrows...((don't ask I'm in love with my eyebrows))

Correcting people!

Being a smart ass! Wheeeeeee!

People who are 5'7! I hate any other height! Lol just playing...I'm not even 5'7

Canadians! I love canadians! They're like the best! Oh my god...I love Canada! They have this cool leaf on their flag! Damn I wish I was Canadian.They have a freaking waterfall over there what does America have! Shit! America doesn't have no cool waterfall named Niagra falls! Everytime I'm peeing...nevermind. Psssssh! Pissed now!

Egypt! Coolest and hottest place in the world! Wanna go there...and the Sahara desert and see those ants...they're like...shiny and black...yea...?

Puppies! ((My dogs a lesbian! haha! Bet your dogs not a lesbian!))

Serious love not mushy ewww!

Hugs! ((I love hugs! Just...not from girls...only like my sister or my mommy! Or my closest girls that are friends...except the lesbian ones...CREEPY!))




Choking! Love that especially when I'm laughing! During FCAT I choked...on apple juice! It was funny!

Video games!



The words DA DA DOOM! LMAO!

Flicking people and screaming "Nani nani boo boo!" and running away


Things I hate:



Rap Music

Hip-hop music

R-n-B music


All them rappers ((shudders))

Annoying people!

People who act like gangsters and are...light skinned. Not like 50 cent...he's a whatever I'm reffering too. ((My schools full of them...wanted rocker I got rap friends...but I'm not complaining...too much hehe))

People...who are down to Earth! God damn they piss me off ((if you're down to Earth it's ok! I still might like you...if you're nice. That's just me)) People need to be weird!

Cockroaches! EWWWWWWWWWWW! Scawy!

Bullies! I'd save a little kids life if they were picking on him/her! Hate that when people are mean to a specific person pisses me off!


Mushy stuff! Can't stand that! I can't stand that...I wuv you kissy boo boo moo moo muah muah muah you so cute oh yes you are give me a hug. Ew! Nasty!

Cats! Yucky!





Disney Channel


Math! ((Stabs math))

People who call other people nerds because people are mean to those people who don't like being called a nerd!

Love TV...I can't see people kissing on looks weird...I close my eyes like a wittle baby! hehe! ((don't get me wrong...I still I'm not against love! I love love! I'm lovable!))

Favorite type of day:

Night time! It's prettyful out there at night kinda creepy because I always think I'm being watched. You know if you take a picture...of nothing in the dark you see things that aren't really there...oooooooohhhhh!I only like daylight so I can open my windows. hehehe!

Favorite sleeping position:

Not really important...but yea...! I like sleeping on the left side of my bed turned to the right curled up in a ball hugging my Yugi towel and my Yugi pillow right next tome. I don't like being alone when I sleep so I put them there! hehe! Let's see...and sometimes putting my head under the pillow.

Favorite TV shows:




Family Guy!


Yu Yu Hakusho ((damn Toonami took it off at 9:30 and stopped playing it!)) I really did love this show...I get high on it.

Ruroni Kenshin ((damn bastards took this show off too!))

Hi Hi puffy AmiYumi show! Wheeee I like Yumi...Ami's too nice...eww!

Fosters home for imaginary friends ((hilarious))

That show...with the robots and the guy with the yellow hair...Full metal...blah blah blah

DUEL MASTERS! ((Show always makes me laugh))

South Park ((I love Terrance and Phillip! They're ((squeals)) FRENCH CANADIANS!))


Dide I say Yu-gi-oh? No Yu-gi-oh. hehehe! .

Favorite characters from ALL-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L-L my shows:


Bakura and Ryou ((I can't ever choose between hard!)) ((Love their hair!)) ((Pets their hair)) ((he's sexy too!))

Marik and Yami Marik ((Can't choose either...!)) ((Love their hair too!)) Yami Marik looks like he got electrcuted, but I still love his hair! It's wild! ((Pets their hair)) ((Sexy too))

Dartz ((he's cool love his hair!))

Ishizu ((! Awesome psychic friend! We should be related. I'm a psychic too! I read palms! .))

Yu Yu Hakusho

Kurama! ((only because he looks like Bakura! And he's and quiet and like OOOOHHH! Ooooh!)) ((Love his hair too! Not to fond of red hair, but suits him MUAH! magnific!)) ((SEXY!))

Hiei! ((because...he wears all black and has red intimidating eyes!)) ((Yes yes you know I love his hair!))

Duel Masters

Hakuoh! ((Oh my god! I love this guy! He's soooooooooooo cool!! It's so long and prettyful!)) ((Pets his hair)) I like his hair...even though he has this little retarded band on it. He said it looked bad...LOOKS SOOO GREAT!)) ((SEXY SEXY!))

Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

Yumi! ((rocker chick!))

Lol that's it!

Fosters home blah blah blah

Blue ((he's ADORABLE! he's like this...blob!))



Ruroni Kenshin

Kenshin ((Love his hair too!)) He's super fast! Shoooo shooo vrooom!

South Park

Terrance and Phillip! ((looks at heads)) They hardly have hair.



The sock Mr. Garrison holds (Mr. Hat!) Thank you Malik Ishtar Sekhmet!

Full Metal Alchemist (Thank you again Malik Ishtar Sekhmet!)

The dude with the blond hair and pony tail. ((I love his hair! I do pony tails and braids too! What a one else does that!)) ((coughs))

Family Guy


That dog


Quagmire ((love him he's funny as fuck))




That guy with the short skirt...



Yay! I'm finished!

Now the people I hate!


Tea! ((If you like her ah! Too bad she's a lesbian! ...))

Mai! ((Another lesbian whore...))

Joey ((Can't stand his accent thinks he's cool...grrr))

Tristan ((not really important))

Yugi and that fucking Yami of his! ((Every fucking time he says heart of the cards I want to kill myself! It's a fucking paper! Where's the fucking heart!))

Kaiba ((Talks to much shit))

Mokuba ((WTF is up with him! Doesn't he realize...Kaiba is fucking using him! I bet Kaiba doesn't even like Mokuba I bet he just likes the fact he's his little bitch. He's annoying as hell too!))

Serenity ((Dude she will marry her fucking brother!))

Duke ((I dunno...he's just there...annoying))

((If you guys like these people...forgive me don't go all psycho on me sending me anonymous emails saying "WTF fuck bitch Yugi's hot! Kaiba's the shit! Mokuba's cool! Tea is hot ((guys cough cough)) Mai is so...whatever! Duke is sooo cute!! Joey is so hot and his accent is cool! Tristan...who cares?" Sorry I just...don't like 'em don't freak out on me!))

Ruroni Kenshin

Don't really hate anyone...

Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

Ami ((I don't really hate her...she just wears too much pink hate that color...and is wa-a-a-ay too nice))

Foster blah blah

Nope don't hate anyone..

Yu Yu Hakusho

Kuwabara ((fuck he's ugly as fuck man! The Japanese people must have slipped their hand when they made ass is cuter than he is eww))


Don't hate anyone.

South Park

Stan! ((He's not funny! He's...down to Earth!))

Wendy ((I just like it when she goes crazy))

Family guy

Meg ((she's just...plastic and stupid))

That show...with the dude and the braided blond hair

No one really...

Duel Masters

Mimi ((I have no idea why))

That short kid...with the blackish soup bowl hair cut... ((His lips are too big lol)) His name is Kintaro. ((Once again thank you Malik Ishtar Sekhmet))

That baby ((He's...annoying...))

Once again...don't send me crazy e-mails dissing me saying whatever whatever whatever just because I said I hated your favorite person from any of these shows...they're my opinions...please don't get offended by them...

Now just to get it off my chest...don't you just...hate the girls from anime shows! You'll never see a fat girl! These people have like perfect bodies! It's like what the fucking hell bitch! I wish I looked that good! I mean...I think I'm pretty...but damn! Way to make feel bad! Ugh! I like the guys though...there should be cute guys like that in the world! Like Link! Link would be a sexy real life guy! albino...can't picture it. Marik! He'd be hot not sexy! Tall, tan and handsome! Yami Marik would be like those hot serial killers! Ryou...I would sooo date him! He's my ideal guy! So perfect! I like them sweet, shy, carinng, HUGGABLE! LOVABLE! type of guys...just really hard to find! ((sigh)) I like them wild too! Don't get me wrong! Like Bakura! Yea!

I just have to say this...

My favorite commercials are the Poptart commercials. I like that commercial with the girl and the poptart on the bike and she sounds like a whore and goes "I like 'em wild!" That's fucking hilarious. And how they go AHHHHHH CRAZY GOOD! Lol!

By the way...

Sorry for being very abusive...yes...I know...I apologize..I'll minimize it.

Another by the way...

If I happen to use a city, state, country whatever...that you live in...I'm sorry I don't mean it as "racism" I love all countries and people and I treat everyone the same...unless they were annoying (( a person was annoying is what I meant)). So...sorry don't take it personally.

Now...for the last part...

My favorite styles of writing:

All my writing ideas come to me in dreams..Bakura's first starvation diet came to me in a dream when I was having pizza for dinner AND I HATE PIZZA WITH A PASSION...I starved myself that day. Yea...

Humor all the way. I love expressing all my funny stuff in writing. I like making people laugh it's my favorite thing to do I'll look like a retard, but I make everyone laugh. I'm happy that people laugh at my stories here on this site. It makes me feel good...don't feel bad telling me my story wasn't funny...I'll know when it's not funny ahead of time . I'll even put it there as a note. I love it when you prove me wrong though and you laugh anyway. I think my funniest one...had to have been Ryou's gone part one. That part:

""A light bulb flashed on Mariks head. Mariks got his first idea since 16 years! Yeehaw! Im gonna go get a locksmith! You guys stay here! He said opening the door and running out.Yami Mariks jaw dropped. I just noticed Mariks pretty sharp. Getting a locksmith and all. I woulda never thought of that. Bakura said. He opened the fucking door you fucking retard. Yami Marik said.The door opened and Marik rushed in. Oops. Forgot one thing. He said locking the door again. There now were stuck again. Yami Marik slapped his head. Im killing myself. Marik I hate you Bakura good luck too ya. He said jumping out the balcony.Yami NOOOOO! Marik screamed running to the balcony. Its ok Marik. Hes in a better place now. Bakura said patting Mariks back. Heaven? Marik asked biting his bottom lip and making his eyes twice their original size. Hell fuck no he's going to hell!""

This part made me laugh so hard!

My second funniest story...Marik's Dance party ((crazy as fuck!)) and Bakura's first starvation diet. They're tied. Dude I'd soo read a story if it had "starvation diet" in it. The title made me laugh. And it was the story that got like 9 reviews in one special!

Now besides being funny...if I wanted to I could be very...I mean VERY dramatic!

I maybe or two on this site...but I'm scared of what people might think. I've written humor stories all my life...I'm scared if I just write((drama whatever)) one...people will think it's bad. That's why I try to mix it with humor...but it's the flying fuck can it be funny too?

Now...just so you guys know...

In my stories

Yami Marik would have to be the smartest of them all. He's not that mean, but he's not all that nice either. He tends to be the fatass in some cases ((Marik's Dance party it's in there how he's fat))

Marik's the fucking dumbass. He doesn't know shit. He's a pervert. And knows all that stuff about love and perverted stuff. Can't do math or read. He's the weirdest one and thinks he's super cool. Honestly do you think "What's up homie ((insert first letter of name)) snigger doggie dog fish skillet lima bean" is a cool hello? I don't I just think it's funny! I say it... makes my friends laugh and be like "WTF?" He's the most hyper one and perky. Likes most cases ((Something about Ryou's birthday it is said in there one of my stories))

Now Bakura...he's a little kid. He's hyper too! He's dumb, but no one beats Marik. He...fucking...hates...Marik. He likes Ryou and will "occasionally" be nice to him. He's usually the most cocky...thinks he's the only hot guy in the world.

Ryou's naive as hell. Doesn't know anything Marik says about his perverted mind. ((Marik's dance party)) He's not as smart as Yami Marik and is the most quiet. He likes correcting people and being sarcastic. I don't really make him funny because hes too cute to be funny! Usually the most cuddly and huggable one! whee!

Yugi would have to be the gay one. And his Yami. Not gay colors gay like he kills everything gay and he's just Bakura always calls him. He's a pipsqueak. ((This is including his Yami))

Tea I always call her a lesbian and all she ever talks about is friendship and she twitches about friendship and she makes friendship collages and she like hippies.

Joey is usually the mean bully Ryou. In some cases he'll be like Yugi "gay" and he uses der, da, dat, ghetto, whatever.

That's basically it! Hope you enjoyed reading my...novel of a profile! R&R my stories dudes and thanks for your help and support! ((that was moment)) Don't be too mean on the reviews...dude I got pissed when some fucking lesbian girl wrote "Too fucked up to be published" Got so pissed. She was anonymous...but I sent her one hell of a dissing letter! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Shut her up...didn't even write back how rude.

P.S...if you're a plushies fanatic and you really really REALLY like Yu-gi-oh or any type of show go here you'll" target="new">
you'll find really cute Yugi, Yami Yugi, Bakura, Ryou, Thief Bakura, Joey, Tristan as a robot monkey, Duke, Mai, The gods, Marik, Yami Marik and more in this site I put here. If you wanna buy one...I SOO WANT RYOU AND BAKURA AND MARIK AND YAMI MARIK AND THIEF BAKURA! So I can snuggle with at night and ditch that dumb towel I sleep with and then I can play little...plushy adventures with my cousins lol and my Link and Young Link doll won't be so lonely anymore in my drawer so they don't collect dust. Yes...I still play with plushies, but not dolls! Dolls are icky plushies are the way to go. I rarely play it and when I do it's called puppeteers! Yea, soooooooo this is only if you're obsessed with plushies or you want to look at the cute chibiness of the sexies! It's not just Yu-gi-oh plushies either. There's a lot of other plushies: Yu Yu Hakusho, Sailor moon etc. Go to google and type in maybe Lita Mitchell's UFO catcher try that if it doesn't work...SORRY! Just keep trying that and adding maybe plushies at the end of that. No need to thank me I want people to be happy with YU-GI-OH PLUSHIES! AND THEY'RE OH SO CUTENESS! Hands off Ryou, Bakura, Marik, Yami Marik and Thief Bakura are MINE! ALL MINE! hehehehe!

((ignore the two websites on the top only get one I have no freaking idea how to take the other one out! lol))

Ciao Ciao!

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