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There are no fics here. There were once fics here but they were awful blatantly self-insertion fics that we must never speak of again. One day there may be fics here but that day is not today.

I'm Laura. I'm in my 20s. I have been getting emotionally attached to fictional characters since I was a very small child. I have a degree in International Relations and am a part time unpaid intern, part time movie theater employee. I was raised in the US, but my parents are from Scotland so I use a weird hybrid of British and American slang. I am an aspiring novelist. I am actually plotting out an original novel right now. Hopefully it ends up going somewhere.

Main Ships: Tony/Ziva (NCIS),Spike/Buffy (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Lily/James (Harry Potter), Shawn/Juliet (Psych), and Ward/Skye (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)

I've been writing fan fiction since I was 8. My first ever fic was a Rugrats fic in which the cast left wherever it is the Rugrats is set and came to my hometown and we all became BFFs. For some reason. I migrated into Harry Potter fic when I was 9. When I was 12, I tried to migrate AWAY from Harry Potter fic, migrated into Danny Phantom fic and kind of got stuck in some weird kind of limbo. And just ended up writing a whole mess of crossover fics. Starring me. I discovered this site when I was 13 and eventually came to post a few of Harry Potter/Danny Phantom self-insertion monstrosities but they are all gone now because I came to my senses and took them down.

I'd like to one day write some new fics for any of my listed ships/fandoms without any cameos from characters resembling me whatsoever, but who knows? I'm always thinking of fics I'd like to see but then I am too lazy to actually write them. It's a problem.

I've been reading fan fiction since I was 13. Most of the fics I read are about Lily and James, but I do sometimes read Tony/Ziva and Spike/Buffy fics too. I'm pretty picky about the kinds of things I read - the spelling and grammar have to be practically flawless, and the characterization has to be spot-on, and the plot can't be too idiotic, and I hate, hate, hate character bashing, even if it's a character I don't like. Also - rape apology (I am glaring at you, Spike/Buffy writers). STOP. I will cut you.

If you feel like venturing further afield, you can also find me at:

Livejournal - Most of the posts are f-locked and I'd be totally up for people friending me, but I'm never on there anymore anyway, so it's probably not worth pursuing. I'm not sure why this link is even here.

Tumblr - I'm on here all the time. Ask me questions about stuff, or you can follow me if you don't mind having your dashboard flooded with posts about NCIS, Psych, Harry Potter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, etc.

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