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Hi all! So sorry i havent posted or updated in a while this is due to me having my first baby. She was premmie so we had a few issues and had to stay in hospital for a few weeks. My daughter comes first so please dont get upset but i do hope to start posting again soon :) Thanks :)

My old pen name was ilovesg but that just got to confusing with all my other ones so i decided to change them all to one name, this one obviously so its still the same author just a different penname!

Just letting all you fan fic readers out there know that i may not be able to write or read or review or anything else to do with fan fiction for the next coming weeks due to computer and internet access problems. However in my laptops absence i will be writing two new fan fictions out on paper and will get them typed up as soon as i get my laptop back so there will be something awaiting for all of you wonderful readers of mine. Thanks for your patience!

Greetings from the mind of Susie!

Well, heya glad you came and visited my profile, hmm you probably all have been redirected here or something by mistake! Well a little about me without boring you all, well I'm 17 year old crazy girl who lives in Australia. I'm addicted to DVD’s, my PS2 and the internet! I am always on the net talking to friends so if you wanna talk about anything or nothing feel free to email me! I love emails! I also love it when people review my fics! hint hint

Well I love the television shows, Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis, Blue Heelers, Arrested Development, Good Morning Miami, The X-Files, White Collar Blue, Farscape, Futurama, Family Guy, That 70’s Show, King of Queens… my list could go on and on! LOL.

Well I have 3 cats called Xena, Hercules and Titties (he’s fat and has boobs hence the name), 2 dogs, Mikey and Scruffnut, 2 birds, Sammy and Jack, a dozen fish (none of them have names) and if you call my brothers and sisters animals then I guess I have them as well. I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters. I am the second eldest so you can see why I am weird having a family like that.

When I grow up (if that ever happens) I want to be a movie/television series director, scriptwriter and producer, and maybe on the sidelines an actress. My parents don’t really support my career choices so I probably won’t be any of these but someday I would like to be them.

I basically base my fictions on Stargate SG1 with Sam/Jack pairing. Sam and Jack people is the only way! Well my other pairings are:

Sam/Jack - Stargate SG1
Vala/Daniel – Stargate SG1
Pete/Himself – Stargate SG1
Elizabeth/John – Stargate Atlantis
Susie/Jonesy - Blue Heelers
Kelly/Joss - Blue Heelers
Amy/Alex - Blue Heelers
Dylan/Jake – Good morning Miami
Aeryn/John – Farscape
Sydney/Vaughn – Alias
Phoebe/Joey – Friends
Leila/Fry – Futurama
Scully/Mulder – The X-Files
Reyes/Doggett – The X-Files

Well at the moment we are having really shit weather so I should be updating my stories a lot more. Hopefully you like them and will review them! Please review I love feekback! Well enough about me, if you want to know anymore please feel free to email me at, oh and please read and review my stories! Well later days!

Also, so I don't keep having to put it in every fic, HUGE thanks to my BETA's, Equinox, littlemaccyd, Mishyand Jessi! You Gals are great!


Also! Go here to my BETA Kc's fic's, they are great and well worth the read! She's great, HI KC! waves

Also! Please read my little sisters fics,, shes only 13 but is off to a good start, hopefully follows in her big sisters footsteps. :)

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