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Lord Belgarion

Name: Bard (Jonny)

Fanfic: Titans' Song (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1851982/1/)

Height: 6'3

Hair: Brown, shoulder length, ponytail

Eyes: Blue

Powers: Able to manipulate and create certain elements, (fire, ice, earth, lightening, etc), usually with song or music.

Weapons: Bo Staff, laser pistol, adamantine knuckles

Etc: Bard is a Christian cowboy...and Raven's half-brother. Running from a colorful past, he joined the Teen Titans. His left arm is paralyzed, but will work normally as long as he wears his cross pendant necklace.

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Lord Belgarion


Name: Noir (Jordan)

Fanfic: These Black Eyes ( http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1785483/1/)

Height: 6' 1"

Hair: Black, shoulder length, ponytail


Powers: Mastering the 'Black' balance of the Spectrum / Ability to move at super human speed, to extend short ranged 'murk' fields, to teleport short distances, and to cloak himself for limited periods of time. / Can see well in the dark with solid black eyes

Weapons: Myrkblade (wooden katana)

Etc: Noir is mute from a scar dealt to his neck / He has solid black eyes sensitive to bright light / His left arm has been replaced by a cybernetic limb after he sacrificed it to save the Titans

"Space is a waste of Crossovers"

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