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9/24/04-- Updating my profile again! Whoopie!

Anzu2- Oh yeah! I cured you of your homophobeness! Almost. I've gotten you to accept little bits of shonen-ai, at least. Nya!

Abby- waves Hi Abby! Look! I'm not wasting my time! Ahem-kicks list of homework under a nearby rug lol, not really. See you at school! Corey- waves super-hyperly - HHIII! Squirel-Girl, please tell me you got the bomb order right THIS week? We can't risk THEM finding us out-- we almost got caught last time! Damn crazy shadow-blending ninjas... ((inside joke .;;))


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Kristen- _ My Phreak Childe niece! (who isn't really my niece, but my sister's pretend adopted daughter!) glomps!

~~~Story Status~~~

Anime in a Box of Caffine-- This is kind of my update-once-a-year story. It's crap, and I only really keep it up because it's my first story ever posted, and because I got 20 reviews... -.- pathetic

(Update: 1/31/06. Eh, what a surprise! Someone dug it up from out of the vast depths of untouched/read/updated fanfiction, and knew that it both sucked and broke several rules. Although, to be sure, I had ipso facto on my side. I hadn't touched it for a least a year before they changed that rule. HA. No big loss, it did suck entirely. A sentimental thing, but no real loss.

Complicated-- For the love of God, please don't read this or my other Harry Potter story! They SUCK! Like ABC, I only keep it up because I got a few reviews, and I need every little one to keep my tiny ego intact. Yeah... 7/19/04, i took this story down. Waste of space. 2 reviews weren't enough to keep it there. But I'll keep this entry here anyway. It's the grave marker.

Draco Malfoy, Alone and in Person-- I'm going to print out a manuscript of this story and BURN it. It REEKS of Mary-Sue-ness. But I got 9 reviews, even if some of them did say that it was bad, so I keep it up... At least I can look back, read it over, and see how much I've improved... It's only there for the nostalgia.

Even In Death-- Now THIS is one of my BEST stories. It took me a while to write, took even longer to plan out, and was more than just a little daydream I typed up. The only problem is how LONG it is. 12 pages on Word is alot for me all at once. I really think I should take it down and repost it as a chaptered story. I'd just post the next chapter every week, since it's all typed up already, and I couldn't be lazy and forgetful about updating since it's all there. Update! I DID do it! A while ago, actually. I'm just fixing up my profile now. PLEASE read it, lol.

Our Farewell-- One of my best 3 posted stories. It's a one-shot songfic, and the second good story I've ever posted. It's really sweet, just a little tiny bit sad. -

Sound the Bugle-- What'dya know, another songfic! This one's Treasure Planet, and pretty good... it would be better if I ever got around to updating it... Incomplete.

Sweeter Than Christmas Candy-- A cute fic I started around Christmas Time, and never got around to updating. I have... half of the second chapter typed up, but thats the extent of my lazy little body. If you REALLY want me to update it, Email me and yell at me. I'll try harder! Same goes for the one right above this.

The Forbidden Shadow Game-- Any L.J. Smith fans out there? waves I'm working on a YGO version of The Forbidden Game! I've got the first two chapters up, and i am at this moment working on the second! It's gonna be wierd, but fun, and...maybe a little creepy? Again, if you want me to type faster, inspire me and email me telling me to write it! Same goes for all the fics in this little spot. 9/24/04-- I'm not abandoning this! Sorry i stopped so soon into the story, but a little BRAT who shall remain nameless (i love you shaine! i really do!) told her friends about the book, nabbed it from me, and now I have to wait for the whole cycle to be over before I get my infoness back. Again. lol.

The Ballad of Wolf Lin-- Totally unplanned and unannounced before now, this just popped into my head the other day and DEMANDED to be written. I had no choice. But I do like the way it turned out. As my first 10th Kingdom fanfiction, I am BEGGING you for constructive critism! I DO plan on editing this whenever it needs to be done, so PLEASE for the love of bacon, tell me where i screwed up- bad grammar, spelling, OOCs- Anything!


My Hikari's Puppy-- I want a puppy... so now Ryou wants a puppy too. This is gonna be a short fic, if not a one-shot then three or less chapters about how Ryou finds a puppy he wants at the pound, but Bakura says no. Ryou figures he can get it if he begs enough, but the pound is over-crowded, and the pound can only keep the puppy for a week longer. It'll be fluffy .

Dark Angel-- Yeah, real original title, right? Ah, well. A short shot at angst, about Ryou/Bakura. Ryou falls into a twisted state of paranoia, can he be saved by the one thing he suddenly finds himself fearing the most- the darkness?

Who Waits Forever Anyway?-- dodges flying debris Ok, ok, I KNOW Ryou was never in ancient Egypt! But I had to find a way to write a Ryou/Bakura fic to get my yaoi-hating friend to read, so I turned Ryou into a girl and sent him to Egypt to meet Tomb Robber Bakura. ducks Ok, story is, Bakura sees this rich looking girl running for her life through the streets and decides to help her out, then take her cash. Problem is, she has no useful money, so he kidnaps her for ransom. When he find's out she a visiting royalty he's thrilled, but then he finds out she's engaged-- to Pharaoh! (it's all political, don't worry. There's no love between Yami and Ryou (who has a different name as a girl) other than maybe friends, if they even really know each other. Haven't decided.) But when she falls for the the Tomb Robber and wants to run away with him, what's he to do? The next part ( I won't tell you how that story ends) I might write as a sequal fic instead of continuing chapters. I dont know. It takes place in the present where (somehow, I havent decided) Bakura slowly starts to realize that Ryou is his love from all those millenia ago! While Ryou, who's never even considered Bakura as a potential lover, be able to accept this bit of news? You won't know until I get my lazy butt in gear, will you_~

Jumper-- Yami no Bakura knows that the entire Yuugi-tachi would like to see him gone. The fact that his hatred of the Pharaoh is justified flys right over their simple biased heads, and they fear and hate him. They hate him for what he's done to Ryou, but can Ryou's boundless forgiveness, even when all of his friends refuse to be around him anymore because of his Yami, be the thing that drives the tomb robber over the edge? Or can Ryou save him one last time?

((More news to come!))

As of 9/24/04, I offically want to change my penname. Just saying, if you end up with an Albino's Dark One somewhere instead of a Celeste Rose, you'll know it's still me. It might not even be Albino's Dark One, I'm working on a really orignal one.

10/06/04 Hey, I got one. How's Sabbit sound? Lol to all my IRL friends, who call me that regularly. It's my IRL nickname. 10/17/04 Yup. Celeste Rose is now officially The Sabbit. Hmm.. But I'm always so indecicive... maybe I'll just end up changing it back.. But then again, Sabbit is more orginal... _ Thank you, Abbyness.. and Abby's mom.. lol. Story goes, my friend's mom tried to say "Sabi" and sneezed. So Abby offically changed my name to Sabbit. IRL, if you wanted to know, myname is Sabrina. PHEAR 1337!

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In These Moments reviews
...I truely feel at peace. A fluffy little short about Recca and Yanagi during the Ura Butou Satsujin. Because there is just not enough Recca/Yanagi out there. May possibly add chapters if I end up writing any more.
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Yu-Gi-Oh - Rated: T - English - Romance/Horror - Chapters: 2 - Words: 6,168 - Reviews: 14 - Favs: 9 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 7/23/2004 - Published: 7/17/2004 - R. Bakura, Yami Bakura
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Yu-Gi-Oh - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,653 - Reviews: 14 - Favs: 10 - Follows: 1 - Published: 12/13/2003