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Yuelong is the name.

I obviously enjoy anime a lot but I also love videogames Sadlly I doubt my stories may be.."top knotch" but my art is awesome. Well..I think it is heh.

I love to cosplay!I am getting pretty far with it too, and so forth... E-mail me or YIM me!

YIM sn: Jadedragonsakura

E-mail: Jadedragonsakura@yahoo.com

I have a Devianart too if you all want to check it out: www.Qishi.Deviantart.com

Lets see, I am half Chinese and half European Mutt, mainly consisting of Italian and Dutch! Hahaha I'm such a Dork, okay okay, get this, I know its off subject but, my school voted me to most likely when I grow up to become a ninja or assassin! Hahahahahah. But thats only because when I was in high school I would bully people at school and no one messed with me, but I only bullied those who pick on the innocent. Ah! I am a twin too and hehe, our chinese zodiac sign is the dragon so we are like, Twin Dragons(laughs like an idiot) yeah..sighs I know its stupid looks down kicking a rock I am a somewhat outgoing person and if I have my mind truly set on something, nothing shall stop me from it, and I will even fight against those whom believe to have higher authority over me if I must. But aside that, I am shy and quiet, but understanding and very...very observant hehe.

Okay...My ultimate dream and yes I know its stupid but hey! we can dream! (look to the side innocently)is...

"Ultimate dream.": When I am traveling the world I want to one day go to Japan and cosplay on the Bridge on Sunday as Tifa from Final Fantasy: AC and hope there is this person who wants to make a live action FF:7 movie and co-star with Gackt who is playing the role of Cloud. (dazes drooling)...oh yeah...but I mean c'mon, doesn't he look like him! especially in his Vanilla music video. Hahahahah okay enough of that odd dream.

OH! I have a big, BIG! sweet tooth, I have to have chocolate or ice cream at least once a day, or its not a day for me. and I love playing my piano and singing! I sing for hire or just...sing, hehehehehe looks to the side I do martial arts too, so yeah...active lifestyle.

I enjoy creating quotes of philosophy too!

"A sword does not kill, the weilder of the sword does." -Su Wan

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