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My Stats:

Location: Pacific Northwest, I don't mind the rain

Age: Over 21, that's all you need to know

Gender: I'm a guy

Education: College Sophomore- As a side note, since my car caught on fire (not joking) I've had to postpone my return to college.

Major: Film and Studio arts. My passion is the best way to describe it, but I don't like to because everyone in this field says that. If I can make a decent living in any part of movie production then I'll be happy.

Personal Stuff: I have an addictive personality. No, I'm not a junkie, but I look to television for my next hook-up. Ever since I was little, I was always imitating the things I saw on TV, and as I got older, I realized how difficult it must be to create a popular program. So what occupies my mind often is giving an analysis or review of a TV show. That's why one of my other hobbies is writing reviews on TV.com.

Over the years I have become a devout fan of multiple TV shows, usually going online to fansites and researching the hell out of the production.


I only have one that I'm working on right now, that being a crossover between Code: Lyoko and my old favorite ReBoot. "Devastation" has its origins as a ReBoot only story a --long-- time ago. Late one night after talking with my brother about his Code Lyoko stories, I had an idea about how the two stories could cross over. The exact idea I had was having Xana be the one to give Megabyte his viral upgrades. I just liked that thought so much because it explained a part of ReBoots story twists and it helped merge the two shows together instead of simply throwing the two in a pot and stir vigorously.

The story will continue and I feel that it will be most satisfying to the readers.

Other things...

While I spend a lot of my time in fiction, I realize that many people are not as well versed in the terminology or tools involved with writing. Another reason I have been lazy in updating is because of the wiki web site www.tvtropes.com. Ths site catalogues the use of recurring story devices called a "Trope." I will recomend it to any budding writer, but also warn you to see the page "TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life." The idea is two fold, the first being that it is a wiki and will absorb much of your time as you go from one topic to another. The second is that the more knowledge you gain in a field of study, the more critical you become of it. Lawyers hate courtroom dramas, doctors hate medical dramas. This is not necessarily a bad thing, though it may be more difficult to satisfy your tastes, you will also become a more intelligent audience member. But you have been warned.

Here are some other important terms to know, especially in writing fan fiction.

Canon: Originating as a religious term, a "canon" is a stick by which to measure straightness. Or in a metaphysical sense, the standard by which all things are compared. Christian doctrine is derived from the "canon" works of the Old and New Testament, while other documents are less trustworthy like the Apocrypha. In modern fiction, and for larger multi-media products, the canon is what you can consider to be accurate information in regards to the story. Usually the original work is considered the authoritative source while other material should not be considered definitive.

Fan-Canon: Fans will always have their opinions on what should be in the canon, but there will always be things that are not spelled out within a story. The backstory of a secondary character, etc. Fan-Canon is what the writer does to explain the unexplained. Most fan fiction will fall into this category, because most stories are stand-alone premises that would not really have a major influence on the main storyline.

Alternate Reality: Whenever you make a decision, there is an infinite number of possibilities you can chose from. When one person makes a choice, that choice will ripple down to affect others in different ways. That is the basic premise behind alternate reality stories. Maybe you want to look at how the other characters would react if the main character died. Alternate circumstances will create alternate stories to tell.

Alternate Universe: Often confused with Alternate Reality, Alternate Universe is an "anything goes" type of storyline. It is as though the hand of God came down and transported a character from one location to another, gave them different personality traits but let them keep their name. The powers of fate are subsided as the author decrees that something shall be changed. Alternate Universe is about alternate worlds with alternate people. (If you couldn't tell, I'm a bit cynical towards these types of stories because there very nature says that it will be completely different from canon. Fan fiction is often used as a shooting gallery, where different authors will write one character to become a violent serial killer because the authors don't like them. To me, Alternate Reality would address the reasons why a character could snap like that, while Alternate Universe just makes them that way to fulfill the authors desires for the story.)

Alternate Continuity: Another similar concept, this is a much different set-up. Instead of writing a "What If?" story or transplanting the character names into a new setting, Alternate Continuity is a new storyline with similar characters roughly based on the original. Here, canon is subject to be different because it is a fresh start. Some long running franchises are known for this, such as Transformers and Gundam (and comic books like Batman and Spiderman), and they have lasted so long because of it. It essentially gives the Alternate Universe freedom to change things while also holding onto the base characterizations and plot that you would keep in Alternate Reality.

Devastation: Code Lyoko ReBooted reviews
The Lyoko warriors encounter an artificial intelligence program. His format: Guardian. They learn of a war against a virus named Megabyte, and that Xana is involved. They race to a small system called Mainframe, and help Bob, Dot and Matrix in the fight.
Crossover - Reboot & Code Lyoko - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Suspense - Chapters: 10 - Words: 58,543 - Reviews: 33 - Favs: 35 - Follows: 24 - Updated: 1/24/2009 - Published: 10/1/2007