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Sorry that I haven't updated in awhile, but I have severe writer's block at the moment.


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I just want to say I hope everyone who is reading the Coming of Darkness is enjoying it. I have several chapters done and just waiting to be edited. The reviews have dropped tremendously and I'm wondering if there's a reason for this. Let me know in a PM what you think if you don't want to leave a review.

The other two are on hold, I want to wait until I have them all edited for any plot holes, etc. I do have ideas for them, but aren't writing them at the moment. I do plan on finishing them in time. So, please bare with me.

2/28/2008 Update

I would like to thank all of you for the support. I am still in therapy and will be for quite sometime. But there is good news; I'm getting better. They're not sure how much use I will regain. Still, I am keeping a positive attitude.

I am working on the next chapters for my stories. I just don't write as fast as I used to. Then there is the typing, etc. Anyway, there will be updates coming as soon as I can get them up.

On another note. The Harry Potter/X-Men story is actually being rewritten. The first chapter has already been redone and posted. I found that there were some confusion in the chapters, as well as flow issues. I also found myself wanting to detail them a little more than they had been. Chapter 2 is also rewritten, but not typed. The last two chapters I hope to have finished in the next two weeks. Then I will just work on typing them all up and posting them.

I also had a friend set up a yahoo group for me. The groups name is Harry Potter Crossovers Plus. It was set up a long time ago, but until now never used.

David (Williams)

Well I figured that I should really update this profile and mame it say a few things.

I am 33 years old and love the Harry Potter books and movies. However I felt that they could have done a little more in Goblet of Fire. And The Prisoner of Azkaban in my opinion was so far off the mark that they should have redone. The director took to many liberties that he shouldn't have.

Now as for the books I love all of them, my favorite is Goblet of Fire. That one is just so intriguing and full of mystery that I go back and read that one as often as I can. I got HBP and it was all right. I guess it is probably my least favorite one. I just found it to be way too slow and not to mention in someways it was silly because I felt that it really didn't fit the other books. There are however a few things about the book that have left me intrigued. I guess I will put my suspicions and ideas here for you all to read.

1. I don't truly think Snape is evil. Something in what happened at Spinner's End and before Harry returned to school leads me to believe this. There are others as well but this is the main one that has been bugging me.

As for my stories here is an update on them.

Affairs of the Heart: On hold. This story needs a lot of work.

The Struggle: On hold. This one also needs work.

A Life Turned Upside Down: Working on next chapter, but having some issues with the one one scene. I will have this posted as soon as I can.

The War of Wars: Next chapter should be up with in the next couple of weeks.

The Coming of Darkness: This one also should be updated withing the next few weeks.

Warning: I want to let you know that there is a person out there that is reviewing with negative comments all the time. I have found through my own reading that this person is doing this to other writers. She seems to forget that this is fan fiction and most stories are AU.


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