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Author has written 6 stories for Harry Potter.

Hmmm well I might as well get around to making an attempt to fill this out...

Ok I've managed to complete three full stories. Two of which took me a hell of a long time.

Have also managed to slip a couple of oneshots into the mix somewhere along the line, sadly these stories tends to say more about the type of person I am then the others.

Currently trying to work out another story continuing with the Weasley Twins, which I have finally started.

A huge thanks to my friend Rachel who is acting as my beta for the stories, I'm sure she has much better things to be doing with her time like planning world domination, but by churning out my chapters I'm keeping her at her computer and not out hiring mercenaries. Some people write fanfiction for many reasons, mine is to keep Rachel from taking over the Earth, alot of pressure I know but I think I can handle it.

Incidentally if you like the stories feel free to send me an email, it's always nice to hear from random strangers.

Favourite HP stuff.

Book: POA even though I'm really liking DH at the moment.

Character: Well the votes are in and Fred and George have won by a country mile, which isnt suprising as technically they are two people so had a bit of an unfair advantage. I think I'll have to call a judges enquiry on this one... and yes... the twins have been disqualified for a whole range of mischievious reasons, well it looks the like crown is going to the third place runner up which is Luna Lovegood.

Professor: It can be the one and only Gilderoy Lockhart, he's five times winner of Witch Weekly's Most-Charming-Smile award don't you know.

Favourite Line: "What are Fred and I, next-door neighbours?"

My Books

I finally went ahead and self-published a couple of book for kindle which are currently available through Amazon (can be ordered through .com or - whatever takes your fancy). Even if you don't own a kindle you can download an app for your computer/smartphone that will let you read Kindle books. There is also a paperback version of one of them. If you like the 3 chapter preview then why not buy the whole book. If you don't like it, well just buy it anyway.

Check them out here:

Elements of Nature:

As the youngest child in a large family Kevin Pressley already had much to contend with without having to worry about moving to a new home, but Great Kelvisham isn't the quiet village that his mother remembers from her youth. It has become a magical battleground between two factions and Kevin and his family have moved slap bang into the middle of it.

Not only does Kevin have to contend with an overbearing older brother, an overprotective sister, two constantly squabbling twins and being the new kid at school but now he is plunged into the middle of an eon old conflict that threatens to kill everyone he cares about... oh, and he still has to get his homework done on time. It's not easy being twelve, especially when you're being chased through the woods by a ten-foot, four-armed demon trying to separate your head from your body.

Elements of Nature is a story of magic, family, blood and a surprising amount of cheddar.

If you liked my HP stuff you'll probably enjoy this, an early version was available on fictionpress but that's now gone.

Elements of Nature - Kindle Edition


Brendan was happy with his life. He had a well paying job, an apartment of his own, a temperamental car and a best friend who liked nothing more than crashing out in his spare room after a night out. All in all, he had little to complain about. Then he met Julie.

Julie was happy with her life. She had a job she loved, lived with her two best friends and, as her parents had always told her, had a bright future ahead of herself. Then she met Brendan.

A chance, alcohol fuelled one night stand has unanticipated consequences and now Brendan and Julie find themselves having to deal with the prospect of an unexpected pregnancy.

Assisted by Brendan’s friend John, and Julie’s housemates, Orla and Anne, the new parents-to-be negotiate the unfamiliar waters of antenatal classes, midwives and epidurals as they work together to understand the implications their unborn child has for their lives.

Unexpected is the humorous story of the not always entirely pleasant side of conception, birth and everything that happens in between.

Unexpected- Kindle Edition.

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